Nose drops Nazivin: instructions for use, for kids and reviews

How to take drops nazivin?

Treatment of mucous secretions from the nose should begin at the first appearance of the signs of the disease. A runny nose requires a holistic approach, otherwise inflammation can bring dangerous consequences. Runny nose often provokes the disease of the Eustachian tube, inflammation of otitis media or sinusitis. Therefore, when impaired patency of the nasal passages, it is necessary to use vasoconstrictive preparations.

One of the most effective medication that eliminates cold, is the drops in the nose «Nazivin» for children and adults. To administer the medication necessary in the case of ENT-inflammation and destroy viruses and bacteria. However, you should know that the drops in the nose «Nazivin» do not provide a comprehensive treatment of the inflammation in the nasal cavity, so don’t always cope with more complex diseases. Before applying the drops in the nose «Nazivin» read the instruction manual.

Detailed information about the drug «Nazivin»

Drops «Nazivin» have a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect, and the main component of the medication is Oxymetazoline, allows to prevent the development and multiplication of viruses and bacteria. Auxiliary substances drops include benzalkonium chloride, which is considered antiseptic drugs that have a detrimental effect on the fungus.

Other additional elements of the medicine include citric acid, is specialized purified water and glycerol.

«Nazivin» is a group of alpha-agonists, which allows the use of the drug as a medication in case the inflammation of the blood vessels in the nasal cavity.

The main component of the medication affects the blood vessels and reduces swelling. It thus relieves swelling and other symptoms of the disease.

Additional effects of the drug include reduction of formation of mucous secretions. Immediately after administering the medication in the nose, nasal passages become wider. This provokes the destruction of mucous secretions from the nasal cavity.

Thus, the patient’s normal breathing and function of the upper respiratory tract. Separately worth noting is the fact that the drug prevents the growth of harmful elements and infectious viruses, thus allowing the patient to recover faster.

Moreover, Oxymetazoline is absorbed into the bloodstream, providing systemic effects on the body. Therefore, it is important to follow the correct dosage. To calculate, you should consult with your doctor. When correctly calculated doses of the negative impact on the body can be avoided.

In case of overdose of the drug is formed the widespread vasoconstriction, which leads to a change in blood pressure. However, the scientists found that «Nazivin» no side effect of overfilling of the vascular system with blood. In addition, the drug has no negative effects on the mucosa.

When to use «Nazivin»

Apply «Nazivin» is recommended in marked runny nose, and inflammation such as:

  • acute rhinitis;
  • in the case of pathological inflammation associated with changes of the nasal mucosa;
  • in marked edema;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • lose body infections and bacteria that cause swelling;
  • sinusitis;
  • rhinitis.

In addition, «Nazivin» designed for use before surgery in the nose area, as well as for the restoration of the respiratory tract in case of diseases of the ear or paranasal sinuses.

For convenience, «Nazivin» is available in two forms: in the form of drops and spray.

This drug is very popular in the treatment of adult patients because it is convenient to use and has a practical packaging, which is no problem to carry.

To reduce symptoms of inflammation in one inject.

At the time of introduction of the drug keep the bottle in vertical position.

In a statement to «Nazivin» indicates that the product can be used not more than five days.

However, before applying read the contraindications. These include:

  • glaucoma;
  • atrophic rhinitis;
  • hypersensitivity to the main component of the drug – Oxymetazoline.

In the case of formation of diseases in children should use the drug, intended for patients six years of age.

If the patient immediately after application there is a marked feeling of itching and burning, the occurrence of constriction of the mucous membrane and dryness you must stop using the product and consult a doctor.

If the dosing of the drug was calculated incorrectly the patient appears increased blood pressure and tachycardia. In some cases, there is dysfunction of the respiratory system, the formation of edema.

How to use the drug

In case of inflammation of the nose in adults, it is necessary to choose the right drug.

Remember that the instillation of vasoconstrictor drugs should be calculated correctly.

Ask your healthcare practitioner for individual dosing.

It is important to note that some vasoconstrictor drugs have side effects and contraindications, so do not self-medicate.

To use the «long time» to properly review the instructions for use, and it is best to consult with your doctor. In case of inflammation in adults, it is necessary to purchase the drug with 500 milligrams of the active component, and when the disease children should buy a more relaxed drugs.

