Nose drops Protargol: instructions for use, expiry date and reviews

How to use drops Protargol?

In today’s time the medicine is widely represented group of drugs for the treatment of rhinitis of various forms and stages. However, despite this, the drug «Protargol», is still popular as many years ago.

The opinion of today’s experts on this issue were divided. So some believe the tool is outdated and useless, and the other – effective, with a pronounced healing effect. Next, let’s talk about the drops in the nose Protargolum, about the instructions for their application, existing counterparts and look at reviews about the drug.

Protargol — description of the drug

Protargol – synthetic drug substance, based on silver, and the extant of the last century. Actively been used for therapeutic purposes since 1964. The drug is not «factory», that is, this group of medications does not have mass production, because it is impractical.

The tool is prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories and is sold by prescription.

The resulting solution of Protargol has the appearance of a dark brown liquid. No odor.

Poured the medicine on the ordinary glass puzyrechki (10 ml), which must indicate the shelf life and storage conditions, the address of the pharmacy date of preparation.

In this case, each buyer is issued the instructions for use.

This farmcrest used for the treatment of such pathological conditions:

  1. Rhinitis of any origin.
  2. Sinusitis.
  3. Chronic inflammatory diseases of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.
  4. Pharyngitis.
  5. Otitis (outer and middle without damage to the eardrum).
  6. Adenoids.

In addition, ENT-pathologies, the tool is widely used in ophthalmology and urology.

You cannot use the tool to people with hypersensitivity to the medication components and to women during pregnancy and lactation.

Regarding the use of funds in childhood, then in the instructions there are no contraindications, even for infants.

However, the who strongly recommends to abandon its use in children up to 5 years. Due to the risk of allergic reactions and insecurity of silver, as it tends to accumulate in the body.

The medicine can cause some side effects:

  • dry mouth;
  • lethargy;
  • irritation of the mucous membranes;
  • headache;
  • redness of the eyes;
  • itching;
  • dizziness
  • urticaria.
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In addition, failure to comply with dosage and duration of treatment, the silver will begin to accumulate in the body, which will lead to the development of specific pathology argyria in which the skin irreversibly acquires a silvery or bluish-gray.

Important! Therefore, this drug should be treated under medical supervision.

Shelf life and storage conditions

This drug is different from our usual medicines composition, method of preparation, conditions and duration of storage.

So, the shelf life drops Protargol after opening is 14 days, however, some pharmacists believe that their effectiveness has to 5 day is sharply reduced. But this fact is no substantiated evidence has not.

With such limited shelf life, the tool is not produced in an industrial scale, and make sure it’s not always easy.

To buy a drop is possible only in pharmacies, which are equipped with its own laboratory.

Important! The drug is used for the treatment of pathologies of ENT-organs, visual system, urology, therefore, the pharmacist should be alert for the treatment of a disease the required solution.

In addition, the solution must surely keep: the vial must be well closed and is in the fridge.

In a warm place drug loses its therapeutic properties and even become unsafe. If the liquid became turbid and black color, then apply it.

The composition and effect of drugs drops

Part of Protargol includes silver ions in complex with protein subunits. To impart thermodynamic stability, substance added special substances-stabilizers:

  • gelatin;
  • casein;
  • peptone;
  • serum albumin.

The main task of the drug is protection of the mucous membranes. So, in contact with the damaged surface of the mucous membrane, it forms a thin film for preventing the spread of inflammation.

The effectiveness of Protargol causes its main component is silver, which has such abilities:

  1. Antiseptic.
  2. Anti-inflammatory.
  3. Binder.

Also the tool is able to reduce the sensitivity of the mucous membranes and reduce swelling, which contributes to easier breathing.

Help. The effect of such therapy can be observed on the next day after the start of treatment.

In addition, the drug capable of exerting the following effects, depending on the kind of solution:

  1. Protargol (1%) is bacteriostatic, that is, retards the growth and development of pathogenic organisms.
  2. Protargol (2%) – bactericidal, that is having a devastating effect on pathogenic agents.
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It is worth considering that drops are not able to influence the viruses and protozoa, so before treatment is to pinpoint the cause of the disease.

Method of application

Before you begin drug treatment, you need to get acquainted with several rules.

First we need to clear the nose from mucus and crusts, as Protargol does not dilute the snot. To be effective, the drops must be in contact directly with the surface of the mucous membranes.

You can use the brine or sea water, with which you can perform a nasal lavage.

You can then proceed directly to the eyedrops (pre-bottle need to be shaken).

Help. Mainly applied 1% solution of the drug.

Should be instilled 3-4 drops in each nostril 2 times a day throughout the week. Dosage should be prescribed by the attending physician based on the type of disease, severity of disease and stage.

Protargol when cold is useful if it has a bacterial origin, or has become chronic, when the germs have developed resistance to antibiotics.

In this situation, the tool is indicated twice daily for 4-5 drops. A therapeutic course can last up to 10 days.

Protargol for nasal congestion which can have a positive impact if it is triggered by infection. Farmcrest will dry and disinfect mucous membranes. Method of application same as when cold.

If congestion appeared because of allergies, the substance will be ineffective.

Help. For the treatment of sinusitis apply a 2% solution, because it will be more effective in this situation.


Analogues of nose drops Protargol is a small number of medicines that also contain silver only in the other concentrations. These are medicinal products:

  1. Sailor.
  2. Vitargo.
  3. Argovit.
  4. Collargol.

Thus the closest in composition of them all is the Collargol. Both tools represent colloidal silver, so they are less toxic in contrast to drugs that contain ionic silver.

But Sialor – release flavor of the Protargol, which is sold in pharmacies in several forms:

  • in the form of tablets for the preparation of the substance (2%);
  • ready solution(2%).
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The only disadvantage of Sialor – its price. If Protargol possible to buy an average of 40-80 rubles, the cost of Salora exceed 200 rubles.


Reviews about the drops in the nose Protargolum is quite diverse.

Some argue about their unconditional efficiency, others are wary, citing their toxicity and harm.

By the way, the two camps of opponents and supporters of this drug is shared not only treated people, but even the doctors themselves.

Some consider it a toxic poison, others believe in its effectiveness.

Below are some reviews on these drops:

Vladimir: «the Year I suffered a cold, which appeared periodically and with a large number of offices. Vasoconstrictor drops have helped. ENT asked me to try to undergo treatment with Protargol. In the early days, there was no change, but after the congestion was gone, and all the symptoms of a cold have disappeared. For about a year not using any drops».

Alina: «Protargol prescribed for the treatment of runny nose in a child, but I refused to use them. Well, here’s how they can be instilled into the nose of the baby, if the Austrian instructions it is prohibited to be used for children up to 5 years. And myself would not dare to drip».


Protargol is a serious drug and prescribe treatment can only be experienced doctor. Independent attempts such therapy can lead to bad consequences.

But to avoid all these thoughts and fears, it is better to take for the treatment of rhinitis, not to pigeonhole.