Nose drops Grippferon: instructions for use, for kids and reviews

How to take drops, «Grippferon»?

Currently, the most popular became the drugs of the group of interferons that can fight pathogenic microflora, prevent the development of dangerous complications of colds and just to protect the body in the growth period of seasonal morbidity.

One of these medicines is a drop in the nose, «Grippferon», about the instructions for use which we will discuss next.

«Grippferon» — description and properties of the drug

«Grippferon» is a pharmacological tool widely used for the treatment and prevention of diseases-viral (flu and colds). Made in Russia pharmaceutical company Firn M

Available in two dosage forms: drops and spray.

Has the form of a clear slightly yellowish solution, odorless.

Plastic bottles fitted with a dropper (drops) and a dispenser (spray) for convenience.

The main active ingredient is recombinant human interferon Alfa — 2B, which in complex with auxiliary elements (sodium chloride, povidone, macrogol, edetate dihydrate disodium, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, water) has a powerful therapeutic effect.

Help. The group of interferons are divided into 3 big subgroups: alpha, beta and gamma. They differ from each other impact. The most effective in the fight against colds is considered to be the interferon alpha, which contains the tool.

Due to such structure of this farmpreparat has the following pharmacological effects on the body:

  • antiviral;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • drying;
  • absorbent;
  • immunomodulatory.

Moreover, thanks to such efficiency, «Grippferon» allows minimizing the number of medications needed for treatment of catarrhal ailments, that is able to replace most of them.

In addition, the solution has a lot of advantages over other medications of its kind, its versatility is as follows:

  1. Non-toxic and completely safe.
  2. Not addictive.
  3. Blocks reproduction of viruses in the nasal cavity.
  4. Approved for use women in any trimester of pregnancy and newborns.
  5. It can be combined with other medications, in addition to vasoconstrictor nasal drops (this combination will cause excessive dryness of the nasal mucosa).

However, as indicated by the manufacturer, in some cases, as side effects may develop an allergic reaction.

In addition, if you take the drug in the late stages of the disease, that is, when the flu showed itself in all its glory can be such a violation:

  • skin rashes;
  • sore throat;
  • insomnia, dizziness, lethargy;
  • the increased heart rate.

Important! This drug cannot be taken by people with hypersensitivity to its components, as well as for those with severe allergic disorders.

The application of drops, «Grippferon»

Drug solution is designed for intranasal use in the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease as a «first aid».

The solution begins to act immediately after the instillation and withdrawal symptoms can be observed several hours after application. The patient has improvement in General condition, elimination of nasal congestion, headache, lowering of temperature.

The duration of treatment is 5 days for all cases. In order to prevent, if necessary, the course may be repeated.

Before application it is necessary to clear mucus from the nose, if possible, to wash the nose out with saline. After using the drops for a uniform distribution in need for a couple of minutes to perform the massage movements of the nose wings.

Help. Method of application and dosage when using drops and spray are the same, that is, 1 drop corresponds to 1 dose of the spray and so on in accordance with age. The number of applications per day are also the same.

Having defined the basic principle of application of drugs, let us consider the peculiarities of use of drops, «Grippferon» the common cold in children and adults.

Children’s age

As previously stated, the drug can be used for the treatment of children, as it has no negative effects.

So they are quite widely used in Pediatrics, based on their safety and effectiveness, which is very important for the immature child’s body.

So I have the babies, «Grippferon» should be instilled 1 drop in each nostril 5 times a day.

As for older children, the scheme of administration and dosage as follows:

  1. From 1 year to 3 years – 2 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day.
  2. From 3 to 14 years – 2 drops in each nostril 4-5 times a day.

Especially appropriate to apply this tool for children in the cold season to strengthen the body’s defenses because they are at risk and often get sick during this period. And preventive course may be repeated.

In this case, the solution should take, observing age dosage once in the morning to 1 every few days.

Runny nose

Almost any cold is accompanied by a cold. Everyone is familiar with the condition, ever flowing stream of snot, or nasal congestion is such that it’s hard to breathe, and generally difficult to concentrate or something.

In the course are all available means, if only to get rid of or at least alleviate these symptoms. Here again come to the aid of the considered solution.

On the question of how does a cold «Grippferon» the answer will be unequivocal – Yes, judging by the numerous reviews. But again, a positive result will be noticeable in that situation if the treatment is started immediately.

To do this, adults must instill 3 drops in each nostril 5-6 times a day. The duration of treatment is 5 days.

For children the dosage is the same as described earlier, given the age group.


Sinusitis may develop due to incorrect treatment of the common cold, or lack of it.

In this case, the inflammatory process affects the maxillary sinus, in which in consequence accumulates purulent contents.

In such circumstances, the treatment should start immediately, because there is a threat to the health of the patient (not finding the exit of the pus may rise in the frontal sinus, which is very dangerous because of the proximity to the brain).

Important! «Grippferon» in the sinus can be used as a complementary treatment, but no more.

Medicinal solution to cure sinusitis are not capable, however, can substantially weaken the main symptoms:

  • headache;
  • temperature;
  • a feeling of pressure in the sinuses.

To take drops in this case as well as with rhinitis at age-appropriate dosage.


Reviews about the drops in the nose, «Grippferon» for children and adults countless, and mostly they are all positive.

But in fairness it should be noted that there are negative comments.

Besides, many people say (even those people whom they helped) that have the desired effect not in all cases.

Give some reviews who experienced the drug:

Oksana: «In the autumn of last year I bought these drops when your child gets a runny nose. After 2 days of use we noticed an improvement and after a week she went to kindergarten.»

Irina: «On 22 week of pregnancy the doctor I was prescribed this medication for the common cold, which I began to develop a cough. Dripping in the nose a week, but the cold was held for 3 days.»

Cristina: «Medication is very individual. I write specifically about your case. No effect from the drops I noticed. Not only that, he did not help her husband to get rid of a cold and sore throat, and prevention has not worked. After 3 days sick and I».


Cold, as any disease is better to start treating at the first its manifestations. It is for this purpose designed solution, «Grippferon». It is worth to mention that the drug is best taken after a doctor’s prescription, so you do not complain about its inefficiency.

Every human organism has its own peculiarities and characteristics and the selection of the drug and its action is an individual thing.

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