Nose drops Adrianol: instructions for use, for kids and reviews

How to take nose drops Adrianol?

Medications with vasoconstrictive properties should be kept in the home medicine Cabinet «just in case». These drugs, most often it drops, have a wide activity spectrum, are highly efficient. One of those indispensable tools for local use steel nose drops Adrianol. Prescribe a drug for both adults and young children.

The drug can easy to get from any pharmacy or to write on the website of the online store. Cost available, the drug is available without a prescription. The Nose is Packed in a small plastic bottle, easy to use, storage. If necessary, you can carry in your pocket, purse, without worrying that «flow.»

What is a saline nasal spray

Drops, called saline nasal spray are an effective medical tool, the main active substances of which are Trimazosin hydrochloride, Phenylephrine.

Outwardly resemble drops of liquid solution is transparent or slightly yellowish. Pre-packaged remedy to 10 ml in bottles of small size.

Each bottle has the lid-dropper that serves as a spout that facilitates ease of instillation.

The release of the drug occurs in two forms:

  1. Baby saline nasal spray is used to treat babies already in the first days of life.
  2. Drops for adults can be dripping nose children from 7 years.

Indications for use

Doctors often prescribe this drug with vasoconstrictor:

  • nasal congestion triggered by the occurrence of itching;
  • swelling of the sinuses;
  • difficulty inhalation, exhalation of air through the nose;
  • the inflammatory process, covering the mucosa of the nasal cavity.

The action of the drug starts immediately after direct contact with the mucosa. After a few minutes the patient begins to feel a noticeable improvement.

Given the properties of the droplets, they found wide application in the treatment of:

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  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • otitis media.

Also saline nasal spray used by professionals, who prepare the patient for adenoidectomy or restoration of deformed nasal septum surgically. The drug blocks the maximum possible bleeding, simplifying the surgical procedure.


Like any medication, the Nose has some contraindications associated with individual characteristics of the organism, of chronic pathologies.

It is not advisable the use of funds for:

  • hypertension;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • hypersensitive to the main components;
  • pathologies of the adrenal glands;
  • diseases of the thyroid gland.

Side effects of the treatment does not cause, unless the dosage, frequency of use, treatment. Appears similar irregular pressure, weakness, headache. Extended period of admission Adrianol contributes to the development of addiction.

Nose drops Adrianol: instructions for use

Frequency of use, the dosage is selected individually Tippet.

Prohibited joint application of funds with antidepressants.

The drug can be used alone, but you need to know in what cases permissible, such treatment, if any symptoms.

Depending on the age of the patient is assigned to dose:

  1. Babies under 1 year instilled one drop in each nostril up to 4 times per day. The frequency of instillation is performed with a frequency of not less than 6 hours. The course is not more than 10 days.
  2. Children from 1 year to 7 years valid three-time instillation of 2 drops with an interval of 8 hours. The course of treatment — 20 days.
  3. Adults and children over 7 years are encouraged to dribble to two drops morning and evening for 20 days.

When the patient gets better, treatment can be discontinued. If, after the first days of use of the drug, as on the contrary worsens, you should immediately go to the hospital for a more detailed study of the patient’s condition.

Features use in pregnancy

Pregnant women are allowed to use nose drops Adrianol in the third trimester of pregnancy, but only if the pregnancy is going well. No side effects the drug is, there are no contraindications, the expectant mother feels better from it.

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However, to make a decision on such treatment it is impossible. It is necessary to consult a specialist. Doctors admit that treatment, but always agree on the fact that a detailed study of the influence of active substances of the drug on the fetus was not. At any time there may be complications that a woman may not be ready.

Nose drops Adrianol for kids: reviews

Olga, Moscow: «when the son gets sick with colds, he immediately stuffy nose. He’s cranky, crying, doesn’t want to sleep and eat. This time it was also. The pediatrician advised me to try nose drops Adrianol for children. The first use was just for the night, the swelling soon passed, the baby slept all night. A week later the problem was completely resolved, now this medication is always stored in the home medicine Cabinet.»

Marina: «Chronic sinusitis my daughter escalates every autumn. The nose is usually long enough to quickly remove swelling of the nose. The nasal passages quickly freed from accumulations of mucus, breathing becomes easier, facilitated by the General condition, headache.»

Anatoly, Chelyabinsk: «at Home in the medicine Cabinet always find a bottle of Adrianopol. Two kids are constantly sick. Runny nose causes breathing problems. The older on the other similar drugs actually had a rejection. Started rash, had a fever, had nausea. Picked up the tool for a long time. These drops we approached, a positive effect was evident already at the first use. Frankly, it is easier to «breathe» became the whole family. My wife and I sometimes bury themselves before the start of colds, when the street is damp, and the feeling of nasal congestion.»

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Despite the fact that the tool has proved to be more positive in the treatment of pathologies of ENT-organs, sold by freely available and has a high efficiency, use it like any medication need particular caution. Before use, be sure to consult with an experienced specialist.

Perhaps just specific to the patient this drug is strictly contraindicated. If contraindications could not be traced, use strictly according to instructions. The dosage, course of treatment do not exceed, especially if you use saline nasal spray in pregnancy.