Nose drops Sinupret: instruction manual, reviews

How to take the drug Sinupret?

In the season of cold weather and low air temperature, many people complain of the appearance of a cold, the mucous discharge is yellow or green, fever, pain in the throat when eating, as well as pain in the head or ears. Recently infectious or viral inflammation is often treated with antibacterial drugs, but not many people know that the symptoms of a cold or flu is best treated with medicines for plant production.

If you feel the first signs of viral inflammation consult a doctor and determine the type and nature of the disease. While sinusitis or a cold, many experts prescribe a «Pill». Consider the instruction for use drops in the nose «Sinupret» in more detail and determine in what cases should take this medication.

Production of the medicines and its functions

«Sinupret» is a combined tool aimed at the destruction of viruses and infections in various ENT inflammation. Doctors often prescribe this drug during examination of the patient and the symptoms of sinusitis, rhinitis or cold symptoms. If signs of inflammation are not pronounced, the drug for a short time will relieve the patient from disease and restore good health.

However, to determine the nature of inflammation it is necessary to conduct pathogenetic therapy and to find out the disease.

If the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses more serious than it seemed or the patient is present purulent discharge, it is necessary to begin therapy at the earliest stages.

In this case, «Sinupret» will have a positive effect on the patient’s body and extinguish inflammation.

«Sinupret» created in Germany about 75 years ago. The company «Bionorica», which manufactures the drug, specializiruetsya on the production of drugs from plant components, producing pharmaceutical products method of freezing. useful elements. The nutrients are not destroyed in the process of manufacturing drugs. So, drugs retain pharmacological properties and is recognized as hypoallergenic.

In Russia, this drug has gained popularity in less than thirty years. Today, many doctors prescribe a «Pill» as an effective drug against many of inflammations, which are accompanied by runny nose, cough, mucous secretions. The medicine belongs to the group of antiviral drugs. It has immunomodulatory effect.

After taking the medication occurs expectorant and mucolytic effect, and reduces swelling of the mucous membranes of the sinuses and eases expectoration.

Medicine due to plant origin, without harm to the body eliminate inflammation and infection, which provoked the appearance of the disease.

Thus, there is a faster recovery of patients regardless of age, individual characteristics of patients and the nature of the inflammation. Increased biological activity of drugs you can quickly get rid of the inflammation.

The drug is easily tolerated and practically does not cause side effects, so it has gained wide popularity in the treatment of sinusitis or rhinitis.

The active effect of the drug allows the use of «Sinupret» in green snot, spasms of the bronchi, and also reduces the swelling and viscosity of sputum.

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The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, and antiviral effect. In addition, «Sinupret» stimulates the immune system.

In the case of catarrhal inflammation of the drug is aimed at elimination of nasal congestion and reduction of edema and restoration of the protective functions of the mucous system.

In addition, the use of «Sinupret» in vasomotor rhinitis can reduce the outflow of mucous secretions and removes phlegm from the upper respiratory tract. Thus, there is an increased expectoration process, which helps to normalize breath.

Herbal nature of the drug allows to increase the protective functions of the organism and to isolate the mucosa from the penetration of viruses and bacteria.

Summarizing information, note that the action of the drug:

  • the decline in mucous secretions;
  • a relieved breath;
  • the excretion of mucus;
  • reduction of mucus and expectoration;
  • reduction in churn;
  • cleansing of the sinuses;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • increase the security functions of the body.

Thus, applying the «Sinupret» in sinusitis or rhinitis, the patient feels a decrease in the inflammatory process, normalization of respiration, the release of the sinuses of the mucus, getting rid of long lasting cold and improving the General condition of the patient.

The drug

Depending on the release form, the drug is made from gentian, sorrel, elderberry and other herbs that have beneficial effect on the body.

For the convenience of patients, «Sinupret» is available in several forms:

  • pills;
  • tablets;
  • drops.

Existing reviews pills from cold «Sinupret» are much more effective than pills. But assign a form of the drug and its dosage should only doctor.

