Nose drops Polideksa: instructions for use, reviews and shelf life

How to take drops Polideksa?

In some cases, the usual runny nose or other signs of catarrhal inflammation notice immediately. In such cases, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. The infectious disease affects other parts of the body. Against this background, there is a serious complication of respiratory inflammation, which do not always respond to conventional treatment.

Acute symptoms of influenza or colds are dangerous to the weakened organism, as respiratory diseases provoke the reproduction of pathogenic organisms, the treatment of which occurs only antibacterial drugs. Medicine «Polideksa» in this case is thus a medicament, which in a short time will restore the patient’s body and destroy dangerous viruses and microbes.

About the spray «Polideksa»

Spray in the nose «Polideksa» is a combined preparation, which aimed at the destruction of harmful elements that triggered the inflammation in the nasopharynx.

Pharmacological action of the drug effectively fights viruses and bacteria in the upper respiratory tract.

Thanks to it the medication is very popular in ENT. The drug is intended for topical administration.

Spray «Polideksa» fenilafrinom has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. This result is achieved due to the composition of the medicament:

  • phenylephrine is the agonists, exerting a stimulating action on the adrenergic receptors. In case of prolonged and systematic ingestion of such substances, there is a serious change in blood pressure and narrowing of the small arteries, by which the flow of blood to the capillaries;
  • neomycin is an antibiotic that belongs to a group of aminoglycosides. Neomycin is a mixture of several antibiotics which are produced in the form of sulfate;
  • polymyxin B is a class of antibiotics that are responsible for the destruction and elimination of malicious viruses. Polymyxin is primarily a chemical that is active against gram-negative viruses. In the composition of the drug «Polideksa» substance has a bactericidal effect.

The combination of active components allows to use a «Polideksa» from the common cold and other symptoms in acute disease. To be treated with antibiotics in mild disease is not recommended, as in the early stages of inflammation you can eliminate the symptoms are more gentle ways.

Antibacterial effects of medicines allows the use of the drug in the defeat of the organism gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, and also in case of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity.

Additional components of the nasal spray include:

  • dexamethasone – a drug component that is used as an active tool against inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. Dexamethasone has immunodepressivny action. In addition to ENT diseases, substance can be used in inflammatory processes in the eye or swelling of the brain;
  • fenilafrina hydrochloride is agonists, in order to have a stimulating effect on various viruses and infections that cause inflammation in the body. In case of misuse of the component or in violation of the course of treatment, fenilafrina hydrochloride can cause high blood pressure;
  • lithium chloride is a chemical compound of alkaline metal lithium and chlorine. The component dissolves in water and provides additional treatment for inflammation;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate is a food additive, often used in the food industry;
  • macrogol – laxative medicinal component;
  • lithium hydroxide — a substance made of alkaline metal lithium;
  • Polysorbate is nonionic surfactants. Readily soluble in many kinds of liquid;
  • citric acid;
  • purified water.
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This combination of drugs and active ingredients allows the use of nose drops with an antibiotic «Polideksa» with the following diseases and inflammation:

In the case of inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity.

  1. Disease of the paranasal sinuses.
  2. Acute inflammation in the nasopharynx.
  3. In acute hereditary or inflammation of the rhinitis.
  4. In case of purulent discharge from the nose.
  5. Sinusitis.
  6. Sinusitis.
  7. Frontal sinusitis.
  8. Education rhinopharyngitis.
  9. A chronic form of adenoiditis.

The drug can be administered to adults and children but in different dosage. To apply the tool in the treatment of children in case of purulent rhinitis.

In addition, «Polideksa» is prescribed for the treatment of after surgical interventions on the nose and sinuses.

In some cases, the spray can be used for prevention, but to use the drug without a doctor, it is undesirable.

Therefore, in the case of illness and poor health with acute symptoms of infectious or viral form of inflammation you need to seek medical help.


Apply «Polideksa» without a doctor’s prescription is prohibited. The medication can cause unwanted effects and may cause serious processes in the body. Before using drugs should be familiar with contraindications.

