Nose is stuffed drops do not help: what to do and why not help

What to do when the nose is stuffed drops do not help?

Vasoconstrictor sprays relate to pharmaceutical products emergency help with nasal congestion. They do not have therapeutic effect and help to eliminate some symptoms of the upper respiratory tract.

Decongestants are effective in certain forms of pathological disorders. Why not help the nose drops, and what to do in such situations – an issue that will be discussed in this topic.

When vasoconstrictors are ineffective

The solution of the problem requires a doctor’s involvement. In the competence of the audiologist is to differentiate the etiology of the pathogen, projection and the degree of damage.

When inflammation of the mucous membrane of an infectious or bacterial in nature in the complex therapy include drugs of the group of sympathomimetic agents to restore drainage of the nose.

Nasal active ingredients exhibit vasoconstrictor and sympathomimetic activity, prevent inflammation and swelling of the epithelium, improve the outflow aconselho secret, normalize the natural breath through the nose.

Medicinal drops prescribed for acute rhinitis different etiologies, including neuro rhinitis, in preparation for diagnostic interventions.

Important! If the background of nasal congestion did not manifest secondary symptoms of the pathology, it is likely that a violation has provoked haphazard reception vasodilator drops.

Despite the wide range of action of decongestants, there are clinical symptoms, in which the vasoconstrictor does not help:

  • adenoiditis. The disease is associated with an increase of the growth of the pharyngeal tonsils that cause congestion, constant runny nose, impaired bone structure of the facial skeleton. The therapeutic approach includes the use of drugs on the basis of a topical corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory action;
  • polypous rhinosinusitis. The deviation is manifested benign tumors in the paranasal sinuses, affecting the nose cavity, thereby blocking air passage. Polyps are formed on the background of chronic pathology of the respiratory tract, the treatment mostly requires surgical intervention;
  • anatomical deformation of the structures. Due to changes in bone, cartilage, the difficulty of nasal breathing, snoring occurs, a feeling of dryness in the nose, epistaxis. A deviated septum can be corrected only surgical method;
  • allergic rhinitis. The impact on the receptors of histamines internal or external factors is manifested by edema of soft tissues, breathing problems, watery eyes, itching and sneezing. For relief of symptoms should limit contact with the allergen, to conduct therapy with antihistamines;
  • hormonal imbalance. The clinical picture is typical for expectant mothers during the period of gestation in adolescence. To restore the functioning of the reproductive system prescribed hormonal therapy.
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A situation when a stuffy nose in a child, and drops do not help, occur due to the presence of a foreign body in the nose (often small items).

To provoke a breach of the drainage is capable of adverse domestic and industrial conditions, excessive dryness in the room.

What to do when the nose is stuffed drops do not help

To solve the problem, you need to create the right conditions for recovery:

  • to control the optimal humidity level in the room (40-50%);
  • contain the clean room;
  • to eliminate potential irritants;
  • regularly ventilate the house;
  • to observe the preventive measures, if in the close environment there is a clear carrier of infectious diseases.

Methods to relieve stuffiness proposed integrated procedures: warming, washing the sinuses, inhalation and essential ointments, acupressure.

Cleansing of the paranasal sinuses

The task of therapeutic interventions to remove from the nasal passages accumulations of mucus, infectious agents, and increase the absorption of drugs.

For the event use a moisturizer based on sea water: «Akvamaris», «Marimer», «Humer», «no-Sol». The presence in the composition of useful minerals accelerates the process of regeneration of the inner shell, reduce soft tissue swelling, relieves inflammation.

For reference! Widespread in ENT practice are mineral and herbal complex «Dolphin».

The solution for nasal lavage can be prepared at home: 1 Cup of water add a teaspoon of baking soda, 1 to 2 drops of iodine. For the introduction of fluids used medical bag, syringe, empty bottle.

To improve the flow of mucus will help decoctions of dry raw material medicinal plants: chamomile, sage or calendula. The easiest, but no less effective method of purification –the use of saline.