«Nazivin» acts almost immediately after the introduction and frees the respiratory tract of the patient. Effect after drug administration is accompanied by for ten hours, so it makes no sense to bury the drug every three hours.

Most often, patients prefer nasal form means in the form of drops. Before you can enter them in the nose, you should tilt your head back. Thus, the medicine is evenly distributed.

Inflammation of the adults should be buried one Il two drops depending on the complexity of the disease more than three times per day.

If you do not consult with a physician to apply the medicine must be no more than three days.

When used strictly adhere to the dosing and do not break rules instillation of medication.

Otherwise you can provoke the development of the disease and cause significant injury.

If at the moment of inflammation of the woman is in position, you must apply children’s nazivin. It has a more gentle properties and potentially harm the placenta and fetal development.

Before using drugs, you must ensure the absence of risk. Therefore, consult your doctor. In the case of danger to the child, use analogues of the drug. Such medicines include Akvamaris or Teva.

How to bury «Cold» to me

«Nazivin» is a medicine in the form of drops or spray to relieve swelling and provide vasoconstrictor action. Therefore, many doctors prescribe «Cold» to me.

The treatment of sinusitis there is a complex treatment that is not always medical therapy is effective. But in the early stages the patient is prescribed «Nazivin» as an effective remedy against swelling of the mucous membrane.

Remember, if you have a pronounced sinusitis you must adhere to proper introduction into the nose of medicines.

  1. To do this, place the patient on one side, and then enter the tool on one half of the nasal passage, strictly adhering to the allowed dosage.
  2. The drops should be evenly spread on the passage and get to the lateral nasal walls. To do this, keep the position for a few minutes.
  3. Then the patient should roll over and introduce drops in another part of the nose.
  4. If in the course of treatment included other drops in addition to Nazivin, you must wait thirty minutes. Only then permitted the introduction of antibacterial or anti-inflammatory medicines.

There is another method of applying the drops. To do this, make turundas or buy it at the pharmacy. Then soak in a small amount of the drug the flagellum gauze and gently insert into the nasal cavity.

Keep turundas in the nose no more than five minutes. During this time the solution will hydrate the walls of the passage and favorably impact the health of the patient. In the case of such patient to repeat the procedure every five hours.

This method is suitable in case of inflammation of small children, as it is considered more harmless. When you use turundae, you must apply no more than one drop.

Remember that the treatment of sinusitis should be held under the supervision of a doctor-otolaryngologist. «Nazivin» effective from nasal congestion, but not always cope with more advanced inflammation.

Opinion about the drug

Reviews about the drops in the nose «Nazivin» different. The majority of patients who were treated Nazivin, was satisfied. Patients note that once there is ease of breathing, is nasal congestion, there a relief-being.

Effect after application of the drops is maintained for ten or twelve hours, allowing the patient to Wake in the night.

Alena perloff: «I had a bad cold that tortured me, not allowed to sleep. Appeared swelling, reddened eyes and increased body temperature. The pharmacy doctor pharmacist advised a long time. Buried him five days, but the result was evident almost immediately. It became easier to breathe, was swelling. Three days later the runny nose was completely, but for prevention I have used two more days.»

Oleg Romanovsky: «the wife suddenly in the night there was a strong rhinitis. She could not sleep and complained of feeling unwell. The pharmacy took a long time. After the first administration to have improved upper airway and the wife fell asleep. Then she buried the drug for another three days and the rhinitis has passed at all.»

Royal albert Imanalov: «I work in a cold space in the accumulation of construction dust. As a result, a catarrhal inflammation of the appear very often. Always use Nazivin. He almost immediately normalizes breathing, and two days later the runny nose and other symptoms are».


The drug is «a long time» has a strong effect in the fight against runny nose and other symptoms of inflammation in the nasopharynx. However, it should be understood that in the case of more serious illness «Nazivin» will not be able to eliminate the cause of the disease. He only qualifies on the elimination of mucous secretions and normalization of the upper respiratory tract.

In cases of acute rhinitis and other dangerous diseases, please contact the help of an experienced qualified doctor.

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