For younger patients the most efficient use of the drug in the form of drops. Many parents wonder what to do with drops «Sinupret»: a dripping nose or to drink? Drops in the nose «Sinupret» for children does not exist. Drops must be dissolved in purified water and drink. But in the case of inflammation children you need to purchase syrup. It is more palatable and easily administered to the body.

In drops added a small amount of ethanol, making the use of the drug is impossible in the case of pregnancy or breast-feeding baby breast.

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When to use «Sinupret»

Treatment «Sinupret» is assigned for acute manifestations of sinusitis.

In addition, this drug effectively cope with the following inflammations:

  • chronic sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • when purulent nasal discharge;
  • with green mucous from the nose.
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • acute rhinitis;
  • in the case infectious lesions of the respiratory tract;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis.

Treatment of all these inflammation takes place under the supervision of a physician. «Sinupret» stands as one of the treatments.

How to apply «Sinupret»

Instructions for use of the drug says about the age limit. To apply medication in the form of tablets or drops should only be ten years. Treatment of younger patients is possible, but only with the permission of the doctor. In this case, is usually assigned the use of syrup.

Treatment green discharge

In the case of the treatment of mucous secretions are green or yellow you need to purchase drops «Sinupret».

They in a short time eliminates the symptoms of inflammation, thin secretions and will facilitate their easy removal.

This treatment should start at the first sign of discharge, but after consulting with a doctor.

  1. Treatment involves the use of individual dosage. Usually one application is necessary to drink not more than fifteen drops, diluted with purified water.
  2. The tool then you need to drink a small amount of water or juice.
  3. The course of treatment is five days, three drops applied each day.

Besides drops «Sinupret», it is useful to nasal rinses and take vitamins.

Two days later, green snot is much less, and at the end of the treatment, the symptoms completely disappear. Don’t forget that the composition of the drops is ethyl alcohol. Therefore, do not break batching.

Treatment for sinusitis

In the case of acute or chronic sinusitis need comprehensive treatment that includes medical therapy and physiotherapy.

In the formation of frontal sinusitis the first thing you need to set the outflow from the frontal sinus.

In addition, in the course of treatment include vasoconstrictors and the use of decongestant.

In the course of treatment is «Sinupret» as an effective medication for acute or chronic inflammation.

He has not only the excretion of the mucous secretions, but also anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect.

Applying the «Sinupret», the patient feels a decrease in swelling and secretion of mucous secretions from paranasal sinuses.

The dosage regimen is necessary to calculate with your doctor. Usually the scheme standard:

  • in the treatment of adults need to use two tablets or fifty drops at least two times a day;
  • children from six to sixteen years: one tablet or 25 drops three times a day;
  • children under six years of age need to apply at fifteen drops three times a day.
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When inflammation of acute sinusitis in children, drops can be replaced by syrup. In this case, the dosage is two teaspoons in the morning and evening.

How to treat vasomotor rhinitis

In cases of chronic rhinitis there is a violation of the regulation of blood vessels and swelling of the mucous membranes of the sinuses.

These symptoms arise in the case of allergic reactions or due to the violation of the endocrine function.

In chronic or acute rhinitis treatment, «Sinupret» implies the use of pills.

They should be used two pills three times a day for two weeks. They need to swallow a small amount of water, this chew is not recommended.

The use of medication is not desirable in case of inflammation in children under two years of age, and in patients with liver dysfunction.

Opinions about the drug and its action

Irina Atroshenko: «Treated «Sinupret» acute frontal sinusitis. The doctor prescribed after the first dose. According to the prescribed dosage saw in the morning one tablet and evening for two. The effect was fast enough: on the third day symptoms of inflammation decreased, and after a few days have passed at all.»

Oleg Karabaev: «my Wife bought «Sinupret» for the child. In kindergarten contracted a contagious disease. The child had snot green and the temperature rose. Used in the form of syrup by two tablespoons. The next day the nozzle was noticeably less, but five days later everything went.»


«Sinupret» provides effective relief when properly applied. Do not violate dosage and do not use the medicine when the expiration date.

During the period of treatment with this medicine is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol.

In other cases, «Help» provides a soft relief from signs of inflammation and, due to its natural origin, has safe properties. Therefore, this medication can treat the smallest patients.