  1. Do not use the spray in case of hypersensitivity to phenylephrine, neomycin, and polymyxin B.
  2. In the case of allergic manifestations in additional substances medications.
  3. With the development of glaucoma.
  4. Dysfunction of the kidney or liver.

Gently take the drug should be in the case of chronic inflammation in the heart muscle, a significant change in pressure, strokes and other pathologies in the heart.

Side effects

Side effects occur infrequently, but this does not mean that they are not really.

In the wrong dosage or in the case of too frequent use of the drug may be a manifestation of dryness in the sinuses and various allergic reactions in the form of itching and burning.

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Sometimes the skin appear rash.

To avoid side effects. For this you must strictly adhere to the dosing of the spray and to be treated with prescription system. Any spontaneous manipulations lead to the expression of undesirable processes.

In the process of therapy it is important to follow dosing. However, the local application of drugs official cases of overdose not registered.


The nasal spray is prescribed for the treatment. «Polideksa» combined with many components.

The drug is not harmful for health. However, keep in mind that with some drugs the nasal spray does not contact

  1. «Polideksa» is not compatible with tablets «Bromocriptine». In a joint course of treatment drugs cause high blood pressure.
  2. You should not take the nasal spray in combination with the «Guanetidina». With this combination intensifies the action of active ingredients «Polydoxy» that can cause side effects.
  3. Do not combine the drug against inflammation of MAO inhibitors for people suffering from hypertension.
  4. To avoid dysfunction of the stomach can not accept the «Galaton» and «Cyclopropan» together with the described drug.

In consultation with the doctor should be informed about all the medications you are taking at the moment.


The drug in different areas can cost differently. Therefore, specifying how much «Polideksa», you must specify the area. In Moscow the drug is not more than 270 rubles, and in remote areas the price does not exceed 156 roubles.

Instructions for use of drops in the nose «Polideksa»

Using «Polideksa» it is important to carefully read the instructions.

It shows that the application of the spray should not more than ten days, three applications per day.

Dosing must be refined by the attending physician, but the standard scheme involves the use of no more than three injections for children up to 12 years.

In the case of adults the dosage can be increased to five applications during the day.

Time and the course of treatment can be changed only by the attending physician, so self therapy is excluded.

Before applying the medication, clean up the nasal passages with the help of washing or bismarckiana. Then enter the cap of the bottle in the nasal passage and depress pump. Keep the medication it should only vertically, tilting the head slightly forward. This will allow better passage of the drug and reduce the risk of irritation of the mucous membrane.

In the absence of effect on the fifth day of application of the medication should be stopped.

Do not use medication as the solution for washing.

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Reviews about the drops in the nose «Polideksa» positive, although there were a few negative opinions. It is due to incorrect treatment and a violation of the rules.

Valentine bashkova: «do Not follow the common cold and then there is a serious complication. Inflamed mucous membranes, formed a thick discharge from the nose, sore throat and even ears. Addressed to the therapist, who is appointed «Polideksa». That includes antibiotics, learned from the doctor, but their use was necessary because the disease was already very serious. In the future, could appear otitis media or sinusitis. Used the spray four times a day. The result became noticeable on the third day of treatment, but I walked the entire course. Seven days later fully recovered».

Catherine Denisova: «When a child caught a bad cold I wanted to buy the usual means by which she had been treated before. But the pharmacist looked at the child, told that my daughter had more severe inflammation than we think. Appealed for help to the doctor. It turned out that the child had acute rhinitis. Then the doctor prescribed «Polideksa» and a few other drugs. After you take the medicine for ten days completely cured.»


Any infectious disease needs to be treated as quickly as possible. If you do not pay attention to the disease, it will move to a more serious stage. With this defeat the body is not to avoid antibiotics are more complex structures, which cause goiter and other adverse signs of disorders of the body.

Do not use medicine after the expiration date. I should say that after opening and a non-storage medicine penetration of the virus into the vial.

Shelf life «Polydoxy» after opening is not more than one month.

Remember that any inflammation is indicative of a poor immune system. After full recovery you need to monitor your health and strengthen the immune system. Eat vitamins, try to spend more time outdoors.