Nose drops Derinat for children with colds: reviews and manual

How to take drops Derinat children?

Pediatricians quite often prescribed for runny nose drops Derinat. But whether or not this drug is able to cope with rhinitis in a child?

To understand how the drug is effective, you need to understand how it works and what is included in its composition, does it have contraindications and side effects.


Derinat is not antiviral drops. Just as in itself the drug is not fights bacteria or fungus. Its effect is quite different: this immunomodulatory drug.

It affects the cells, promotes tissue regeneration and immune system strengthening, including local. That is, Derinat helps the body to fight the infection.

Treatment of frontal sinusitis and sinusitis and other serious inflammatory processes should be comprehensive. But can be a part of this therapy, supportive medication, but not a means of self-treatment.

In addition, Derinat – withstands contamination by any types of infections. It can be part of the prevention of sinusitis, otitis, SARS and ARI. Boosting local immunity, prevents infection.


All of these properties Berinato provides its composition. But it is only three substances, most of which have long been familiar to all of us: salt and purified water. But this, of course, only excipients.

The active substance is Derinat sodium desoxyribonucleate.

He influences the human immune system, stimulates it. In addition, the substance affects the entire lymphatic system. That is, not only helps to fight the disease, but also rids the body of accumulated toxins. It also helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms.

And the saline solution helps to wash out the nasal cavity pathogens, soothes mucous membranes, restores the metabolism in it. Soothes her. Get a complete impact. And this despite the fact that but not originally intended for the treatment of rhinitis.


Derinat is used for:

  • prevention of ARI and ARI;
  • the treatment of minor colds;
  • comprehensive treatment of chronic diseases;
  • the treatment of skin diseases, necrosis.


Apply according to the instructions Derinat nasal drops for children – this is not a hard task.

The fact that Derinat has almost no contraindications – only idiosyncrasy. And the side effects virtually do not occur. Except that people suffering from diabetes, it can cause low blood sugar. And then, this happens very rarely.

Also, when clinical trials of the drug was not observed any signs of an overdose of this drug. This does not mean that, but it is possible to apply uncontrollably. Observe the dosage very important. However, if by accident or negligence, the child will receive an increased dose, with him nothing bad will happen.

Important! Despite the safety of the drug, the dosage must appoint a physician.

In fact, did not originally intended for the treatment of internal inflammation due to impaired immunity. And injected it intramuscularly. Drops and sprays, but is just an additional way to use this drugs.

In addition to the common cold, but can be used in the treatment of otitis media, inflammation of the throat or mouth. In any case, do not forget that although Derinat – means local application, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body.


Because the treatment of the common cold – this is a helper function, use it for the treatment of children should only after consulting a doctor. The dosage, of course, also should choose the doctor. If he didn’t say anything about doses, you can see it in the instructions.

And the manual says that the dosage depends on the stage of the disease. For the prevention enough during exacerbations of disease instilled 1-2 drops into each nostril up to three times a day. The course is about 2 weeks.

But if you are already starting to show the first signs of the disease, then the dose should be increased. And quite strong: for the treatment of ARI and ARI, the interval between treatments reduced to one and a half hours. This is especially important the first two days.

Important! Later, the dosage is gradually reduced Derinat.

After the treatment is recommended to continue to bury the drug, in order to restore eroded by the disease immunity.

Derinat: reviews for children with colds

Public opinion in respect of immunomodulators are not yet fully formed. Someone thinks that the funds of such Berinato use placebo. Others say it’s a great way to prevent illness or speed recovery.

To decide on which side you as you treat Derinat for children with colds, reviews are not redundant.

Antonina, the mother of two children: «When one of the kids is sick, the other sure to drip in a nose Derinat. Usually, contamination can be avoided. And from the kindergarten children were less likely to bring infection».

Elena, a young mother: «Use, but the whole family spring and autumn. To hurt almost ceased, and if you do get sick, it passes almost immediately. Before the son to kindergarten and still started to drip. Just to avoid illness, of course, failed. But for other children see our hurts significantly less.»

Disease prevention is also a complex problem. It is not enough just to dig immunomodulator, it is necessary to observe elementary precautions. The simplest way to wash your hands before eating and after returning home, avoid contact with sick people, less likely to appear in crowded places.

In addition, you can prepare the house for the season of disease. Often ventilate the room, install a humidifier to get rid of things that collect dust and infection.

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