Oil nose drops for children from the cold: the names of the drops

Are there any oil drops?

Oil drugs relieve symptoms of drying of the nasal mucosa. Drops prevent the cracking of the crusts, which are formed by the drying of mucus. Included in the oil media facilitate the process of their removal.

Indications for use

Oil nose drops for children and adults used in the following cases:

  • in the presence of atrophic rhinitis;
  • to eliminate the dryness in the nasal sinuses;
  • if the patient is suffering from allergic rhinitis.

The most effective oil drops

If you have symptoms of a cold the patient may prescribe the following medications.


Among the names of nose drops oil-based a special place is Packed. The preparation contains oil of pine, mint and eucalyptus. The tool has antimicrobial action and helps to cope with symptoms of chronic rhinitis.

Drops helps with viral or bacterial rhinitis, in case of occurrence of atrophic rhinitis and the common cold. In the manufacture of drops use only natural ingredients that pose no health risk to pregnant women. However, in the process of treatment can show symptoms of allergies.

Important! There are certain age limits. Drops cannot be instilled into the nose in children under 2 years.


Drops there is mountain pine oil, peppermint, eucalyptus and thymol. After instillation the patient reduces the production of mucus.

Pinovit anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect.

Nose drops with the oils reduce the viscosity of secretions and facilitate removal of accumulated in the nose of secretions.

Pinovit prescribed to patients who suffer from rinofaringita, rhinitis of various forms and infectious diseases of the mucosa of the nasopharynx.

Adults need to be instilled into the nose, 2 drops 3 times a day. The drug is intended for treatment of children older than 2 years. Duration of treatment is determined by doctors based on the patient’s condition.

Some patients after instillation of the drug swollen mucous membranes, itching and burning. In this case, you should immediately stop using Pinovit.

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The tool is an oily liquid with a specific smell. In the manufacture of the drug following components are used:

  • peppermint oil;
  • extracts of thyme, fennel, calendula and yarrow.

Helps with acute purulent processes in the nasopharynx. Nose drops in oil is administered to patients with symptoms of sinusitis and rhinitis.

To get positive results Vitaon need to dig 3 drops in each nostril. The procedure must be repeated 3 times a day.


The vehicle belongs to a group of antikongestanty. 1 bottle contains 10 ml of oil in Japanese mint.

Drop possess anti-inflammatory action.

Peppermint oil helps reduce swelling and restore normal breathing.

Using the drug you can quickly get rid of mucus produced in the sinuses.

Drops prescribed to patients who complain of headaches. Mint relieves irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and eliminates nasal congestion.


Evkalipt available in bottles of 10ml. drops contains peppermint, which helps to cope with painful sensations in the nose.

Fir oil, and eucalyptus extract to destroy viruses and harmful bacteria. In the composition of the product contains azulene, which relieves inflammation.

Thymol increases the bactericidal properties of the drug. From the destruction of the cells of the nasal mucosa saves vitamin E. Drops enhance immunity.

Evkalipt particularly effective in the treatment of infectious rhinitis. The tool prevents re-infection of the nasopharynx.

Drops intended for the treatment of rhinitis in kids older than 2 years. Adult patients the dose is recommended to increase to 3 drops.

Important! Evkalipt contains a large number of plant extracts that can become a cause of allergies. Doctors do not recommend use of the drug in the treatment of allergic rhinitis.


The drug is marketed as nasal drops. Remedy has a stimulating effect on the nerve endings. Menthol activates the heat receptors of the mucous membranes of the nose and relieves discomfort.

Composed of drops of oil-based there is benzocaine, which enhances the analgesic effect of the drug. Doctors prescribe Mantovana patients not only in infectious diseases of the nasal mucosa.

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Drops are used to treat different forms of rhinitis. Adults need to instill 3-5 drops in each nostril. An obstacle to the use of drops is the presence of individual intolerance to certain components.

Experts do not recommend using Mantovana in the treatment of the common cold in children under 3 years. Tool can harm the health of people who suffer from spasmophilia. Mantovana not drip if there are signs of allergic rhinitis.


The oil solution removes the itching and burning that occur with a cold.

After instillation of the drug in humans there is a feeling of cold.

This is because menthol has an effect on nerve receptors.

The drug helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness.

The oil drops used in rhinitis, pharyngitis, and laryngitis.

The remedy is contraindicated to children under 3 years old. Oil droplets cannot be used in patients with bronchial asthma.

Among the side effects include the occurrence of contact dermatitis, respiratory depression in children. In severe cases babies stop breathing.

To avoid the negative impact of drug should not exceed the dosage specified in the instructions. Rhinitis in adult patients it is recommended to instill 5 drops of solution in each nostril.


The solution has anti-inflammatory, healing and bactericidal action. The drug inhibits the activity of a number of harmful bacteria that are resistant to other antibiotics.

The drug is prescribed for infectious rhinitis not only to adult patients. It can be used in the treatment of children older than 3 years.

The contraindications include hypersensitivity to the substances included in the Drug. Before treatment bacterial runny nose in a baby you should consult with your doctor.

After instillation keep head in the upturned position for 5 minutes. This will increase the therapeutic effect of the drug and help you to cope with symptoms of infectious rhinitis.


In the treatment solution is present, boric acid, eucalyptus oil, menthol and petrolatum. The tool has a local impact on the mucous membranes of the nose.

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The solution softens the dried crusts in the nasal sinuses. The patient can clear nasal passages without damage.

Boric acid destroys pathogens that thrive in the nasal cavity. Thanks to Bormental can cure rhinitis, which occurs in an acute form. After a person begins to feel the cooling effect of menthol.

Drops are prohibited to be used in case of individual intolerance to the components included in the preparation. If signs of allergies should immediately consult an otolaryngologist. During treatment, some people have irritation and itching.

The tool should not be used in the treatment of rhinitis in children under 5 years of age. The nasal passages of young children is too narrow. After instillation of a solution the child may begin choking.


Drugs oil-based moisturize mucous membranes of the nose. With instillation of the solution begin to soften crusts, which are formed by the drying of secretions. Thanks to the oil drops, the patient can safely delete them from the nose.

Part medications are essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants, has a bactericidal effect.