Ointment Dr. mom cough children: reviews and instructions on how to smear, does cough

How to smear Dr. mom cough?

When inflammation of the larynx and the formation of exhausting dry cough, patients are often prescribed a rubbing «Dr. mom». For the treatment of colds and infections that allows for a short time to get rid of cough and to restore the function of the throat. The organic basis of the drug allows to relieve the inflammatory process that significantly improves the health of patients. The composition of medication use for the treatment of children, as it can cause serious side symptoms and worsen the condition of the little patient.

Applying remedy for the treatment of cough in children, there has been a rapid recovery and an incomparable therapeutic effect. In addition, the ointment «Doctor mom» can be used for preventive purposes, when in kindergarten or at school increased the incidence. But it helps if the «Doctor» cough, really? Find out its action and main side effects in this material.

Composition, action, and ointments

The most common treatment for catarrhal inflammations of the larynx is considered in the ointment «Doctor mom». External use of the drug reduces the level of education side effects, so many physicians prescribe this remedy for inflammation of the respiratory system of young children.

The principle of operation of the drug based on the stimulation of nerve endings of the skin and irritation of certain receptors. Thanks to this exposure, the patient notes a warming and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps eliminate the strong bouts of dry cough.

Interesting! Ointment «Doctor mom» has antimicrobial action at the site of application.

When you use the drug achieved a partial expectoration during the cough up. In addition, the drug helps to reduce pain by coughing, which can occur if the inflammation progresses more than five days. The tool expands blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the site of inflammation.

When applying ointment, patients reported an analgesic effect. The number of additional action points to the elimination of pathogenic organisms in the application of the medication.

What is included in the composition of the drug

Ointment «Doctor mom» when you cough to children comes in the form of a mixture of white color with a strong smell of menthol. At the core of the drug is paraffin, which provides a thick substance.

Important! The ointment should only be applied externally. Store the pills in a dark place inaccessible to children.

The emulsion is a drug, which includes the following components:

  • to ensure the warming effect included in camphor;
  • the analgesic effect has terpenoid;
  • irritant effect is achieved due to the eucalyptus oil;
  • oil of nutmeg helps reduce the number of the group of lipid physiologically active substances;
  • antimicrobial effect is available in Association with eucalyptus extract;
  • to chill and be irritating in the composition of the added menthol;
  • antiseptic and antibacterial effect available due to the thymol;
  • irritation of the nerve endings on the skin produces turpentine oil.

The combination of these ingredients provide beneficial effects in lesions of the respiratory system and reduce coughing.

In addition to ointments, the same company produced tablets, lozenges, and syrup «Dr. mom».

When to use the tool

The main active components ensure a reduction in the bouts of a cold or flu. In addition, the emulsion can be used in acute or chronic inflammations in the region of the respiratory system. To such negative processes include:

  1. Catarrhal lesions of the nasopharynx and throat.
  2. When the nasal passages.
  3. With a strong dry cough.
  4. With a wet cough in the case of undisturbed outflow of mucus.

Ointment «Doctor mom» can be used to relieve pain in the sternum, if the patient suffers from severe seizures and spasms in the throat.

The emulsion can be used for therapy of rhinitis. Complex treatment for rhinitis described in this article.

Guide — how to smear the «Doctor» cough

When you cough, the ointment can be applied in various ways. If dryness, itching and burning in the throat hurts patient for a long time, together with comprehensive treatment, the tool can be used as an ingredient for inhalation.

How to spend inhalations with nebulizer can be found in this article.

However, the standard method of treatment involves the application of remedies externally. In catarrhal inflammation, when the cough acts as a consequence, the tool is applied in a thin layer on the sternum and neck region.

Important! When applying it is important to thoroughly spread the product and RUB the treated area.

To consolidate the effect, after rubbing the «Doctor» cough, the patient should dress warmly or to go under the blanket after closing the chest with a towel.

Make sure that the tool does not hit on the mucous membranes. Therefore, immediately after use, wash hands with plenty of water.

Apply the ointment to four times per day. The last application should be made before going to sleep. The duration of treatment should not exceed five days.

Remember that the disinfectant must not be used inside, so do not attempt to lubricate the nasal mucosa. In this case, it appears the risk of burns, itching and severe burning sensation.

It is important to understand that the medication may not eliminate the cough completely. Therefore, to resolve the signs of inflammation the patient should undergo a comprehensive therapy.

Side effects

Ointment «Doctor mom» almost does not cause side syndromes. In extremely rare cases, the formation of allergic reactions in form of itching and severe burning sensation. In the formation of rashes and other skin inflammation, the ointment should be washed and further treated with this means to defer or to ignore the drug on hypoallergenic product.

In addition, you should not use this tool in conjunction with other creams.


The main contraindications include a tendency to allergic reactions. Therefore, when special sensitivity to the active ingredients means that the treatment ointment «Doctor mom» shouldn’t start.

Other contraindications include:

  1. It is not necessary to apply the remedy for mechanical injuries to the skin.
  2. Not recommended for use with burns, wounds, scratches.
  3. If the patient has contraindications to this medication, use recipes of alternative medicine. Read more about how to treat a cough with herbal recipes and concoctions here.

What people say

Reviews about Masi consistent. All patients who used «Doctor», was pleased.

Elizabeth Naidenova: «When my daughter started coughing, and immediately smeared the chest with a small amount of ointment «Doctor mom». This tool was used from my mom, so I know firsthand about the beneficial properties of the drug. By the evening the cough became softer and after five days of treatment the inflammation is completely gone. Sometimes I apply the ointment «Doctor mom» as a prevention, when the group of kindergarten someone is sick and notice a positive effect.»

Valentine Abramova: «When the child has a cold, appeared exhausting cough. The doctor prescribed a complex treatment with application of ointment. It reduces breast pain and alleviates seizures. Noticed results on the second day of treatment, when the cough became noticeably softer. Smeared five days in a row several times a day. All the inflammation has passed on the sixth day.»

Alice Todorova: «I use the ointment «Doctor mom» since childhood, so when my child got sick, without fear of smeared chest and the neck. If at first the cough was especially severe, on the third day of treatment I noticed an improvement in the health of the child. Completely stopped coughing due to the combined effect, but the effect of ointment incomparable».


When inflammation of the larynx and severe coughing, the patient should get quick treatment. No time started therapy can cause dangerous consequences, and to cause the formation of chronic cough.

Ointment «Doctor mom» is an excellent substitute to many medicines. When treating young children, this tool stands as one of the best medicines, because it is not dangerous for health and can cause serious side symptoms.

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