Nose drops Mucosolvan: instructions for use in sinusitis and rhinitis

How to use Mucosolvan if sinusitis and rhinitis?

If you picked up a viral or infectious disease should not be afraid, because in the modern world there are many medications that works quickly and gently to destroy the source of inflammation and normalize the patient’s condition. But to choose any drug in the common cold or other inflammation in the nasopharynx is necessary to consult a specialist. Today, many experts came to the conclusion that one of the most effective medications for the common cold is «Mucosolvan».

Instructions for use of nose drops «Mucosolvan» warns that the drug has side effects and contraindications. Therefore, before applying the medication, make sure that no allergic reactions to components that are part of the medication.

About the drug «Lasolvan»

«Mucosolvan» — is a combined medicine, the primary action is directed to the expectoration and reducing the symptoms of dry or productive cough.

The main component of the drug is Ambroxol hydrochloride. This element increases the secretion of glands of the respiratory tract.

In addition, the action component is aimed at stimulation of ciliary activity and the allocation of a light mixture of surface-active substances, located on the border of the pulmonary alveoli.

Such action component contributes to the separation of the mucous secretions, and slight excretion of harmful elements.

Auxiliary substances include citric acid, monohydrate, sodium chloride and purified water.

Apply the mortar should be either inside or in the form of inhalation.

Pharmacological action nasal spray «Mucosolvan» aimed at an increased secretion in the respiratory tract. Therefore, the active component of the drug removes mucus and other unwanted components that become a provoking factor in the development of inflammation. «Mucosolvan» displays not only the mucus of various shapes, but also improves the discharge of phlegm and helps relieve the cough.

If the patient has a pronounced chronic inflammation, «Mucosolvan» significantly reduced the level of inflammation and normalized the patient’s condition.

Keep in mind that the drug was active not only in combating dry cough, and wet. But if the course of treatment consists of inhalation, there is a cure especially acute types of inflammation.

Apply the «rest» is allowed in case of inflammation of not only runny nose or cough, but:

  • asthma;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.

In the treatment of bronchial tubes, the medication penetrates into the area of inflammation and activates the stimulation of the mucous membrane, thus releasing the mucus and diluting it.

In the treatment of runny nose medication starts its effect after 30 minutes after ingestion. Once in the lung tissue, the medication kills viruses and bacteria.

Keep in mind that the drug does not accumulate in the body, so its use is permitted in the case of pregnancy. After penetration into the body, the drug acts for 12 hours, and then processed in the liver and excreted by natural means.

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How to apply «Mucosolvan»

In addition to the solution, the drug is available in tablets, capsules, syrup and ampoules. To apply the medicine yourself, as the precise dosage and course of treatment may be prescribed only by a qualified doctor.


Pill available in round shape with white color. The main task — mukoliticescoe vozdeystvie, as well as improving the elimination of mucus. Medication prescribed to reduce the symptoms of cough. Tablets intended for the treatment of adults and children twelve years of age.

Typically, the dosing of the drug involves the use of one tablet three times a day. Specialist can change the dose. In some cases, «Mucosolvan» administered to children six years of age. In this case, dosing is reduced and assigned to half of one tablet in the morning, afternoon and evening.


If the specialist has prescribed a capsule should especially important to calculate the correct dosage, since the drug comes with twice the amount of Ambroxol. In applying the drug therapeutic effect is achieved after a long course of treatment, so apply the capsules need one tablet a day.

Keep in mind that one capsule contains three tablets «Mucosolvan».


When treating children it is recommended the use of syrup «Mucosolvan.»

It helps liquefy mucous secretions and facilitates their excretion.

The syrup contains a reduced amount of Ambroxol, which allows the use of the drug in the treatment of the smallest patients.

To apply the syrup is necessary in case of inflammation of respiratory disease, as well as with sinusitis or bronchitis. Treatment of the syrup is possible with the exacerbation of chronic inflammation.

The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action, which allows the use of a medicament for the treatment of inflammations of the upper respiratory tract.

Important note: if the patient suffers diabetes, then the treatment of infectious inflammation involves the use of syrup as the drug is not alcohol.

  1. In the treatment of children six to twelve years of age you must apply 2.5 ml three times a day.
  2. Treatment of children twelve years involves the use of two teaspoons of medicine, three times a day.
  3. In the treatment of children under six years of age, you need to use half a teaspoon twice a day.

