Nose drops Euphorbium compositum: instruction in pregnancy and reviews

How to take drops Euphorbium compositum?

Along with the traditional medicines in pharmacies can often be found in various homeopathic remedies for the treatment of certain diseases.

Those who are regularly confronted with the cold, you can suggest this homeopathic remedy as Euphorbium compositum.

Should I trust homeopathy?

For a long time, traditional medicine, and ordinary citizens were suspicious of various homeopathic drugs. However, homeopathy is not static, it develops and creates a better and more effective drugs. In this regard, the credibility, of course, increases.

The basic idea of homeopathy is similar to like. That is, it assumes that substances which in large doses causes certain symptoms, in small doses, will these symptoms to fight.

Euphorbium but established himself as a very reliable means of combating rhinitis and sinusitis, both acute and chronic.

Description of preparation and composition

Euphorbium compositum is a complex of eight components, both vegetable and mineral origin. They are mixed in equal proportions, and together have a very beneficial effect on the state of the mucosa. In addition, the drug helps to raise the local immunity.

Euphorbium compositum is manufactured in three different forms:

  • solution for injections;
  • spray;
  • drops.

However, these three forms are designed precisely in order to treat runny nose and nasal congestion.

Usually pharmacies found the spray, but without much difficulty you can find and drops, and injectable solution.

The drug has a very positive impact on the condition of the mucosa: moisturizes, promotes normal metabolism in it, removes puffiness. In addition, the components of this tool contribute to the enhancement of local immunity.

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Thanks to these properties Euphorbium compositum helps to cope with chronic rhinitis, relieves acute conditions, helps to prevent infection or shorten the course of the disease. Also it helps to ease the allergic status of patients.

The effect of this drug accumulates slowly in comparison with vasoconstrictor drugs – 3-5 days. But it remains a sufficiently long period.

Spray and nose drops Euphorbium compositum: manual

Apply drops and spray Euphorbium compositum very simple. For children 4 to 6 years in the nose drip (or psicat) 1 time 3-4 times per day. For children older than 6 years and adults the dose is different: 1-2 dose 3-5 times a day.

Important! Remember that Euphorbium compositum helps to get rid of nasal congestion, to moisturize the mucous and swelling, increases local immunity, but does not fight off infections.

It is recommended to use the drug Euorpean but when sinusitis, allergies, chronic and atrophic rhinitis. However, one should not forget that in the treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis this drug can be used only in combination with other medications.

As contraindications in the instructions mention only individual intolerance to the components, but the age of 4 years. And then, the last is due to the lack of clinical trials of the drug on the kids.

Important! Euphorbium compositum should be used with caution for those who have problems with the thyroid gland, since the medicine contains iodine.

To understand how it is to be treated, it is important to differentiate a common cold from sinusitis or other serious diseases. An important criterion is also the color snot sinus.

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Apply Euphorbium but when pregnancy with caution as other medicines. No harm will it cause don’t have no mother, no child, and still without consulting a doctor it is better not to take.

In the end, every pregnancy a woman carries individually, and even second and third pregnancies of the same women will not be the same. You never know what will cause certain problems.


To understand, the selected remedy is so effective, you can not only read the instructions to him, but read the reviews.

Yaroslav: «I Personally Europium helped to get rid of chronic rhinitis, with whom I toiled for a few years. It’s hard to breathe daughter – no effect. Harm, though, too. Homeopathy helps, unfortunately, not all».

Rashid: «If you do not forget that homeopathy does not give instant results, then all is good. After 2-3 days passes. We ENT advised Europium adenoids. But then it is better to use spray, it is easier to get to the adenoids. With drops more difficult.»

You can find online and reviews on Euphorbium compositum during pregnancy.

Alena: «In the third month of pregnancy a stuffy nose. Could not breathe at all, and could not sleep. How to cure didn’t know everything, I just contraindications. Consulted to doctor, she advised Euphorbium. I’ve read the manual, to start it was scary. But the condition was terrible. Finally, I decided. After a week the cold has passed, I finally began to breathe. The perfect drug».

But best of all, of course, not to hurt. An important part of life a healthy person is prevention. And prevent infection is easier if you know how to transmitted infection. This knowledge allows you to effortlessly avoid the disease.

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