Of the ear hurt on the outside with pressure on them

Why hurt the Pinna on the outside and how to deal with it?

Commonly after infectious or viral diseases during the two weeks concerned about various symptoms in the ears. We all remember that the ear consists of external, middle and internal departments in the case of ENT diseases primarily affect them.

So if you began to disturb the ears and painful to press on the ear outside, you need to consult a qualified physician.

About pain in the ears

Every adult knows about the bouts of discomfort in the ear and sore ear curl. however, inflammation don’t stop there, and passed on to the next bodies: the face, teeth or head.

Pain can be both sharp and blunt, sharp or debilitating. Very often there are cases of shooting pains.

Do not ignore these symptoms because they indicate inflammatory processes in the body, including otitis media or other ear diseases.

The sooner you start treatment, the easier it will be the rehabilitation and successful process.

Remember that if you are ill of the ear, it is urgent to start the treatment as the disease can provoke not only hearing loss but also hearing loss.

Therefore, it is especially important to understand this issue at the first symptoms and determine what to do if ear hurts on the outside or inside.

Causes of pain

It is important to understand that the human ear is not only a complex organism in structure, but easily the most sick part of the body.

If you have a sore ear shell when depressed, this may indicate severe hypothermia or you get an infection in the ear canal.

If you do not start timely treatment, the bacteria can lead to dysfunction of the auditory tube.

Let us examine the other reasons, if it hurts the auricle:

  1. Pay attention to pain. If the ear hurts on the outside, you probably have inflammation of the perichondrium or perichondrium. It can be both primary and secondary. Commonly occurs in the area of the ear or in the cartilage of the larynx.
  2. In addition, pain may occur due to the bites of small insects.
  3. If it hurts the ear on the outside then it may indicate a severe burn. Especially often this inflammation occurs in the summer.
  4. The pain may occur due to lack of hygiene or, conversely, enhanced the purification of sulfur from an ear. Remember to clear the ear from sulfur in the home is sufficient to clean only the outer ear. Many people neglect these rules and traumatizing auditory canal of the ear sticks.
  5. It is also necessary to exclude any water from entering the ear, so as to cause pain in the organ of hearing may be any liquid.
  6. Boil or acne are a common cause of pain appeared.
  7. Various ear infections and inflammation.
  8. Disorders neurological structure.
  9. Eczema, sores and other dermatological problems.
  10. Pay attention to the integrity of the eardrum. Perforation in this area cause severe pain.
  11. Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube is a very common cause for pain.
  12. Broken ears.
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If you have an ear infection, there was severe swelling and a sharp pain on the outside or inside you must immediately contact the doctor.

Regardless of the reason, whether it’s periodontic or broken ears in the absence of treatment in the organ of hearing there are balls and cones, which may accumulate pus.

Over time it can break into blood vessels and spread through your human body. Unfortunately, in this case, comes death.

So remember that the pain pass and the swelling is only temporary symptoms that you need time to notice.

Hurts the Pinna outside the treatment

It is important to understand that any pain in the ear on appear due to the inflammatory process. Often when visiting a specialist is otitis different degrees.

To determine inflammation independently gently press on the tragus.

Acute pain is classified otitis externa. In the case of formation of inflammation in the middle ear of the person experiencing shooting pains and high body temperature.

If the formation of otitis media is excluded, check the cleanliness of the ear canal. Common cause of diseases is lack of hygiene and, as a consequence, the formation of cerumen.

At home, the ear can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or specialized drugs for the treatment of excess sulfur.

However, if the tube is already solid structure and has a dark brown color self extraction is likely to cause a perforation of the tympanic region and cause serious complications. To eliminate this problem, refer to a specialist.

In addition to these reasons, you can check the status of the nasopharynx and teeth. Due to the close proximity of these bodies often a disease moves from one to another that causes pain. In this case, it is recommended to refer to the otolaryngologist.

During the inspection the technician will determine the cause and conduct the necessary surveys with special instruments.

Commonly, in the early stages of the disease the patient is assigned antibacterial therapy and physiotherapy courses, which include laser therapy, ultrasound, treatment with ultraviolet light.

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If pain associated with trauma to the ear to treat the ear with iodine and undergo thermotherapy. It can be produced at home using salt or warmer.

In more advanced cases, the patient is assigned the use of antibiotics or even surgery. This is necessary in case if you have a purulent exudate .


If the ear has accumulated pus or the pain becomes unbearable, and the reason is the balls or pimples in the ears is assigned to the operation to remove. The procedure is painless and takes about twenty minutes.

The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic.

In the course of operation, the specialist makes an incision on the affected area of the body, and then cleans the ear.

Then wipes and removes the pus, and then removes itself and the capsule.

The final maneuver becomes a cosmetic seam. Commonly, it is invisible to other eyes and does not spoil the aesthetic picture.

After the procedure the patient does not need time to rehab, and he can quickly return to a more natural lifestyle.


Examining the question of why it hurts the ear, follow all the symptoms of the body. At the first pain, consult a doctor for diagnosis.

After physiotherapy do not forget to adhere to scheduled treatment. As a rule, in this case, the patient is administered antibiotics and local antimicrobial agent.

In addition, in the course of treatment consists of painkillers and vitamins.