Nose drops cream during pregnancy: instructions for use

Is it possible to take «Anaferon» in pregnancy?

If before pregnancy in the treatment of colds a woman has been available for almost the entire range of drugs, in the waiting period, the child has carefully to choose the medicines.

Self-treatment in this case is not always effective, and in some cases even unsafe for the expectant mother and her baby. In this regard, then talk about the instructions for use in pregnancy preparation «Anaferon» (adult) and find out whether it is safe such treatment.

Is it possible to take «Anaferon» in pregnancy

Before you answer this question, you first need to figure out what constitutes this drug.

«Anaferon» is farmcrest, containing in its composition the antibodies to human interferon.

He possesses immunomodulatory properties, that is, a weakened immune system it strengthens and too strong – TERS to the required level.

Available in the form of tablets for children and adults as well as children’s drops for oral administration (from 1 month). Drops in the nose «Anaferon» does not exist.

Help. «Anaferon» added to drugs in 2009, before he was considered a homeopathic remedy.

In the annotation of the drug indicated that the influence of this drug on the fetus and pregnancy has not been studied, therefore, in need of such treatment, the doctor needs to consider the risk-benefit ratio.

The opinions of experts on this issue were divided. Some believe medication is absolutely safe because homeopathic origin, others suggest to refrain from using it in the waiting period of the child.

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Such concerns are associated primarily with the fact that the drug is an immunomodulator.

And the body’s immune system of a pregnant woman decreases automatically as provided by nature.

This is a natural and even necessary process that the body not reject the embryo as a foreign body.

Interference in this process can lead to undesirable consequences.

Another point is allergic reactions, which, although in rare cases, but occur with this drug. It should pay attention, as during pregnancy the sensitivity to many substances often increases.

Considering all these factors, doctors sometimes prescribe «Anaferon» as a Supplement to the comprehensive treatment.

How to apply «Anaferon» in pregnancy

If this medicine was prescribed by a doctor, it is very important in this case to adhere strictly to all instructions of the specialist. Self-treatment is unacceptable.

Important! Typically, the drug is prescribed only in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, as in 1 and 2 trimesters, any tool of this kind can pose a serious risk to the fetus.

Basically pregnant women are assigned child «Anaferon», as the dosage is smaller than in the adult.

The dosage and frequency of application is selected by the doctor based on the health of women and pregnancy.

Usually booked out this regimen:

  • the first day 4 tablets to take for 2 hours in regular intervals, during the remainder of the day — 3 pieces;
  • the second and subsequent days – 1 tablet 3 times a day.

The drug is taken apart from meals, while the tablet should be placed under the tongue until dissolved.


While waiting for the child the woman should treat their health because it is responsible not only for themselves but also for the baby.

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Therefore, in this period must exclude all attempts of self-medication, especially immunomodulating agents. Treatment, even the common cold, should be under medical supervision.

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