Nose drops Ice from a cold and pregnancy: instruction and feedback

How drip nose drops «Vitaon»?

Any viral or colds will certainly be accompanied by a runny nose and related symptoms of the pathological state of nasal cavity – swelling, loss of smell, dryness, nasal congestion.

Rhinitis requires a mandatory, timely therapy, since it is possible consequences in the form of headaches, sinusitis, decreased ability to perceive sounds and more serious violations (otitis media). The drug «Ice» is a near perfect tool of effective influence on the congestion and inflammation in nasal mucosa.

Components «Vitaon»

Efficiency of «Tried» or balm Karavaeva, due to the presence in the composition of the successful combination of natural ingredients, so there is a natural improvement of the body without the presence of side effects.

By studying the abstract of the drug «Ice» from a cold, we can see the naturalness of the composition, because the main components are a concentrated extract and the extract of medicinal medicinal plants:

  • peppermint oil;
  • rose hips;
  • calendula officinalis;
  • chamomile;
  • the essential oil of fennel;
  • orange essential oil;
  • the buds of the pine;
  • thyme fragrant, etc.

Pharmacological release form – oil for external use, a liquid dosage form for oral administration, the balm. Due to the large aggregate in the composition of medicinal herbs, the drug is characterized by the specific grassy smell.

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Medical product is implemented in vials of dark glass, the contents of which has an oily, brownish – green in color consistency. For the treatment of adults may be any pharmaceutical form of the drug, for the treatment children’s runny nose is assigned to the «Shaving baby» in the baby’s nose.

Important! There are two forms of release of medicaments — the «Day Lux» and balm Karavaeva, the exclusive difference of which is the presence of «Luxury» olive oil that promotes hydration and softens skin with excessive response to normal endogenous and exogenous factors (sensitive skin).


Drops in the nose «Vitaon» differ from similar drug products to the following primary features:

  • the effect of anesthesia;
  • reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa;
  • localizes inflammation;
  • promotes rapid healing and restoration of the nasal mucosa.

For the treatment of acute purulent processes, as well as at exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes apply balm Karavaeva «Vitaon».

Manual for the nose indicates that the drug has analgesic, antimicrobial, antiexudative, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, therefore it is the ideal treatment for the mucous surfaces of the nasal cavity, due to the restoration of acid-base balance.

It is interesting to know! «Vitaon» has proven itself not only as a universal remedy for the treatment of ailments in the upper respiratory tract, but also as a preparation that promotes regeneration of the skin (burns, bedsores, frostbite, infection).

Precautions before using «Vitaon»

Before the use of «Cleansing» is necessary to consult a doctor, as patients may develop allergic reactions to ingredients of the medicinal product. Be wary prescribed to patients with hypergeo (high shape reactivity of the immune system).

As to «Vitaon»

Medical product «Vitaon» can be used as a preventive measure, and directly for the therapy. Traditionally, to influence the inflamed mucosa of the nose drops are used.

For the positive dynamics it is recommended to take 3-4 times daily 2-3 drops in each outer hole.

The process of backfilling is carried out with his head thrown back ago, after manipulation done need some time is in a position to useful components drops began to affect cancellous bone tissue of the nose, neutralizing toxic substances. Next, you should clean the nose from dry crusts.

Already after the first instillation of the process of discharge of crusts is painless and the sedative effect of the drug will soothe the inflamed mucosa, thereby reduce the elevated secretion.

Balm Karavaeva can act as an independent treatment for the common cold, and be administered in conjunction with other medical products.

There is also a «Shaving baby» — specially designed for young children, which, thanks to the mild effects of cleanses the nasal cavity and reduces swelling of the mucosa. Obligatory consultation of the pediatrician!

During pregnancy

Despite the natural composition and no side effects (except for individual intolerance of one or more components), in the annotation of this drug is pregnancy and lactation are specified in the list of contraindications for use, as laboratory studies on the reaction of the fetus was conducted.

Why to use «Shaving» in pregnancy should be used with caution, after careful study of the individual characteristics of pregnant and consult a specialist.

In practice, in order to improve security, is assigned to the children’s version of «Ice baby», not bearing threat to the organism developing in the womb a baby.

«Vitaon» to me

Balm Karavaeva in the treatment of sinusitis accelerates the healing process, but it is understood that «Shaving» in the sinus alone is ineffective.

For a full treatment of infectious inflammation in the maxillary sinus, it is recommended to use a complex therapy.

The drug promotes the outflow of purulent exudate, healing of the mucosa, prevents the growth of pathogens, and eliminates the main symptoms of the disease with proper use of tools.

There are several options for treatment of sinusitis:

  1. First, and most simple – drop. Treatment procedure is carried out according to the instructions.
  2. Second, treatment of steam inhalation. It should be understood that the use of the drug with a nebulizer is prohibited. For the procedure, you can use a steam inhaler or a bowl of hot water. Water is added to 15-20 drops medical product, the head is covered with a towel. It is important during pulmonary to adhere to certain precautions – not recommended during the procedure much low to tilt your head to the water, because a high probability of a burn of the mucous membrane. Moreover, the treatment of purulent sinusitis mandatory consultation of the attending physician. Also you should not resort to this method of treatment at the elevated temperature of the body.
  3. Third, turundy nose. Several times a day, in the bow placed a cotton swab dipped in medicine. The recommended exposure time is 15 minutes.
  4. Fourth, the lubrication of the inner and outer parts of the nose balm «Vitaon». Effective in damage of the nasal mucosa and irritation of the skin near the olfactory organ.
  5. Fifth, the nasal wash solution prepared in a ratio of 15-20 drops to 250 mg. warm boiled fluid. This therapy is carried out strictly according to the prescription of the attending physician.

Due to the combined effect of «Cleansing», this drug can be called multifunctional. Perfectly matched composition helps to accelerate the effect in the shortest time.

Despite the harmlessness of the drug, it should be understood that self-medication is fraught with consequences. Therefore, the choice of drug for treatment should request the doctor.


Veronica. About the drug «Ice» learned relatively recently, although the means are not new enough. Due to severe hypothermia I got sinusitis, to be honest, I was frankly scared procedure «cuckoo» and antibiotics. On the advice of friend, began the «Cleansing» — on a cotton swab applied the medicine and inserted in the nose. After the first use was a headache, two days later began to move away pus on the fourth day, I got your smell back. Just a week, I completely got rid of sinusitis. A little advice from me, do not need much watering wand cure, but it simply will drain and stain the face and stuff, and the spots from the «Vitaon» it’s hard to wash out.

Julia. On the advice of the pharmacist bought «Shaving», I decided to try for the treatment of rhinitis, as in the use of sprays I’m starting to develop otitis. Used in pure, not diluted. Burying his nose with a pipette and close the nostril with a cotton pad for 15-20 minutes. After 3 days passed the congestion completely. Now still use «Ice» for cosmetic purposes, for me it’s almost a universal drug.

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