Nose drops with antibiotics for children and adults: names of local antibiotics

What are some nose drops with antibiotics?

Nasal drops are used for colds in patients of all ages. When bacterial rhinitis need to use drugs with antibacterial properties.

Before starting therapy, ensure that the nasal cavity is affected by bacteria. We need to examine mucus from the nasal cavity. Drip nose antibiotic valid for the specialist appointment, and following the dosage instructions.

Features of antibacterial agents

Nasal drops are used for prolonged rhinitis, otitis media, and sinusitis. Self uncontrolled use of drugs can lead to:

  • bleeding;
  • burning;
  • strong Allergy;
  • addiction;
  • thinning of the vascular network in the nasal cavity.

The main indications for antibiotic use are:

  1. A positive result of the analysis of mucus from the nasal cavity to the concentration of bacteria.
  2. Purulent rhinitis. Bacterial inflammation of the mucous often leads to the development of complications. With inadequate treatment often occurs adenitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis. Pus formation may indicate the transition of the disease into a chronic form.
  3. Lingering sinusitis.
  4. Long-term rhinitis.
  5. Sinusitis.

Topical antibiotics for the nose have the advantage over capsules, injections and tablets. Due to the fact that they work directly in the inflammation, the result of their use is achieved faster. Not interacting with the intestine, the drug has virtually no effect on the microflora.

Due to the low concentration of the active substance, nasal drops able to cope only with light forms of the disease. Experts prescribed as adjuvant to systemic therapy.

Nose drops with antibiotics

Drops should apply strictly according to the scheme. The duration of therapy is prescribed by a doctor. Medication is used several times a day with equal interval of time. The nasal cavity before irrigation with antibiotic requires preparation. Initially, the nose is washed with soda solution, furatsilina. When sinusitis is processed antiseptic.

After washing, you should wait a while, then drip vasoconstrictors, and only after that an antibiotic local action.

Important note: drops should be warmed to room temperature.

Consider the basic preparations containing the antibiotic.


The drug belongs to aminoglycoside. Framizetin sulphate, the main component work. The tool has a powerful antibacterial effect. Framycetin sulfate has a destructive effect on the cell wall of pathogenic microorganisms, disrupting their livelihoods.

The drug is easily tolerated. It is often prescribed for sinusitis women expecting a child. Negative reactions to the antibiotic are very rare. Most often it is a rash on the skin.

Duration of therapy is week. Depending on the age of the person varies the number of irrigations. The care tool is not assigned.


The integrated product containing neomycin sulfate, polymyxin sulfate, phenylephrine and dexamethasone.

Thanks to the combined nature, the drug removes the symptoms of sinusitis and rhinitis of bacterial origin.

During the application, patients notice a significant improvement in breathing, decrease the amount of mucus secretion.

Polideksa eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, constricts blood vessels, removes allergies, relieves inflammation.

Despite the effectiveness, the drug is prescribed with caution because he has a lot of contraindications. Appoint experts to the Polideksa only in case of mono the drugs don’t work.

Important: the tool cannot be applied to children up to three years.


The tool has a complex structure. Use it in the treatment of not only the nose, but also ears and eyes.

Main active ingredients: dexamethasone, framizetin sulfate, gramicidin.

The therapeutic action of the drug similar to Isoroy and Polideksa. For this reason, if the data drops from the common cold with an antibiotic has not had the desired effect, experts Sofradeks also not appointed.

It is forbidden to use during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, in children under years. The drug has a wide range of contraindications.


The drug of local action. Used mainly for backfilling the ears and eyes, but if necessary, administered as nasal drops. This formulation includes betamethasone and gentamicin.

Due to the combined effect, the tool has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Important: do not use in children under six years of age, lactating and pregnant women. Without prescription use is not recommended, as the medication numerous contraindications.


The drug belongs to aminoglycoside. Used in the form of a solution for irrigation and instillation.

Tool effect on Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.

Anaerobic flora Neomycin is ineffective.

Antibiotic is not popular among therapists, but is widely used in hospitals.


The drug is based on herbal components. Has an antibacterial effect. The product includes compounds from Hypericum.

The drug is used to eliminate gram-positive microflora. Novoimanin not only has antibacterial properties, but also restores the mucous membranes of the nose.

Preparation before use, dilute with benzocaine or glucose.


Used in bacterial lesions of the nasal cavity. Experts prescribed as a prophylactic after surgical interventions.

Important: you cannot use children younger than years.


Despite the fact that many patients consider remedy antibiotic, it is not.

Due to the high antiseptic properties of silver protein drug equate antibacterial drugs.

Protargol is highly effective for rhinitis, helps avoid prescribing stronger drugs.

The tool must be applied in strict accordance with the instructions. Before burying the nasal cavity is cleaned out with saline. If nasal congestion requires the use of vasoconstrictor drugs.

Protargol prescribed to women during lactation and pregnancy, the younger age group. The tools are few side-effects, it shows good results.

Important: before applying you need to make sure that the drug is prepared recently. You can buy in prescription Department of pharmacy.


The drug was extremely popular with patients.

Manufacturers were forced to remove it from production as a getaway without a prescription and low cost has led to the fact that people used it without a special need.

Bacteria have the ability to adapt to external conditions.

Pathogens acquired immunity to Bioparoks, making it ineffective.


The drug is available in various forms. For the treatment of diseases of the nose using a vial of powder.

In the product is thiamphenicol and acetylcysteine. Drops are prepared by dissolving in water for injection powder.

Also allowed treatment with the nebulizer.


The main active substance – ciprofloxacin. The use of tools is extremely limited. This is explained by the negative impact of Cipromed on the nervous system.

The drug, once on the nasal mucosa, enters the blood through the blood vessels and has a similar narcotic effect on the body.

Important: when the dose can stop breathing. The antibiotic in the nose of an adult patient appoints a doctor.

Fluimucil has antioxidant and mucolytic properties. Remedy thins mucus and retards the growth of bacteria, removes swelling and inflammation.

Drops with antibiotics for kids

The most common names nose drops with antibiotics for kids:

  • Izofra;
  • Polideksa.

Infants doctors will prescribe solely drops. During irrigation the nasal cavity by spray, the infection can spread causing otitis or other complications.

In most cases, pediatricians recommend the use of medicinal preparations made in the pharmacy with a prescription. Most often it is difficult drops. In their structure can include a variety of drugs.

Most often it is:

  • antibacterial;
  • antibiotics;
  • antihistamines;
  • immunomodulators;
  • vasoconstrictor.

Complex drops can be used throughout the week, then they lose their properties. After instillation of the nose, after five minutes, it is recommended to drip into each nostril drop by drop of vegetable oil. This helps avoid dryness and irritation.

Important: the antibiotic in the nose for children is appointed only by the doctor.


Therapy of rhinitis caused by bacteria, simple. The time to begin treatment and not to start the process. Bacterial rhinitis can be completely removed in 6 days with no health effects. The course of the disease depends entirely on the patient. If pathology will become a chronic condition due to improper treatment, the quality of life is much worse.

Brief therapy antibacterial means do not bring harm to the body. On the contrary, it will help eliminate the source of infection for a short period of time, to prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and further.

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