Nose drops Snoop: instructions for use, for kids and reviews

How to take nose drops?

Nasal congestion, inflammation, swelling cause not only discomfort in dealing with people, but severe malaise, weakness, pain. Leave unnoticed phenomenon, letting go is impossible. Runny nose, nasal congestion can be signs of developing serious diseases of ENT-organs, the treatment of which requires surgical intervention.

Doctors advise as soon as possible to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, choosing the most effective cure for the common cold. One of such tools is the Snoop, the international name — Xylometazoline. Vasoconstrictor drug is intended for nasal use, has a broad spectrum of action and high efficiency. An important property is that the tool can be used in the treatment of children from 2 years.

What are the drops Snoop

Drug drug called Snoop appeared on the market of pharmaceutical products recently. The tool is made in vials with a volume of 15 ml. of This amount approximately enough for 150 doses.

Although many call Snoop drops, it’s a nasal spray.

The main property of the drug – constriction of blood vessels in the nasal cavity, which is achieved due to the unique composition.

In addition to the main component of Xylometazoline in the composition is present in the potassium dihydrophosphate and purified sea water.

In addition to narrowing of the blood vessels, the active ingredients allow:

  • reduce inflammation;
  • eliminate redness of the tissues;
  • to remove swelling;
  • to eliminate nasal congestion;
  • to restore breathing through the nose;
  • to moisturize the mucosa.

The drug, when applied to the mucous starts to act instantly – after 3 minutes you may notice a decrease in symptoms manifested. Patient condition improvement occurs almost immediately. The tool operates up to six hours after you need re-injection. Overdosing is impossible.

To assign the use drops Snoop from nasal congestion can be a doctor, to evaluate the General condition of the patient, the presence of comorbidities.

Indications for use

Indications for the use of the drug can be:

  • diseases of ENT-organs, causing a feeling of stuffiness of the nose, breathing problems;
  • runny nose caused by colds, infectious, viral pathogens;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • otitis media;
  • evstahiit;
  • pollinosis.

The tool is widely used in hospitals when performing diagnostic studies of the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, when the organ is much swollen, inflamed.


It is dangerous to use a tool if:

  • chronic rhinitis;
  • hypersensitivity to components of drug;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pathologies of the heart, blood vessels;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • some operations migrated, particularly to the meninges;
  • thyrotoxicosis.

Despite the absence of an overdose, the correct usage for more than a week to apply Snoop undesirable. There is a strong addictive drug develops rhinitis.

Nose drops Snoop: instructions for use

As such, drops the video for children do not exist. However, the produced solution of 0.05% for the treatment of the child since two years. The drug solution of 0.1% is permitted for children from 6 years.

Until the child was 6 years old, we recommend the use of spray no more than 2-3 times during the day. Children from 6 years, adolescents, adults, the dosage remains the same — «one-touch dispenser» up to 3 times per day. Treatment begins 5 days, but not more than weeks. Adults after 5-day treatment, 5 days rest after taking the drug for another 5 days.


It is important to understand that if the treatment is not helping, it’s not in a small dosage, and the individual characteristics of the organism, resistance to the ingredients. This suggests that the drug for a particular person simply has no effect. Requires the appointment of another similar product.

The pharmacy can offer some analogues Snoop, characterized by additional components:

  • Only;
  • Ksimelin;
  • Galazolin;
  • Rinorus;
  • Xylometazoline;
  • Linestop;
  • Anamaris;
  • Xylitol;
  • Otrivin;
  • Natolin;
  • Xolobeni;
  • Suprima-NHS.


Svetlana, 24 years old, Naberezhnye Chelny: «When seven year old daughter was like to choke from a cold, went to the hospital. The doctor advised me to try Snoop. I used to double-check. Reading the reviews of people who have used Snoop as the cure for the common cold, made sure that the spray is often used in the treatment of children, decided to try it. First impression, was even worse. But after 10 minutes, my beauty stopped breathing, mouth open, fascinated toys. I calmed down – means we approached, the effect is obvious. Five days later the treatment was stopped, every day «pshikat» twice, as advised by the doctor.»

Tamara, 57, Yekaterinburg: «the Grandson is often sick colds. As a rule, there is a runny nose, nasal congestion, child is greatly suffering from it. First daughter has tried to use to relieve the symptoms Naphazoline, but he only got worse. The pharmacy was advised Snoop – an inexpensive drug, available without a prescription. The first use was struck by the ambulance efficiency, the child began to have fun, it seemed, even forgot about a recent problem. Weeks, as written in the instructions, we didn’t need, relief came on the third day. The reception ended, runny nose and swelling never returned.»

Lyudmila, age 38, Novy Urengoy: «I do Not know how anyone, but I my work does not allows darting to clients snot. Spring always worsen all diseases. To at least the stuffy nose didn’t bother, I began to use Snoop. The tool helps me, easy to use, stands still in the bag and «waiting» when needed. Works almost instantly, so I all day short of two techniques.»


When there is rhinitis, rhinitis, life becomes unbearable. Unfortunately, not everyone is a vasoconstrictor suitable for adults and even more children. Snoop almost immediately after the appearance on the market has established itself as the most effective, affordable drug.

Efficiency proven, but still, doctors recommend that before use, be sure to consult with your doctor. Especially when Snoop is used as nose drops for young children who just turned two years. It is important not to exceed the manufacturer describes the frequency of use, otherwise it is possible the occurrence of side effects.

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