Nose drops Natural: during pregnancy, manual

How to take drops Natural?

On any pharmacy shelf, you can find a wide variety of remedies to treat your body from rhinitis. Nasarel nose drops, is one of these drugs now and in a more convenient form of use.

Spray rhinitis

Nose drops Natural are issued only in the form of a spray, so very convenient to dispense the drug. One-time pressing, issue one dose means. The drug is used to eliminate allergic and seasonal rhinitis.

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The facility has some restrictions for use. It is prohibited to use children under 4 years of age and to patients with individual intolerance to one of the products in the ingredients. In some cases, it is necessary to use a preparation with special attention:

  • herpes;
  • with simultaneous reception of means for the treatment of asthma;
  • when lesions of the nasal passage, mucous membranes and polyps;
  • when used after injuries or surgical interventions.
  • during upper respiratory tract infections of bacterial type (more on how to cure sinusitis and sinusitis described here).

Among the possible side effects you may experience headache, epistaxis, disturbances of smell and taste perception, irritation, and dryness of the nose. The drug should be under the supervision of a specialist.

How to use?

Nasarel — nasal spray for intranasal use. For kids age 4-12 years old, the recommended dose per day, not more than 50 microgram, which equals a one-time use in both nostrils (preferably in the morning).

For teenagers from 12 years and adults, it is recommended that a double dose of 100 micrograms in each nostril (preferably in the morning). In some individual cases, possibly doubling the dosage, but in any case, it cannot be larger than 400 micrograms.

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As soon as there is noticeable improvement, the dosage should be lowered to 50 micrograms per day. To achieve therapeutic effect, it is imperative that the systematic application of funds.

Use during pregnancy

In the instructions for taking the drug indicated that Natural during pregnancy is not recommended. Only in extreme cases when there is no desired effect from other similar drugs in this group, the doctor can take the risk and appoint this tool pre-warning the patient about the obligatory and constant control of the doctor.

The dosage must also appoint a physician, often it does not exceed 50 micrograms per day. Regarding breast-feeding while taking the drug, there is no information about the allocation of substances with mother’s milk. However, this period should stop breastfeeding.

If during pregnancy hurt your ears, look at this article, it describes in detail the application of drops, which will not cause harm to the child and the expectant mother.

Before applying

Before you first apply the drops in the nose*, the instruction recommends to press the dispenser about 5-6 times, in order to prepare the bottle for use. Such action spray mechanism is ready for use.

Before use it is necessary to clean the nasal cavity, cover one nostril, and the second to insert the tip of the vial and inhale to press the dispenser. Such manipulation repeat with the other bow stroke.

Despite strict restrictions in the application, the drug has proven itself as an effective tool in the fight against all types of rhinitis and is popular among the population.

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As an alternative of combating respiratory diseases during pregnancy, you can use other drugs that do not have such strict regulations. Read more in this article.