Nose is stuffed up and not mismarketed: what to do and why don’t mismarketed

What to do if snot is not vysmarkivayutsya?

With severe nasal congestion and formation of abundant mucous patient’s need for medication assistance. These symptoms indicate the onset of a viral or infectious disease, which can cause the formation of acute sinusitis, sinusitis or otitis media. Education itching, and the inability of the excretion of mucus from the nasal cavity due to excessive density is dangerous to the health of the patient. At this point it is important to know what to do if snot not vysmarkivayutsya.

Treatment of acute rhinitis involves the use of nasal vasoconstrictor funds and antiviral or antibacterial drugs. However, any use of drugs is possible only after consultation with the ENT doctor and accurate diagnosis of the disease. So if the snot inside not vysmarkivayutsya the first step is to consult a specialist.

Why disturbed outflow

When dysfunction of the mucosa, the patient begins to feel discomfort. Rhinitis occurs due to hypothermia, weak immune system, goes untreated colds, while penetration into the body of viruses and bacteria.

With the appearance of small amounts of mucous secretions should not be afraid. Nasal secretions necessary for the protection of the mucous membranes and moisture inside of the nasal cavity. But in the case of dysfunction of the Airways or the paranasal sinuses, mucus is produced in large quantities and clog the ducts.

Thus, the body tries to release the mucous from exposure to dust, dirt, germs, bacteria or infections.

Due to weak immunity

Causes of nasal congestion may be many, but the main factor lies in the disruption of the immune system. If your nose is stuffed and not mismarketed, you should try to strengthen the immune system and eliminate inflammation with washes and vasoconstrictive drops.

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Viral infection

If snot the child vysmarkivayutsya for several days, probably in the body infiltrated by a virus. To get rid of it by using antiviral drugs, but the treatment can be started only after detecting the stimulus.

Bacterial reproduction

If in recent times you were sick with a cold or flu, but not cure the disease until the end, you must pass the inspection of bacterial growth. To determine this kind of disease can be independently by the presence of yellow or green secretions. To go to the hospital should be at an elevated temperature, severe signs of intoxication, violation of nasal breathing, severe congestion, pain between the eyebrows and in the head.

Bacterial defeat of the organism in the upper respiratory tract is dangerous for the patient. For a short time, the patient may form an acute sinusitis or sinusitis. If untreated there is a risk of contact with pus in the surrounding tissue, including in the box of the skull. This process can be fatal.

Allergic reactions

Not the last place in the list of reasons why not vysmarkivayutsya snot, is an allergic reaction to dust, flowering plants, pet dander, cosmetics items and so on.

To cure the rhinitis with allergic rhinitis only after elimination of irritant. Up to this point, drugs can only reduce the symptoms.

Acute respiratory disease

An important cause for nasal congestion and accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract plays a complication of the flu or a cold. Even ordinary mild rhinitis may cause a number of pathological processes, so the doctors are reminded of the need for treatment of all respiratory diseases at the earliest stages.

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Other reasons

In addition to these reasons, the accumulation of mucous secretion can occur due to the following factors:

  • unfavorable conditions of life or work;
  • dust environment;
  • the absence of wet cleaning;
  • violation of the rules of hygiene;
  • sudden changes in temperature;
  • strong pressure fluctuations;
  • the tendency of an organism to allergies;
  • tumors;
  • polyps or cysts;
  • humidity;
  • a deviated septum;
  • hypersensitivity to drugs.

If the nose is clogged for a long period of time, the patient must quickly consult a doctor-the otolaryngologist.

Standard help

To choose the treatment only after diagnosis of the disease.

To thin out the allocation of necessary:

  1. To liquefy mucous secretions in the nasal cavity necessary mucolytic drugs — Brokate, Mucodin, Monoprint, Bromhexine, Ambrogeksal, Ambrobene, Lasolvan.
  2. Regardless of the density of precipitates and their structure, the patient is administered isotonic solution. They will help thin out the consistency of mucous accumulations and remove them from the body. For these purposes, doctors prescribe the following solutions – Dolphin, But Sol, Humer, Phrase, Aqua Maris, Marker, saline, Physiomer and others.
  3. If the nozzle is not displayed after solutions on the basis of sea or ocean water, use the decoction prepared at home. To do this, mix in one Cup of water half a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda. To wash the nose need up to five times a day.
  4. After washing the nose, you need to eliminate the allocation by using turundae or, if already obtained, it is possible to try to blow my nose.
  5. After all procedures, use vasoconstrictor drops – Glycine, Xylitol, Rinorus, Otrivin, Naphazoline, Nazivin and others.
  6. Don’t forget to moisturize nasal passages with the help of preparations based on oils.
  7. Spend inhalations with the addition of aromatic oils. To inhale the vapors is recommended under strong congestion when congestion inside the nasal cavity cause pain. Inhalation is best done on the basis of the herbs chamomile, St. John’s wort, peppermint, eucalyptus, lime.

Remember! In the treatment process do not forget to take large amounts of clean water. In addition, hold wet cleaning in the living room once a day, and regularly ventilate the room.


In the treatment of strong congestion, it is important to see your doctor regularly. While ignoring the rules of treatment, violation of dosages or total abstinence from medications you can trigger the development of chronic diseases, as well as greatly to aggravate the condition.

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