Nose drops with menthol the common cold — what are

What are some nose drops with menthol?

A runny nose is quite unpleasant pathological process by which difficult nasal breathing in humans. In this case, you must choose not only high quality but also fast-acting drug. Quite effective in this case are nose drops with menthol.

Treatment Otrivine

Otrivin belongs to the category of a vasoconstrictor, which have a smell of menthol. Due to the presence of drugs of Xylometazoline is provided by the presence of alpha-adrenomimetic action. During the period of use of the drug constricts blood vessels in the nose area, and also avoiding the swelling and redness. With the help of this medication is the relief of nasal breathing in rhinitis.

Application Otrivine recommended for patients who suffer from increased sensitivity of the nasal mucosa.

Due to the universal effect of the drug, using it fully separates the mucus from the nasal passages.

The presence of drugs of menthol provides the cooling effect. With it, people have a fresh feeling.

Medication is recommended for patients with:

  • hay fever;
  • austraiia;
  • sinusitis;
  • acute allergic rhinitis.

With the development of acute respiratory diseases, which are phenomena of rhinitis, it is necessary to take this drug. Receiving medication is intranasally way one injection in each nostril. For the little ones, you can use my opinion.

Despite the high efficacy of the drug, it is characterized by the presence of contraindications.

The use of medication is quite often prohibited in hyperthyroidism, glaucoma, atrophic rhinitis, a hypersensitivity to its components.

If the patient is pre-conducted surgery on mucous membranes, then to apply the medicine to him is prohibited.

With tachycardia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, use of medication is strictly prohibited. Whether to use Otrivin during pregnancy, read here.

If the drops will be carried out in the presence of contraindications, it may lead to unwanted effects which manifest as insomnia, depression, rash, itching, angioneurotic edema, etc. some people Have disturbed the clarity of vision and increased blood pressure. Side effects may manifest as arrhythmia or tachycardia, and headache, frequent sneezing.

Otrivin is a very effective medication in the treatment of rhinitis. As the medication has a large number of contraindications, its use should be most cautiously.

Therapy Drops

When you have a need to use natural product based on menthol, it is recommended to use Drops.

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The drug has anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

Due to the presence of oily components, the drug is characterized by a maximum soft effect on the mucosa of the nasal cavity.

When using the drug soften and painlessly eliminated secretion from the nasal passages. Due to the universal composition of the medication as quickly liquefies the mucus and eliminated from the sinuses.

With the help of medications quickly eliminated cold. It is recommended to carry out treatment for the therapy of inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity. In most cases, drops are recommended after surgery.

The use of medication may be performed not only for adults, but for children, whose age is more than one year. It is also allowed to use for women during pregnancy.

If people have a hypersensitivity to the drug or their intolerance, then apply it is strictly prohibited. The use of drugs should be carried out two times a day by adult patients.

Attention! If is the treatment of the children, whose age ranges from 1 to 2 years, then this should be done with maximum caution.

Bury the cure in this case is prohibited, as young people may develop bronchospasm. The introduction of drugs to kids is a cotton pellet. Find out whether you can apply the medication during pregnancy and lactation.

Drops is an effective medicine by which the therapy of the common cold. Thanks to the natural composition of drugs is the most effective use.

The Use Of Mentougou

Mantovana made in the form of nasal drops, which are oil-based. In the period of medication is irritation of peripheral nerve endings, and also provides an antiseptic effect. Due to the presence of menthol in medicine is stimulation of cold receptors of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.

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Part medications include benzocaine, which is a superficial anesthesia. During the application of the medication to constrict surface blood vessels, which contributes to the most effective treatment of the disease.

With the help of medicine treatment of rhinitis, tracheobronchitis, rinofaringita and infectious diseases of the nasal mucosa.

Adults are encouraged to bury 3 to 5 drops of medication into each nostril.

Multiplicity of medication is 3 to 4 times.

If a child is more than three years, it is necessary to use 1 to 2 drops of medication into each nostril three times a day. The duration of intake of drug is one week. When needed, treatment may be extended.

If chelovekovedenija rhinitis allergic nature, the medication is strictly prohibited. At spazmofilii medication to patients is prohibited. A contraindication to its use is cereals. With increased individual sensitivity of K4 to one or more components of the medication to apply it is not necessary.

Minty nose Mantovana are highly effective drug, which is characterized by speed.

The Use Of Bormental

Nose drops with eucalyptus and menthol are characterized by the presence of local irritating action that allows it possible to eliminate a runny nose. The composition of this medication include petrolatum, which is a softening of the mucous membrane.

Using menthol is the removal of edema, and relief of nasal breathing. Another component of the medicine is boric acid, which has antiseptic effect, which allows to eliminate various pathogens in the nasal cavity.

Using Bormental treatment of rhinitis that occur in the acute form.

Its action is aimed at eliminating congestion and restoring nasal breathing.

The drug has a local effect and cooling effect.

Like any other medication, Bormental can cause allergic reactions. That is why if a person has intolerance of the components of the medication, its use is strictly prohibited.

If after applying the medication there are signs of Allergy, the patient should wash the nasal passages clean with cool water and seek professional help. Also in the period of application of medication in the sphere of its application can be irritation. In this case, you should immediately stop taking the medication.

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The use of medication for the treatment of children aged less than 5 years, is strictly prohibited. This is because the baby may be a violation of the respiratory function. The use of drugs is permitted only from 6 years of age.

Before the treatment the child is encouraged and required to consult a pediatrician. Chronic administration of the drug in people may experience contact dermatitis. This is because the medicine has strong irritant effect.

Important! If you are using a medication occurs excessively strong burning sensation, from treatment we should not.

If there is damage to the skin, never use drugs.

If a person is a breach of the health of the kidneys, the drug they are forbidden.

Drops with menthol from the common cold are characterized by the highest exposure effect, which allows using them quickly and effectively to overcome the pathological process.

Due to the presence in their composition of menthol almost immediately after application provided the relief of nasal breathing.

Funds can have different composition, to which you must pay attention before use. Otherwise, you may experience allergic reaction.

Before applying a particular medication you should always consult a doctor.