Ointment Fleming during pregnancy from a cold: instructions for use

How to apply ointment Fleming during pregnancy?

When inflammation develops in the mucosa of the nose during pregnancy, it is important to provide complex treatment as quickly as possible. Rhinitis is dangerous for its consequences and uncontrollable complications in case of expectation of the child. But the treatment in the gestation may be quite complex, since most drugs for pregnant prohibited. In view of the special situation of women, the doctor may prescribe only certain medications that will not affect the child’s development. One of such means is considered when rhinitis ointment Fleming. But can ointment Fleming during pregnancy and how to properly use it?

This drug is unique in its structure and has no analogues. He has not only strong anti-inflammatory effect, but also destroys the pathological process in the time of progression of disease. Providing an antiseptic effect, the drug improves nasal breathing and overall health of the pregnant woman. But the most important thing that this remedy is not dangerous for a child’s development. Therefore, expectant mother can apply ointment without risk to health.

The action and effect of the ointment in pregnancy

For treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy, your doctor may prescribe an effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ointment Fleming. This drug has a unique composition. It includes only natural ingredients — calendula, horse chestnut, menthol, zinc oxide. They do not penetrate into the circulation and therefore are considered quite safe during pregnancy.

The use of homeopathic remedies allowed by the doctors, so expectant mothers can apply ointment safely.

He will gently take down the swelling in the lining of the part and will have an analgesic effect.

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In addition, the ointment has a beneficial effect on respiratory organ and eliminates the inflammation in just a few applications.

To use the tool independently, but you must verify the lack of allergic reactions.

It is important to study the instruction on application of the ointment Fleming in pregnancy to verify the absence of hypersensitivity to the drug components. Apply ointment Fleming during pregnancy can be in the case of acute or chronic rhinitis, and also in the signs of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. In addition, the ointment is frequently prescribed for various inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Ointment Fleming release in a small volume, which is enough for one course of treatment. It consists of the following components:

  • natural antiseptics – calendula. This ingredient relieves swelling of the mucous part;
  • to strengthen blood vessels in the drug added to witch hazel;
  • analgesic effect is achieved using horse chestnut;
  • to create a favorable impact on a variety of wounds in the mucous part of the added antiseptic zinc oxide;
  • the cooling effect of menthol.

In addition, the composition includes additional ingredients that have a positive effect on the mucosa of the nasal and upper respiratory tract.

Apply the ointment without any risk, because all drugs are safe for the embryo.

When applied correctly, ointment Fleming has a strong effect on inflammation and has a bactericidal effect, as well as General analgesic effects.

In addition, the drug increases the effectiveness of the protective functions of the nasal cavity and affects the cellular tissue protecting them from pathogenic infections. The combined effect of active components, reduces the swelling, itching and burning. After applying the expectant mother can expect a quick regeneration and improvement of blood circulation in the affected part.

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When you can apply the ointment

Ointment Fleming from the common cold during pregnancy can be applied without the danger of harmful effects. However, before use, verify the absence of contraindications. The ointment must be taken only as analgesic and antiseptic in the defeat of the mucous membrane of the nose.

Do not use the medicine at a specific sensitivity or lactation. During pregnancy read the summary and verify in the absence of Allergy to components.

The product can be used as one component of comprehensive treatment. It does not cause overdose or influence of the joint treatment with other drugs.


Keep in mind that the first application of the ointment may cause increased symptoms of the common cold.

It is not excluded the formation of large amounts of mucous secretion and increased nasal congestion.

Such signs of natural homeopathic medicines and speed.

If signs of inflammation were not five hours later, it is necessary to specify the dosage or discontinue the treatment.

Usually after applying ointment patients said stimulation of blood circulation. This leads to improved nasal breathing. Ointment Fleming is best to apply in the case of vasomotor rhinitis, a breached blood vessel tone.

How to apply

To use the ointment it is necessary to clean the nasal cavity of accumulated mucus. It is possible to rinse any specialized saline. Then, using a cotton swab apply a small amount of ointment to the edge of the mucous membrane of the nose.

Handle cavity is necessary in the morning and evening throughout the course of the disease. Do not use one chopstick! Each nasal passage is necessary to process the new tool.

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If rhinitis is bothering you for a long time, it is recommended to use turundae. To do this, type in the cavity of the small flagella, soaked in a small amount of ointment. Leave turundas in the nose for fifteen minutes.

The facility should have a beneficial effect on the second day of treatment. If you don’t feel proper result, adjust the dosage or change the drug.


Treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy should be under the supervision of a physician. Remember that the common cold is dangerous for its consequences, therefore he does not tolerate a lack of treatment. Hold therapy it is necessary to comprehensively and taking into account the special position of women.