Nose breathing: what to do when you’re not breathing

What to do if nose breathing?

In the absence of nasal breathing in humans, there is discomfort and inconvenience. That is why most patients are quite often wonder: what if the nose doesn’t breathe?

In this case, can be used special drugs, which are aimed at facilitating nasal breathing.

Drug therapy

To ensure full nasal breathing, most commonly used special medicines. Most experts recommend conducting washing with the use of saline solution. In pharmacies there are ready solutions, which are used for the procedure.

Doctor recommend the application:

  • Aquamarine;
  • Salina;
  • Quick;
  • The other types of pain;
  • Fiziomer etc.

Quite often that is not breathing nose. In this case you can apply vasoconstrictors.

To eliminate nasal congestion recommended Otrivine, Naphazoline, not call, Sanorin etc. They are characterized by a rather quick effect that allows you to facilitate nasal breathing. It is also recommended to take drugs that have a prolonged effect, which will provide a persistent and lasting effect.

Attention! Receiving vasoconstrictive drugs should be no more than a week, because of the possibility of addiction.

Depending on the cause of nasal congestion is the selection of appropriate drugs. Often the treatment is carried out using:

  • Antihistamines. If the nose does not breathe on the background of allergic reactions, then you need to treat Loratadine, Aerius, Suprastin, etc.
  • Corticosteroids. They belong to the category of strong hormonal drugs that have local effect. Drugs developed on the basis of corticosteroids, which are characterized by the presence of anti-inflammatory action. That is why the use of drugs is if nasal congestion is severe allergic nature. Often treatment is carried out Flixonase, Nasonex etc.
  • Antibiotics. They are antibacterial drugs which have broad spectrum of action. Thanks to a special nasal nozzles is carried out to facilitate the use of medication. Most patients say that can’t breathe through the nose. In this case, the use of Sofri or Bioparox.
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The use of vasoconstrictor drugs should patients be carried out with maximum caution. In the presence of addiction to get rid of him would be difficult. That is why most doctors when the disease is not recommended to use drops.

If after applying the medication during the week the symptoms persists, then you need to seek help to the doctor. Before you treat runny nose certain drugs, it is necessary to identify contra-indications that will allow you to get rid of the possibility of unwanted effects.

Traditional medicine

To combat nasal congestion quite frequently used traditional medicines. They are characterized not only the highest impact, but also safety. This allows their use for the treatment of various categories of patients. Therapy a stuffy nose at home is carried out using the following tools.

Beet juice

Using this medication eliminates the swelling in the nasal cavity.

To prepare the medication you need to take the beets and grate on a fine grater.

From the resulting mass squeezed juice is filtered and used for instillation of the nose, leading to relief of nasal breathing.

Mutton fat

This means to combat the pathological process used in its pure form. Used for lubrication of the nasal mucosa. To ensure the highest of its effect, the procedure must be done in the evening.

Potato broth

It is an effective and efficient means by which to get rid of the pathological process in the shortest possible time. You must take the potatoes peel and boil. Once the potatoes reach readiness, it is necessary to conduct inhalation over him. Inhale the steam through the nose and exhale – through the mouth.

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For heating up of the sinuses is the use of hot boiled eggs.

Get it out of the water, wrapped in a dry cloth and apply to the nasal sinuses. It is better to use natural materials: cotton or linen.

In the absence of eggs you can get jacket potatoes or salt that is pre-heated in a skillet.

Golden mustache

It is a universal medicinal plant, which is effective against nasal congestion. In order to prepare the medicine, you need to take a few drops of the plant and mixed with water, which is pre-boiled in a 1:1 ratio. We also recommend the cooking broth on the basis of this plant, which is used for washing the nasal sinuses.


Often enough to treat nasal congestion using such flowers as aloe and Kalanchoe.

To make medicine, you need to take a few drops of flower and breed them with water. Received a medicine used for the backfilling of the nasal passages. Due to the universal effect of the drug is relieve swelling and eliminate discomfort.

There are a large number of traditional medicine, which help to eliminate congestion in the shortest possible time. Despite the safety of these medications before their use, be sure to consult with your doctor.

The use of breathing exercises

To eliminate nasal congestion it is recommended to perform breathing exercises. This method applies even in the absence of cold. When you exercise, it is recommended to breathe vapors of the essential oils that ensure maximum efficiency of the procedure.

  1. The first exercise is to maximize the inhale and exhale. After a short period of time will experience the relief of nasal breathing.
  2. The second exercise is performed with three fingers. One of them should be put on the bridge of the nose, and the other two on the sinuses. After a deep breath, press your finger on one nostril. The procedure should be performed several times. It is recommended to alternately shift his nostrils.
  3. To perform the third exercise, it is necessary to set the fingers in the same place. In this case, to put pressure on one of the nostrils is required before breath. After it is necessary to briefly hold the breath and breathe out.
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Nasal congestion is an abnormal condition that requires emergency treatment. With this purpose you can use the traditional medicines or traditional medicines, which have a high impact.