Noise and ringing in ear after cold what to do and why going deaf after a cold

Why noise in ears after a cold?

The common cold, patients often notice that my ears heard a strange noise. Strange muffled sounds sometimes give way jingle, rustle, gurgle. Doctors believe that the noise in the ear after a cold appears not by chance, this phenomenon says about some of the complications of the disease.

This phenomenon is not advised. It is recommended to quickly contact the ENT specialist to specialist to clarify the situation. Perhaps the reason the noise around the ear are insignificant and they will soon subside. In the case of developing pathology it is necessary to begin treatment.

A little bit about the hearing

In the human hearing organs perform one of the most important functions. Their work is enormous. A complex structure allows you to experience pathological changes occurring not only in the ears and in the throat, the nasal cavity.

And cold tinnitus often accompany each other. Why it heard a noise, to explain just. The pathological process arising for colds compresses the auditory organs, impairing their functionality, hence the distortion denounced by sounds.

A feeling of stuffiness of the ears, many have the common cold and lasts for some time afterwards.

Why ears pop when cold

The hearing, one way or another, come into contact with the rest of ENT-organs. The auditory ossicles, the tympanic membrane is considered an important element of the hearing aid functionality, they form the core of the auditory analyzer. This part collects sound waves.

When everything is working correctly, the space of the middle ear is completely filled with air. The air pressure in the ear the same as atmospheric. Nothing prevents the sound wave entering the cochlea and other parts of the organ of hearing. There is a gradual timely processing and correct perception of the sound information flow.

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Eustachian tube that connects the ear to the nasopharynx, is also filled with air but during a cold it can be filled with a liquid containing antibacterial or viral, infectious microorganisms. In this case inflamed the Eustachian tube, the main symptoms of which become noises, ringing, gurgling. The patient complains of hearing loss, discomfort inside the ear, headaches, General malaise.

The causes of tinnitus after a cold

Tinnitus may be audible for several reasons. It can be:

  • residual phenomenon;
  • a complication of the disease;
  • individual reaction of an organism.

Sometimes the phenomenon takes place by itself, sometimes we long to be treated to remove the effect and not lose hearing.

Important! Repeated improper nose blowing during a cold may lead to perforation of the eardrum, and, as a consequence, noise in the ear.

Residual effect

After the common cold many people complain that now they have in my ears constantly felt some noise. Extraneous sounds do not simply create discomfort, they interfere with life, to really appreciate the surroundings.

When during the disease inflammation of the nasal mucosa leads to inner pressure, swelling of the ear canal. In this case, you may experience ringing in ear with cold and after it, when the patient inhales, slightly holding the nostrils.

It turns out that the noise in the ear after colds there at:

  • remaining inflammation;
  • edema;
  • the imbalance of the internal pressure.

Tinnitus as a residual consequence cured of the disease passes after a couple of days.

Complications of the disease

Noises in the ears can occur:

  • improper treatment of colds;
  • if the sickness was not to end dalechina.
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When, during the pathology of bacterial microorganisms, germs or viruses enter the middle ear, it begins to accumulate fluid. When purulent-blood fluid completely fills the ear canal, there is congestion, can hear light noises, starts an inflammatory process that develops internal otitis or otitis media.

Simply put, the flu (normal flu, SARS, the common cold) gradually turned into a more complex disease that requires immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Hearing loss after a cold may indicate the development of serious diseases:

  • otitis;
  • tympanitis;
  • myringitis
  • sinusitis.

Untreated, a cold can again return and lead to the development of serious diseases of the organs of hearing.

Individual reaction of an organism

Long-term use of drugs in severe respiratory disease can lead to weakening of the body. As a result, there could be a violation of the cardiovascular system or a hormonal imbalance. Hence the different consequences of hearing loss, noise.

Any ambient noise in the ears that lasts at least one day, it is impossible to ignore. Hearing organs are so small and delicate, that no significant pathology will easily trigger a violation of functionality. The rumor starts to fall, you will need continued medical treatment and physical therapy for his recovery.

When tinnitus the cold, and especially after it, accompanied by severe pain pulsating, aching, or shooting character, by far, the hearing develops a serious inflammation.

While the precipitating factor is not found and destroyed, the pain and noise in the hearing will not stop. In such cases, you should immediately contact your doctor to stop the progression of the disease and to avoid further complications.

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