Nose drops for immunity children: immunomodulator

What are the drops in the nose boost immunity?

Modern pharmaceutical market is crowded with cold medicine. They are available in different forms: from pills to sprays and injections. Among all this diversity of isolated drops for the nose. These drugs achieve a therapeutic effect and to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Today there are several types of nasal drops. The difference between them lies in the method and effectiveness of action. Some drugs work by narrowing blood vessels in the nasal cavity, while others have bactericidal properties. On their background stand out immunomodulators – drops that have a positive effect on the immune system of the patient.

Nasal drops

All the drops intended for instillation into the nose can be divided into several groups. These drugs possess the exact dosage, a clear list of indications and contraindications. They are easy to use, although this option is somewhat inferior to the sprays.

Depending on the operation, eye drops can be:

  1. Vasoconstrictor. Are due to narrowing of the blood vessels of the nasal cavity.
  2. Moisturizing. Moisturize nasal passages, facilitating the outflow of mucous secretions.
  3. Anti-inflammatory. Act on the inflammatory process, reducing its severity.
  4. Antibacterial. Have strong antibacterial properties.
  5. Anti-allergic. Used in the development of allergic rhinitis nature.
  6. Antiviral. Contain in their composition substances counteracting viral diseases.

Attention! The choice of tools should implement the attending physician based on the test results and the patient’s condition.

We should also highlight drops for the nose that are beneficial to the human immune system. The principle of action of these drugs is based on enhancement of protective functions of the human body.

The expense of strengthening the immune system, it begins the fight against the causes of the disease, prevents the new penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. Using these drops also ensured the normal operation of the mucosa of the nasal cavity.

Immunomodulatory nose drops

List of immunostimulatory drops presented in pharmacies of the country, not so extensive as in the case of other types of funds. This is due to their slow action. For example, if after receiving vasoconstrictive drops effect occurs within a few minutes, in the case of immunomodulators have to wait two to three hours.

Help! Manufacturers focus on the production of fast-acting drugs, because of their popularity among the population. Therefore, pharmacies are less represented varieties of immune-stimulating drops.

However, vasoconstrictor drops only relieve some symptoms: stuffy nose, edema. They do not affect the factor that triggered the development of these characteristics. Nose drops enhance the immune system, primarily aimed at consolidation of the internal forces of the body and stimulation of his struggle against the causes of disease. This is an advantage of such funds.

To use eye drops that stimulate the immune system, for prevention or as a remedy. However, it should be noted that in the second case, their effectiveness appears only if the appointment was started within the first three days of the disease. If this deadline has passed, using drugs will not give the desired result. It is advisable to start therapy as early as possible.

Effective immunomodulatory nose drops

Immunomodulators can be used by adults and children. They are safe for the body and have a small list of side effects. However, before using such tools it is necessary to consult at the doctor. Despite their security, they are contraindicated for some groups of the population. In addition, the specialist will indicate the recommended dosage and select the optimum for a particular case tool.

The modern market presents the following drops, having immunostimulating action.


The most popular means of this group. Can be safely used by both adults and children.

Absorbed into the bloodstream, thus having a systemic effect on the body.

The use of the drug stimulates the output of free radicals from the body.

«Derinat» — lymphotropic drug. It has the property to accumulate in the organs of the immune system, including spleen, bone marrow, etc.

The tool works by normalizing the production of thrombotic-, leuko — and lymphocytes.

«Derinat» strengthens the local/systemic immunity, has beneficial effects on the mucosa, has no embryotoxic, carcinogenic and teratogenic effects.


The tool accelerates the immune reaction to the activities of pathogenic viruses. Unlike the previous formulation, is distributed in powder form. Before use it must be diluted in water (boiled).

Absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity. Drops «Poludan» can replace the same tool in the form of injections. In most cases, used in combination with other drugs.


The preparation is analogous to the «Ribomunil», discontinued in the nineties of the last century.

After the application has mild systemic effects.

Promotes the production of antibodies of the M class (in the synthesis process involves cells located in the mucosa of the nasal cavity). Strengthens local immunity.

Can be used in the case of rhinitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, otitis, asthma and flu with complications. As with other drugs in this group begins to have an impact a few days after the start of therapy.


The tool has a positive impact on the effectiveness of interferon. Because of this, «Grippferon» blocks the process of reproduction of pathogenic viruses. Absorbed into the bloodstream, providing systemic effects.

The tool reduces the likelihood of developing complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis. To prevent further spread of the virus. Can even be used for neonates. «Grippferon» can be used for prophylaxis in case of contact with a sick person. As a prophylactic the drug is particularly relevant for women expecting a baby.


Drops are considered to be antiviral, however, contain in their composition interferon Alfa-2B, a substance that is also contained in the «Grippferon».

This «Nasopure» similar to the previous drug. However, the concentration of interferon in it above ten times.

Instill these drops in the nose to children for immunity from the moment of birth.


The drops contain the same interferon as the previous funds. However, in this case, the concentration of the substance up to five times higher than that in the «Grippferon».

Available in powder form that is diluted in boiled water. To use tool for therapy both for newborns and adults.

Specific dosage depends on the purpose of use of drugs and the patient’s age. To choose the therapy needs a doctor. Self-adjustment of dose is prohibited.

Disadvantages drops stimulating immune function

Despite all the advantages, immunostimulant drops have certain disadvantages.

  1. First, their efficiency is fully manifested only in the case of combination therapy. The use of such drugs as a single treatment may not give the expected results.
  2. Secondly, drops are only a few days after the start of the reception. Therefore, if necessary, will instantly remove the symptoms of the disease, the patient will have to use other drugs.
  3. Third, drugs that affect the immune system, are contraindicated for persons suffering from diabetes, arthritis, toxic goiter, autoimmune hepatitis and several other diseases.

Important! Despite the safety of such funds in case of their excessive use you may run out of immunity of the patient with a consequent reduction of protective functions of the body.


Immune nasal drops counteract bacteria and viruses by stimulating the body’s protective functions. On the market there are different drugs that differ from other content and concentration of active substance.

The funds listed in the table above may be used for the treatment of infants, children and adults. It is a safe medicine however, they are contraindicated for persons suffering from certain diseases. In addition, it is recommended to avoid overdose.

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