Nose something clicks and headache: causes and treatment

That can click in your nose?

Snap and crackle in the nasal cavity can cause anxiety on the part of the patient. However, panic is not just because the strange sounds may be due to the usual catarrhal inflammation. To cure this infection is quite simple, but it is important to start medication and not to violate the rules of taking the drugs. But do not apply vasoconstrictor drops and drinking anti-inflammatory pills. In some cases, the cause of crackling in the respiratory organ is in malignant or benign neoplasms. In this case, the patient is assigned to surgical intervention.

As you understand, it is important to know why clicks nose and a headache. The correct diagnosis will help to prescribe necessary treatment and to relieve the patient from symptoms of unwanted symptoms. It is important to remember that the cod in the nasal cavity – is not an independent disease, so do not ignore this symptom.

Causes cracking in the nose

Many people have POPs and click in the nasal cavity at the time of reduction of the immune system or because of trauma to the nasal passages. Treatment in each case is determined based on the patient anatomy and factors of formation of this disease, therefore, analyze the main causes of unnatural sounds in the nose.

Trauma of the nose

The most common cause of crackling in the nose is the injury to the wings of the nose or mucous membranes. This usually occurs at the time of active games, so often from this symptom affects small children.

The risk group includes people who are engaged in a contact sport and fans of fitness.

For the same reason can be attributed to insect bites or penetration into the nasal cavity small parts. Foreign objects cause strong pain, so leave that symptom without attention will not succeed.

Important! Do not attempt to remove foreign object from the nose alone. This should urgently contact the trauma.

Respiratory infection

Often trackage nose occurs on the background of acute respiratory diseases. The decline of the immune system and disruption of the mucosa accompanied by profuse nasal discharge, feeling of pressure in the paranasal sinuses, pains in the muscles and the appearance of extraneous sounds in the nose.

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In addition, patients reported a serious increase in body temperature, nasal congestion, headache and temporal pain. These symptoms can be eliminated with the help of a lavage of the maxillary sinuses and medicines to eliminate infection.

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Bacterial reproduction

Sometimes the clicking nose occurs due to complications of a cold or flu. In the case of thick discharge mixed with pus, the patient needs to take urgent action. In this case, extraneous sounds, accompanied by snot, indicate a bacterial inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

Sometimes bacterial inflammation is due to an incorrect medication. In this case, the disease may be accompanied by fungal infection in his respiratory tract. In addition, bacteria multiply with advanced forms of rhinitis and sinusitis.

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To get rid of inflammation with the help of antibiotics, debridement of the nasal passages, vasoconstrictor drops and physiotherapy.

Allergic reactions

If the nose is bursting after contact with animals or after long walks in the flowering season, probably in a patient diagnosed with an allergic reaction. Often the lesion of the mucous membrane of allergens is accompanied by itching, burning, many mucous secretions, swelling of the face and swelling of the nose.

The main types of irritants include animal dander, dust, mites, blossom, cosmetics and some food products.

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Physiological causes

Sometimes the clicking nose is due to anatomical features of the patient. Especially often this symptom affects people with congenital or acquired deviated septum.

This pathology may cause frequent and long-term rhinitis, as well as the root cause of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

Treatment in this case involves surgery, specifically rhinoplasty.


If snap and crackle in the nasal cavity appeared suddenly, but continue long enough, you should see a doctor-otolaryngologist. In some cases, the reason for this process lies in the emergence of tumors. They can be benign or malignant, but in any case, require immediate surgical intervention.

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Most often patients are diagnosed with a cyst, tumor, adenoids or polyps. In each case, patients are prescribed individual treatment.

Inflammation of the ears

In rare cases, the occurrence of cod in the nasal cavity associated with inflammation of the ears. In this case, the patient feels pain and other symptoms in the middle or inner ear. Otitis media is accompanied by stuffy ears and nose, as well as secretions of the mucous or purulent character.

The treatment of the disease involves the use of vasoconstrictor drops, anti-inflammatory tablets, physiotherapy. In particularly serious cases, antibiotics and local drops.


Crack in the nasal cavity may occur due to the inflammation of the pharynx. At this time, the patient should check the condition of the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Dysfunction of the cavity are diagnosed with strep throat.

Pharyngitis usually occurs in the background goes untreated respiratory infections, which include adenovirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza virus, coronavirus. Acute illness accompanied by pain in the throat, sore throat and dry cough.

In addition, patients complain of severe fever and swollen lymph nodes.

Other factors

To provoke a click in the nasal cavity can physical stress, changes in blood pressure, and allergic reactions to certain medications.

In addition, the cod is often the main symptom of anemia, inflammation of the auditory nerve or diabetes.

Drug therapy

Seeing that can click in your nose, it is important to adopt a holistic medication. It is important to remember that this symptom appears as a consequence of inflammation, and is not an independent disease. Therefore, early diagnosis and conservative treatment can save the patient from dangerous consequences.

In the standard treatment of snapping in the nose includes the following procedures:

  • If the cause of the crash lies in travmatizatsii of the nose or mucous membrane is necessary to process the cavity using antiseptic «Miramistin» or «Chlorhexidine». If the nose injury is accompanied by bleeding, sbryznite vasoconstrictor nose drops «Naphazoline», «Otrivin», or «Glycine» and stop the bleeding. In the future, handle the nose every day until full recovery of the tissues.
  • Catarrhal inflammation is commonly treated with nasal rinses. Use a ready-made vibratory – «Aqua Maris», «Marimer», «Physiomer», «Humer», «Aqualor», «Dolphin» or prepare a decoction of medicinal plants at home. Rinse the nose every day at least five times.
  • After the reorganization in the nasal passages, use drops for constriction of the blood vessels – «Nazivin», «Llanos», «Xylitol».
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your nasal passages by using inhalation, on the basis of aromatic oils or mucous to lubricate eye drops, «Pensol».
  • As a therapy it is useful to warm the nasal route using lotions of salt or eggs. However, such procedures are forbidden in purulent lesions of the sinuses. Given the nature of the disease combined use drops «Izofra», «Polideksa», «Bioparoks».
  • In the case of inflammation the patient may prescribe systemic antibiotics. In each case they are chosen based on the nature of the disease and peculiarities of organism.
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If there’s a crack in the nose not passed even after drug treatment, the patient can prescribe physical therapy. In the next patient waiting for surgery. Operation relevant in the polyps, adenoids and the cyst.


Treatment of cod aimed at removing the root cause, not contributing factors. Therefore, the patient should be ready for long-term therapy. During treatment, you need to apply all the pills and sprays on time and not break batching.

After recovery it is important to monitor their health. To do this exercise, follow the diet, change the diet if necessary and to spend more time outdoors.