Nose lavage is the most about the common cold: how to do inhalation

Is it possible to wash with calendula nose and make inhalation?

Calendula (marigold) is a gift of nature. It has a wide range of applications and has long been used in folk and modern medicine. That’s why a nasal wash calendula is very popular in the fight against different diseases.

Calendula has a number of useful substances, which have antiseptic effect. Obtained from this plant essential oils have antibacterial effect. Especially when dealing with streptococci and staphylococci.

How to wash the nose.?

So, the effectiveness of calendula is proven when:

  • sinusitis (read the article how to recognize sinusitis);
  • rhinitis (including chronic);
  • clogged nose.

To cure the aforementioned ailments, washed his nose with calendula. This is done with a pipette, syringe without needle or syringe. For lack of anything at hand, just to draw the tincture in the nose.

Is it possible to wash with calendula nose as a preventive measure? Of course you can, what this is an excellent method to protect yourself, always being among a large number of people or hoarse. The tool is effective as a preventive measure viral diseases.

An infusion of marigold to me

For tincture for sinusitis, it is best to use fresh blossoms, but in the absence thereof, it is possible to take and dry. 1 tbsp. l. flowers, taken 200 ml of boiling water (1 Cup), and then everything is cooked in enamelware in a water bath for 15 minutes. Removed from the heat and infuse for 30-40 minutes.

After the infusion has cooled down a bit, it is necessary to strain through cheesecloth and squeeze. During preparation and storage, it is necessary to cover the infusion with a lid. This is required in order for healing couple did not leave the broth.

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There are other ways to treat chronic sinusitis listed here.

Flushing of the nose is a warm solution for one sinus missing one glass a day for 5-6 washes.

Infusion of calendula with a cold

When cold calendula less effective than in the sinus. There are two effective tincture recipe: alcoholic and alcohol-free. The latter is done in the following recipe.

In a glass jar with a volume of 0.5 liters, you should pour 400 ml of vegetable oil and fill to the brim with freshly picked blossoms of the plant. The Bank needs to put in a water bath for 120 minutes. After straining the broth, you need to boil 5 minutes, cool and put in refrigerator for storage.

Procedure should be carried out several times a day, digging 2-3 drops in each nasal passage.

To tincture on alcohol, you need to take 100 ml of 70% alcohol and 20 grams of fresh flowers of the plant. All this is mixed together and allowed to stand in a dark place for 12-14 days. At the end of this period, you must strain the infusion, pour into a dark glass bottle and refrigerate.

This tincture before use must be mixed with boiled water. In a tablespoon of drip 6-8 drops and dilute the infusion with water. This solution should drip into each nasal passage every 3 hours for 1-2 drops.

Read this article about how to recognize rhinitis.


Inhalation when cold. no less effective than instillation. What is inhalation? This notion implies inhalation of useful microelements along with the steam. In disease of the upper respiratory tract that inhalation is considered the most effective.

In pairs marigold contains a large number of nutrients:

  • alcohols;
  • essential oil;
  • carotenoids;
  • coumarins;
  • zinc;
  • triterpenoids.
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This unique composition of nutrients beneficial to the organism and helps to fight bacterial and viral infection when inhaled into the lungs by inhalation by mouth, through the larynx.

In the course of entering the lungs, the therapeutic agents inhibit bacteria and pathogenic flora. In turn, the nutrients are deposited on the walls of the larynx, and prevent further pus formation.

Contra-indications for inhalation

Inhalation have certain contraindications and recommendations for use. This procedure can help solely on the initial stage of the disease, but not when the disease is at its peak. You cannot assign inhalation alone, it can only do the doctor.

In addition, inhalation can not be performed in the following cases:

  • chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • nasal bleeding;
  • body temperature above 37.5 degrees;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • you are hypersensitive to calendula;
  • allergic reactions.

It is also necessary to pay careful attention to these procedures for children, pregnant and nursing mothers. Inhalations are often appointed as the additional measure in combination with drug therapy.

Nasal lavage children

Of course, the hair in the nose will be very useful for the common cold, however, the greatest efficiency when dealing with a runny nose can be achieved by use of a complex of herbs, in addition to marigold are:

  1. Sage.
  2. St. John’s wort.
  3. The celandine.
  4. Daisy.

Only celandine is not recommended for use in combination with other herbs. It is better to use separately. Other herbs you can mix and cook the same broth in a water bath. You need to understand that if it is allergic rhinitis, then irrigation will not be effective.

How to wash kids?

Maximum efficiency of the broth is achieved at a temperature of 35-36 degrees. Before you start washing, you need to settle your baby, especially at a young age. For washing you need to have on hand:

  • a syringe with a volume of 30-50 ml;
  • a syringe without a game;
  • pipette.
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Washing the baby’s nose consists of washing the nostrils. This will be enough for not more than 5 ml. it is Impossible that the solution got into the nasopharynx. Small children up to 1 year, you need to lay on your back, gently raise the head and each nostril drip 2 drops.

After 5-15 seconds with a Turkey Baster, remove the slime and again to repeat the procedure. This flushing will help remove the swelling of the mucous membrane and increase the efficiency drops from rhinitis.

See also how to gargle calendula during pregnancy.

Now you know how calendula to wash the nose and all its beneficial properties in combating a number of diseases. Despite the fact that this popular, eco-friendly cleaner, before applying are encouraged to consult with a specialist.