Nose drops Xylene: instructions for use, for kids and reviews

How to take drops Xylene?

A runny nose is one of the most common symptoms of respiratory diseases. It becomes impossible to breathe, the nose provides, it is constantly flowing.

Except that just in itself is unpleasant, it leads to a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood, which in turn causes weakness. Deal with the cold can help drops Xylene.


Drops and nasal spray Xylitol today one of the most popular of vasoconstrictor drugs. In its composition as the active substance is included Xylometazoline.

This is a drug of local action, which is practically not absorbed into the blood. This ensures the almost complete absence of side effects. Drops begin to act almost immediately, and their action lasts about 10 hours.

Among the side effects and effects of overdose include:

  • dry mucous membranes;
  • increased mucus;
  • headache;
  • tachycardia;
  • high blood pressure.

Important! Prolonged use of a drop or spray Xylitol can cause addiction.


As with any medication, Xylitol has its contraindications, although they are not so much.

These include:

  • allergic to one of the components of the medication;
  • disorders of the heart and blood vessels;
  • surgery on the cerebral cortex.

Nose drops to children up to six years is recommended for use at lower concentrations. If the adult drops contain 0.1% Xylometazoline, children’s version of only 0.05%.

Important! Pregnant women use Xylitol should be used with caution and only if no other choice.

Itself the drug nor a woman, not the unborn child was not hurt. However, it can affect the blood vessels of the placenta. In this case the child is threatened with oxygen starvation. Read more about how to apply Cyclen during pregnancy, read here.

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When sinusitis

In the sinus rhinitis is not only unpleasant symptom. He also complicates the treatment significantly worsens the patient’s condition.

Xylitol sinusitis when used as an element of comprehensive treatment to relieve unpleasant symptoms. As the primary drug is usually prescribe antibiotics or antiviral drugs, depending on the pathogen.

When sinusitis it is important to start treatment in time, otherwise it can become chronic. And not to miss the time when you need to see a doctor, it is important to distinguish sinusitis from the common cold and know what color snot sinus.

Instructions for use of nose drops Xylene is very simple: 1-2 drops of 2, max 3 times a day. Before you dig in, the nose should be washed with saline or broth of herbs. After – carefully rinse the pipette.

Spray all also just. Thanks to the fine spray single tap is enough. But first you need to rinse the nasal cavity.

Important! Make Xylitol can be no longer than 5 consecutive days.

That is why this drug is not used for the treatment of chronic rhinitis. In addition, remember that Xylitol can be addictive.

In order to hasten the recovery, you can use traditional methods of treating sinusitis, but only in conjunction with the main treatment and certainly in agreement with the doctor.

Nose drops Xylene: reviews

Anna, the mother of a first grader: «In the last summer before school child is sick. More than a month running around to doctors trying to get rid of a runny nose, but nothing helped. Then went to rest at sea, I was really hoping the sea air will help to cope with the problem, but there it was. Back in town with the same nozzle. That’s when I caught the eye of a drop of Xylene. The son began to breathe after a few minutes after application, and three days later the runny nose at all has passed.»

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Anton, 28 years: «Xylitol spray is very good at helping from the common cold, almost immediately. However, should be used with caution as they are addictive. Well, that’s all vasoconstrictor drops, not only Xylitol. But it is still worth nothing at all».

Prevention of sinusitis

Any disease more difficult to cure than to prevent. And prevention of sinusitis and is simple and unpretentious. Simple actions that do not require much effort from you is able to reduce risk at least in half.

Quite often ventilate the room to humidify the air to avoid respiratory illness and promptly treat them.