Warming up the nose

Exposure to dry heat improves blood circulation, transportation of nutrients to the affected area, thinning aconselho secretion, eliminate stagnation.

Heat treatments are absolutely contraindicated with the following deviations:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • bacterial rhinitis;
  • adenoiditis;
  • the defeat of the maxillary cavities (sinusitis).

For the manipulation, use blue lamp.

Effective for ENT diseases are the following recommendations:

  • warming up boiled egg. Boiled hard boiled product, wrapped with a cloth is applied to the sinuses to full heat (15 to 30 minutes);
  • warm lateral surfaces of the nose with salt. Inside the cloth bag poured a Cup of salt heated in the oven/pan, they act on the olfactory organ;
  • applying honey cakes. A mixture of flour and bee product evenly applied on the outer part of the nose, fix the food wrap.
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Restore breathing provides plentiful hot drink, a warm shower, the steam baths of the lower extremities with the addition of mustard powder.


The best option would be the use of a special device is a nebulizer. Therapy is conducted in the home environment of infants, children, pregnant and lactating women.

Of pharmacy products use a saline solution, and mucolytic drugs, alcohol tinctures, mineral water «Borjomi», «Essentuki».

Nuance! In the prevention of respiratory diseases administered one treatment per day, to infections of the respiratory tract up to 3 sessions per day.

Do not lose their relevance steam inhalation with essential oils, impurities, inhalation potato couple.

The procedure requires caution, because it is likely to injure the mucous membrane with hot air.

For children in the first years of life, it is advisable to carry out passive inhalation. For this purpose the bowl of an oil burner filled with water with added essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, mint.

Pharmacological agents

The goal of palliative care is to reduce congestion, to restore the natural breathing through the nose, to arrest the inflammatory process. The slowing of the metabolism of pathogenic strains provides active substance – phenylephrine hydrochloride.

Component is present in the composition of dry mortars for oral use: «Coldrex», «Theraflu», «Fervex».

In allergic rhinitis are antihistamines effective «Aerius», «Zyrtec», «loratadine», «Tavegil».

The introduction of gauze

Effectiveness in the treatment of pathologies of the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by nasal congestion, proved that the formulation turundae. Sterile gauze bundles is impregnated with medicinal extract, vkruchivayutsya movements administered into the nose, leaving the tip outside.

As a therapeutic blends use Vishnevsky ointment or natural components in the following combination:

  • Linden honey and sea buckthorn oil;
  • a mixture of olive oil with finely chopped garlic;
  • aloe Vera juice/Kalanchoe with the addition of a bee product;
  • a decoction of Bay leaf.
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Gauze rollers have a local impact, increase the area of interaction of drugs with the nasal epithelium. Mainly used in the defeat of the maxillary sinuses.

Ointments with antiseptic effect

The first line of protection is represented by the balm «gold star». The current composition formed by oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor, paraffin, vaseline.

Ointment is indicated for topical use on the convex side surface of the outer part of the nose, glabellar space.

For reference! In Pediatrics the «star» designate the age of two.

Recommended to limit direct contact means with mucous, because there is a risk of drying out the soft tissues, formation of secondary elements of hyperpigmentation (crusts).

With caution used in hypersensitivity to the individual components, and chronic pathologies of the respiratory tract.


Mechanical action provokes the enhanced flow of liquid. The procedures allowed from the first days of life. Acupressure for a runny nose is massaging the index finger points the edges of the nose, outer corners of the eyes, between the eyebrows, above the earlobes.

For the positive dynamics of recovery the duration of a session varies from 10 to 20 minutes, with a daily frequency up to 3 treatments.


In clinical cases, when vasoconstrictor drops have been unsuccessful, to restore the natural messages of the nose with the environment use of vegetable and herbal juices, warm bosom, are taking pharmaceutical medications.

In the fight against disease-causing agents effective saline solutions, steam and medicinal inhalation therapy, strengthening of immunity medicinal tinctures and decoctions.