Nose drops Collargol: instruction manual for kids

How to drip a drop of Collargol nose children?

Rhinitis is a very common disease not only among adults but also in children. It is very important to determine the root cause of the disease, to develop proper timely treatment. Only in this way can avoid undesirable consequences.

There are many drugs to treat illness, among them quite effective drop of Collargol. On this basis, for many parents, the question arises, what is the solution of Collargol and how to apply it when cold to children.

What is the Collargol and how are the drops?

Collargol is an antiseptic made of silver. It is 70% colloidal solution that possesses antimicrobial action. Collargol has a high concentration of active substances.

The product has a dark color and balsamic scent. Sold in containers without a spout. Therefore, applying the drops separately you need to purchase a pipette.

When in contact with mucous membrane, this tool breaks down into the active silver and hydrolyzed proteins.

A high level of silver in the composition makes the decontamination effect.

The action is spread over many gamma-gamma positive and-negative bacteria:

  • E. coli;
  • staph;
  • Streptococcus;
  • Haemophilus wand;
  • Moraxella;
  • pseudomonad.

Proteinate silver keeps the activity and growth of various fungi.

The medication is absorbed into the blood in small quantities, so its use in parallel with other medication will not cause any adverse reactions.

Application in ENT practice

The drug is widely used in ENT practice. It promotes removal of swelling, reduces the saturation of mucus and pus.

For this reason the drug is prescribed to patients with acute and chronic diseases.

  • the pharyngitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • the adenoiditis;
  • rhinitis.

Despite the fact that the remedy expresses the antiviral activity, its main indications are quite serious communicable disease. Their main manifestation are pus.

Important! When cold and viral nature, which is accompanied by secretion of clear mucus, Collargol does not apply.

Where can I buy Collargol for the treatment of nose?

To purchase specific drops is not possible everywhere. The drug acts Proteinate silver, so you can buy them only in specialized shops. Such pharmacies must do direct preparation of drugs for the doctor’s prescription. The drug is prepared strictly according to doctor’s instructions, as the expiration date just one month.

Keep the medication in a dark container in a room that is protected from sunlight. Opened the bottle should be stored in the refrigerator. This will help protect the medicine from the damaging effects of direct UV light. Must be maintained at a constant temperature of 20 degrees.

How to apply the drops children?

Instructions for use of nose drops Collargol for kids is quite simple. Must adhere to all guidelines to avoid possible complications and unwanted effects.

The broad potential of the drug is limited by its potential toxicity. If the drug is used for the first time, then you need to be sure endurance the tools. To check for allergic reactions a small amount should be applied on the bend of the elbow.

To wait half an hour and evaluate the sample. If no changes are detected, the drug can be safely applied to children according to the instructions. In the case of the appearance of the rash, redness and sverbezha from the use of the medication should be discarded.

To use this tool should be only according to the instructions, otherwise you can cause significant harm.

When cold

Very often, children with colds prescribe these drops. Possible to use even babies. It is worth noting that the drug is quite toxic, so begin its use only after consultation with the pediatrician.

Children remedy is prescribed at a concentration of 1 to 1.5 per cent. Parents are concerned about how long the Collargol to drip into the nose. For kids quite to inject 1 drop in each pass 2 to 4 times a day. The reception frequency depends on the degree of severity of the disease and the overall clinical picture. It is forbidden to self-medicate in order not to harm the child’s health.

In adenoids

Adenoids is a very common disease most often occurring in children of preschool age. Otolaryngologists believe the use of this drug is justified, since the efficiency drops Collargol allow to cope with the disease in the shortest possible time. The tool has a positive and very powerful effect. Due to this inflammation of the palatal tonsil is terminated.

When inflamed adenoids pharyngeal tonsils should be lubricated with drug or instilled into the nose. The ointment should be 15%. Apply a very thin layer. For maximum effect, apply the product to a long period of time. To bury your nose in the ailment only according to the doctor the dosage.

Attention! The improper or irregular receipt of the funds increases the risk of developing the disease.

Contraindications and side effects

According to the instructions, this drug has no contraindications.

Not Smoking the drug and newborns. To confine its use is only in case of individual intolerance of the individual components in the composition.

Therefore, to use medicine to cure a cold in children only after consultation with your doctor.

Adverse reactions not specified in the instructions. Is not to throw out the fact that the composition is silver, which is relevant to heavy metals. For this reason, the medication may very well be removed from the body and will be a long time to dwell on it.

Great content means in the body can lead to the development of argyria. This is a disease that is characterized by the appearance of the gray shade of the epidermis. For this reason, prohibited the use of funds in large doses.

Most often, this remedy is not recommended to use nasal rinsing for a long period of time. If the instillation of the nose, the drug does not give any positive result and the amount of mucus decreases, in this case, you must stop taking the funds and find a more suitable medication to correct the problem.


From the above we can conclude that the drug is quite effective when cold in children, but it can be used only after prior consultation with a specialist. The dosage and frequency must be prescribed by a physician after examination of the child. In the event of failure of such conditions can harm the health.

It is important to keep a product, otherwise it will become unusable. Storage conditions and method of application are detailed in the instructions.

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