Nose swells: why is it swollen and what to do

What to do if you have a swollen nose?

Swollen nose indicates progression of the inflammatory processes in the mucosa. Not always this inflammation is accompanied by noticeable symptoms, so the patient may notice the serious impairment of the function of organ of respiration. Usually swelling of the nose with one hand or both sinuses is accompanied by a stuffy nose, and slight secretions of mucous character.

Often this symptom occurs when you have a cold or infectious disease, when the process of inflammation the patient is suffering from accumulations of lymph. Such symptoms cause the patient discomfort. Over time, the patient noted shortness of breath, sneezing, cough reflex, accumulation of mucous secretions in paranasal sinuses, pressure between the eyebrows. To avoid complications and time to cure the disease the patient should know what to do if swollen nose.

The causes of edema of the nose

For violation of the basic functions of the respiratory organ, the patient observes the congestion in the nasal passages and severe swelling of the tissues. These symptoms signal the beginning of the disease organism and the need for urgent action. With the progression of the disease the patient complains of severe discomfort and significant impairment of well-being.

With the disease of the organ of respiration, swelling is manifested due to severe dysfunctions of the soft tissue inside of the nasal cavity. Sometimes this condition occurs due to mechanical injury or due to chronic disease.

Remember! The main cause by swelling of the breathing organ is in the accumulation of lymph. The beginning of such a process occurs because the inflammatory process within the nasal cavity. The reasons for such a process are many.

Allergic reactions

The accumulation of lymph is allergic reaction to the flowering, animal dander, dust mites and so on. In this process, the patient should first establish the type of stimulus and to withdraw it as quickly as possible. Only then the patient can begin to use antihistamine drugs.

The wrong treatment

Often swelling of the organ of respiration occurs when the wrong therapy. Illiterate use of drugs, improper dosages, hypersensitivity to drugs causes severe swelling of the soft tissues.

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In addition, excessive use of pills and use of nasal vasoconstrictor drops can trigger drug-induced rhinitis, as well as cause the development of the disease.

For this reason, include treatment of folk remedies.

Acute respiratory disease

Dysfunction of the work of the upper airway edema is formed as a protective reaction. Therefore, if the inside of the nose swollen, it is necessary to pass diagnostics to identify the type of inflammation.

A cold or flu, the treatment should be immediate, as in the following there is a risk of sinusitis, acute rhinitis, sinusitis and other diseases.


Any injury to the mucosa causes swelling of the nose with one hand. Most often, this symptom appears in children. Due to the active games kids often injure the nasal cavity. In this process, the parent must be able to handle the nasal cavity antiseptic drugs, as there is a risk of inflammation.

For this reason, include any anatomical defects. If the patient has disturbed the structure of the nasal septum, congestion and swelling of the nose acts as an additional symptom. To get rid of these signs it is possible only after surgical intervention.

Another common cause of swelling of the nose becomes mechanical damage. This usually occurs due to the penetration into the nasal cavity of foreign matter or due to insect bite. A similar symptom can cause a cold flow of air. In the winter time, this symptom is extremely common and does not require any particular medical treatment.

Changes in hormonal balance

Any hormonal imbalance in the body causes swelling of the soft tissues inside the nose. This can happen at puberty, a teenager or the result of taking certain medications.

In addition, common cause swelling of the nose becomes pregnant. In the last three months of a child’s development in the womb, expectant mothers celebrating itching and burning in the mucous membrane, and also complain of severe swelling of the breathing body. Special treatment in this case is not required.

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Swelling of the respiratory organ may be the first symptom of the emergence of benign or malignant tumors. Cyst, tumor, or boil adenoide cause obstruction in the nasal cavity, the disturbance of the natural flow of mucus and severe congestion.

Remember! To ignore such disease is risky for the patient’s life!

Bacteria and germs

The nose can greatly swell in bacterial lesions of the mucosa. In addition, the patient is tormented by congestion in the nasal passages, strong fever, pain in the head and in the nose, a feeling of pressure inside the sinus pathways.

The same symptom affects the body germs. While patients report nasal congestion, headaches, the formation of numerous discharge, pain in the throat, itching and burning sensation inside the nasal cavity.



Swelling of the nose acts as a natural process after surgery. Treatment after the operation, appoints the expert. It usually aimed at reducing pain during rehabilitation.

Find out why the nose swells up, start a medical treatment. Remember, to use drugs without consulting a doctor can be life-threatening.

Treatment for swelling of the nose

Before treatment, the patient must diagnose the cause of the disease. In some cases, the patient can do without medication, but there are times when the pill is taken too late and the patient is administered surgical intervention.


Swelling in the nose due to viral or allergic diseases treatment standard:

  1. In bacterial lesions the patient is prescribed antibiotics — Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Cefprozil, Azithromycin. These should be taken at least seven days.
  2. In case of allergic reaction the patient was prescribed antihistamine tablets Zyrtec, Suprastin, Aerius, Tavegil, Diazolin, Cethrin, and other. The treatment lasts about ten days.
  3. To get rid of viral inflammation with these drugs, but, Ingaron, Grippferon, Interferon, interferon. The course of treatment should not be less than one week.
  4. If swelling has formed as a result of a cold or flu, then the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine is Sinupret, Coryzalia, Cinnabsin, Unfortunately.
  5. Regardless of the reasons, in the comprehensive treatment includes washing out the nose with the help of specialized firstgov – Phrase, Humer, Maris Aqua Dolphin, But Sol Marker. In addition to prepared solutions, the patient can use a home-made teas based on medicinal herbs and plants.
  6. In addition to debridement of the nasal cavity, the treatment includes inhalation therapy based on herbs. To fix the result by using aromatic oils. To inhale the vapors should be at least three times a day for ten days.
  7. Proven effect have vasoconstrictor drops – Otrivin, Tizin, Naphazoline, from flatulence, and combination drugs for bacterial development – Polideksa, Izofra, Bioparoks. In addition, the patient could use a nasal anti – Allergy Sinupret or Zyrtec.
  8. Don’t forget daily to moisten the mucous membrane. You can use the drug Pensol or lubricate the nasal passages apricot oil.

Remember! Treatment of folk remedies swelling of the nose is not recommended. However, you can use heat therapy or massage.


To get rid of puffiness of the nose enough to follow all the rules of treatment and to comply with the dosing. Typically, full recovery, only one week, but if the symptoms have not gone, go through the diagnostics again.

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