To take a medicine need 30 minutes before eating, squeezed small amounts of water.


Acute inflammations not do without intramuscular or intravenous injection. For such cases, «Mucosolvan» made in ampoules. Dosing in this case is prescribed by the attending physician.

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In addition to these methods, «Mucosolvan» exists in the form of drops. This drug contains a small amount of additional components and nearly eight milligrams of Ambroxol.

  1. For treating children from two years should 25 drops morning and evening.
  2. Children whose age is older than six years must apply 25 milliliters of the drug three times a day
  3. 12 age required to apply 50 drops in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  4. When treating adults is enough for four milliliters three times per day.

To take a few drops required at the time of eating.


Do not confuse «Mucosolvan» and «Lasolvan Reno.» In the second case, the drug is composition, which includes tramazoline hydrochloride, and additional components: sodium hydroxide, citric acid, racemic camphor, and other items.

Drops «Mucosolvan Reno» — is an effective drug, the main effect of which vasoconstrictor effect.

The drug helps to eliminate edema in the mucosa.

In addition, the drug eliminates the congestion in the sinuses and aid the functioning of the upper respiratory tract.

Apply spray is possible if the manifestations of sinusitis or rhinitis as well as sinusitis, or inflammation in the nasopharynx. This medication can be prescribed for inflammation of the otitis in the middle ear.

Spray «Mucosolvan Reno» not recommended for use in atrophic rhinitis, and hypersensitivity to the components included in the medication.

Among the side effects of spray fragmentary sleep disorder, the appearance of hallucinations, pronounced pain in the head and temples, as well as dizziness, nausea and vomiting. But these symptoms occur only rarely and in compliance with dosing to be afraid of these signs is not necessary.

Apply spray is permitted from the age of six. Dosage in each case individually, but usually prescribed a single injection in each nostril three times a day.

The course of treatment is not more than seven days.


Many experts believe that inhalation is the fastest way to get rid of inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. To prepare the solution necessary to dissolve the allowed amount of the drug:

  1. In the treatment of children assigned to two milliliters of medication.
  2. Children from six years and adults take three milliliters of medication.

The procedure must be repeated at least two times a day.

For the procedure you need to purchase a machine that dissolves the cure for many particles.

In the absence of this device, called the nebulizer, use any inhaler.

Remember that the use of steam apparatus is unacceptable. In addition, the drug should not be used in diluted form. In the instructions for use indicate that the medication must be dissolved in saline in the ratio of one to one. Before use, the drug should be warmed to body temperature and hold the mixture over a steam bath.

  1. The duration of inhalation with the «Rest» is three minutes in the treatment of children up to six years.
  2. In the treatment of children older than six years and treating adults, the duration of treatment up to five minutes.

Repeat procedure twice a day for five days.

It is important to know that the conduct of the procedure before going to bed is prohibited, as the drug is designed for thinning mucous secretions and eliminate mucus.

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These procedures are accompanied by a severe cough.

When treatment is necessary to follow the breath. Do not inhale the medication deeply, as it also provokes the appearance of cough and other unpleasant symptoms.

Carry out the inhalation of the drug is needed when sinusitis, and also in cases of pneumonia, pharyngitis, laryngitis, asthma, inflammation of the trachea.

«Mucosolvan» when sinusitis has a productive action, as it reduces the emission of mucous secretions and improves breathing.

When inhaled it is impossible to worry and jerky breathing. In this case, the patient will start coughing.

Immediately after the procedure, patients may appear vomiting or nausea, dizziness, deterioration of health.

To reduce these symptoms, the patient must lie down for fifteen minutes and keep calm.

Before procedure it is necessary to ensure no allergic reactions to components of the medication. When patients complain of swelling and pain in the throat. Therefore, before using inhalation, it is recommended to apply a small amount of «Lasalvia inside.»

Avoid inhalation in case of pregnancy or breast-feeding baby breast. Among the contraindications separately noted the ban in the case of dysfunction of kidneys or liver, as well as changes in body temperature or with hypersensitivity to components of drug.


To apply the described medication is permitted only after consultation with your doctor. Any use of drugs without authorization by a specialist can lead to dangerous consequences.