Nosebleeds in children: causes, opinion of the doctor Komarovsky

Doctor Komarovskiy — causes of blood in nose in children

The main objective of the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity is ensuring a good protection of the nose from harmful bacteria and viruses and foreign particles, which include dust and dirt. In addition, the mucous cavity is responsible for cleansing the air which later enters the lungs. When violations of the functions of this cavity, you may experience certain problems and inflammation. Dysfunction of the nasal cavity often occur particularly nosebleeds in children, and there is a runny nose or shortness of nasal breathing.

If the reasons for the formation of mucous secretions and other inflammations in most cases, clear, to determine the cause of nosebleed in children is necessary as soon as possible. Spotting can symbolize about the formation of tumours or cysts, and occur because of tramatization of the nasal cavity. After identifying the main causes of assigned the necessary treatment.

Common causes of bleeding

If the blood from the nasal cavity, the child appeared suddenly, you should understand why. Spotting can occur from overheating, fatigue or more serious factors that explain that only a specialized doctor.

Keep in mind that nosebleeds in children from two years to ten years of age is not uncommon, therefore, to be afraid and to not panic.

But pay attention to this topic is needed, because not always this symptom occurs because of anatomical characteristics.

Sometimes the reason lies in the serious disease of human organs.

Marked are the most frequent causes of bleeding from the nose:

  • trauma to the nasal passages;
  • strong overheating;
  • fatigue and overwork;
  • exercise;
  • injury to vessels in the nasal cavity as a result of overindulgence with foreign objects;
  • weak structure of blood vessels;
  • excessive dryness of the air in the living room;
  • intense heat;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • close localization of the blood vessels to the surface;
  • entering the body the virus infection.
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It should be noted that at the age of one year bleeding from the nose unnatural. Therefore, in the formation of bleeding in the baby, it is urgent to take action. Often of bleeding inherent to children from two to four years.

Due to the excessive mobility of the baby, active play and other reasons, they often injure the nasal passages. In addition, the cause of inflammation may be a virus picked up in kindergarten or the habit of picking his nose.

Opinion Komarovsky

According to the authoritative pediatric Komarovsky, the most frequent reason for bleeding is overheating in the sun or fatigue. If the baby, which is not yet a year was a long time in the sun, it increases the risk of high blood pressure, which leads to the formation of bleeding.

The older children, the cause seems trivial. Most often the blood comes from frequent picking at the nose, which leads to injury of the nasal passages.

Komarovsky recommends to pay attention to another frequent reason.

If in the living room dry air, the baby produces dryness of the mucous part.

In this case, they are quite easily injured, which leads to disruption of the mucosal. in the future, in a kid’s body can penetrate the virus or bacteria that provoke the formation of an inflammatory process.

Keep in mind that dysfunction of the mucosal dangerous for a small child, as in this case often formed for a long period of rhinitis, otitis media, or even sinusitis.

In addition, the reason for the formation of the secretions may become frequent or improper bismarckiana. It is especially important to teach the child how to eliminate mucus.

In young children, the appearance of bloody discharge is quite rare. The main reason for this is not fully formed vascular organs and cells. Therefore, in the formation of any discharge from the nose should seek medical help.

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Children’s doctor Komarovsky highlights a few basic reasons:

  • remove the crusts without prior softening;
  • benign or malignant tumors;
  • infection with Staphylococcus aureus;
  • anatomical features;
  • congenital predisposition;
  • hemophilia.

If the bleeding came from the teenager, probably, in the body there is a process of hormonal changes. In this case, bleeding be the first symptoms natural changes.

If the blood appeared in young girls, this symptom may be a warning factor on the beginning of menstruation.

In addition, Komorowski warns that the blood from the nose can go on the background of high blood pressure, due to the strong emotional turmoil or as a result of physical activity.

Often bleeding as the result of injury to the nose during a fight, which most often occurs in young people.

Other reasons

Komorowski pediatrician recommends the reasons for the formation of the secretions with the help of a doctor. Since in some cases the discharge of blood could represent serious pathologic process.

The flow of blood may be formed as a result of illness inside the body. Most often, this process occurs due to bacterial lesions, when the blood from the nose is only one of the symptoms.

At this time, it is important to distinguish this process from other sets and necessary treatment.

The appearance of blood due to the inflammation can be in the following cases:

  • damage to the lungs, but also bones, joints, intestines;
  • serious insufficiency of the heart;
  • the formation of tumors or cysts in the nasal cavity.

In the first case, the inflammation is accompanied by poor health, serious intoxication, pathological process in all tissues and organs. TB treatment should be integrated and under strict supervision of doctors.

Keep in mind that the formation of this kind of inflammation in children is especially dangerous. According to medical statistics, nearly half a million children around the world sick with tuberculosis each year.

Heart failure less is formed, but to determine the formation of the disease can be on the appropriate clinical picture. Bleeding from the nose with this ailment appear often enough.

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If the child often bleeding from the nose needs to be examined and to determine the exact diagnosis, as another reason for the formation of secretions could be the presence of tumor or cysts.


If the child was bleeding from the nose, don’t panic. The first step is to calm the baby and to take the necessary measures. In no case do not place the child on their back and throw back his head. In this case, the blood can flow into the back of the throat, causing dangerous consequences.

Attach to the nose of the child the ice for fifteen minutes, and then use a greasy cream or vaseline, type in the nasal passages turundy. If the blood flows longer than five minutes, you should call the team «Ambulance».