Nose drops Nasonex: instruction manual, reviews

How to take Nasonex drops?

Various inflammatory diseases of the nose all year round occupy a leading position among all ENT diseases. Struggling with these pathological processes drugs of various kinds. Usually it is a vasoconstrictor and antiseptic preparations.

When a cold takes an acute form, for reducing inflammation in the treatment is administered Antibacterials and medications with corticosteroids. One of the best hormonal drugs to help deal with sinusitis, rhinitis and a hypertrophy of adenoids Nasonex stands.

The composition of the drug

Nasonex — original Belgian drug. Comes as a topical medicine with anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action for the relief of inflammatory processes. The active ingredient in it acts as synthetic corticosteroids.

The remedy in one dose contains 50 micrograms of mometasone furoate anhydrous. glycerol, benzalkonium chloride; dispersible cellulose, Polysorbate 80; finitely alcohol, citric acid, sodium citrate, purified water, monohydrate.

The peculiarity of the drug is that it carries out its action only in the region of the mucous layer. Getting into the systemic circulation occurs, it affects that there is no occurrence of the consequences.

So, this feature of the drug allows to avoid failure of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system, even when the tool is used for a long time. And when the drug migrates from the nasopharynx into the stomach, the mometasone is rapidly degraded and excreted by the kidneys or liver.

Use of permissible only in the dose when systemic manifestations are not. Treatment regimen and duration of use of the drug Nasonex installs only the doctor based on data from completed laboratory tests, taking into account individual tolerance to the drug.

Numerous clinical studies of the drug have shown that it is safe for different age groups and efficient in all stages of inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity. Through comparative studies, it was found that mometasone is 10 times stronger than other corticosteroids: beclomethasone, betamethasone, hydrocortisone and dexamethasone.

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The drug is available in two forms: Nasonex and Nasonex Sinus. The very suspension of both forms a whitish hue. Note that the use of the substance should be exactly as the spray, but not dripping like drops. If you are wondering what is the difference between Nasonex and Nasonex sinus, it will discuss that issue in more detail.

The difference between forms and effect

On rendered effect both drugs are the same. The main difference is in the number of doses in vials. Metered spray Nasonex comes in a plastic container that has a weight of 18 g. the bottle is attached To nozzle for easy spraying. Refills 140 applications.

Metered spray Nasonex Sinus vial contains 10 g of the drug. Also included with the sprayer. The contents of the bottle is enough for 60 doses. This form of the drug has a volume of 2.5 times less, so the price goes proportionally.

The principle of action of drugs in that the active substance provides an inhibitory effect on the production of mediators that trigger inflammation in the body when it penetrates the stimulus. This reduces the weight of the mucus in the sinuses, and reduce the processes of infiltration and granulation.

Medication to cope with any stage of Allergy. It inhibits histamine and prostaglandins, inhibits cell proliferation. By blocking a reaction to the irritant is prevented the standard manifestations of allergic reactions: runny nose, itching, swelling, redness, sneezing.

Nasonex is actively used in vasomotor rhinitis, which is often accompanied by complications such as sinusitis and polyps. Spray well with edema and inflammation. In addition, in the treatment of rhinitis used Desinit. What is the difference between drugs available here.

If assigned to the wrong treatment of the disease or imunnitet reduced, runny nose infectious appearance can relocate to chronic or complicated sinusitis.

Use in pregnancy

Since no studies on the effects of nasal spray on the fetus have not been conducted to take during pregnancy it is necessary in extreme cases and only after expert advice. The only thing that is known about him, it’s a small absorption components in the bloodstream, hence the impact of the drug on the fetus will be minimal, and reproductive toxicity is very low.

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If the woman had used corticosteroids during gestation, after birth into the light of the need to conduct a series of tests to eliminate the development of hypofunction of the adrenal glands.Breast-feeding is a risk of mometasone in milk has not been proven.

The instructions say that it is better not to use the drug during this period or take it on doctor’s orders, when the use of the medication is justified. Let’s look at how to take nose drops Nasonex.

Usage instructions

When the cold takes the chronic form, the inflammatory process becomes constant and sluggish. Patient tormenting of the standard symptoms of a cold, but when in addition to starts chronic sinusitis, the mucus coming from the nose becomes purulent, and the voice sits slightly.

In such moments, you can resort to antibiotic and corticosteroid medication. Hormonal nasal spray begins to regulate inflammation and has a positive effect on the microflora of the nose. After printing spray do «calibration», that is 6-7 times I press the dispenser. Each subsequent use of the medicine should be shaken.

The instructions say that the spray can drip in adults and children older than two years. When rhinosinusitis:

  • persons over 12 years of age – 50 mg 1 time a day, two injection in each nostril. To produce not more than 200 mg per day;
  • children from two to 10 years put one injection of 50 micrograms twice a day. Recommended daily dose to 100 mcg.

During infectious inflammation of the nose:

  • adults – 50 mg 2 times a day. The daily dose up to 400 mcg;
  • children – one inhalation of 50 micrograms three times a day, maximum dose 150 mcg. Use only under supervision of a doctor.
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Improvements occur within the first 12 hours after using the spray. When symptoms decrease, the dose was reduced to 100 micrograms per day, i.e. 1 injection once a day. Children 50 mg 1 time a day.

The reviews about the drug


The child often suffers from allergic reactions, especially in spring. The doctor gave us Nasonex, the medication showed a good result, I’m happy. After using the symptoms noticeably go away and the child stops choking and sneezing.


Nasonex was my Savior from prolonged use of a vasoconstrictor. The fact that I am a long time suffer of chronic vasomotor rhinitis. Drops to relieve the swelling had to take every day, because without them it is impossible to work normally and even sleep.

The doctor insisted on surgery but I was afraid, decided to go to another specialist. He advised me to try Nasonex. Used the spray for about a month, after which the disease has receded, the operation is not needed.


As can be seen the drug is well established for the control of seasonal disease as well as during year-round runny nose, however, should be used only when weaker drugs are powerless. When you use the tool, without the knowledge of the doctor, the responsibility for consequences lies only on you.