Ointment for cold Mamina: instructions for use in pregnancy and reviews

How to apply ointment Mamina when cold?

Mucous discharge from the nose pretty seriously annoy the patient. Therefore, at the first sign of a cold people heading to the pharmacy for any medication that will quickly relieve signs of inflammation. Today in the pharmacy network presents a variety of medicinal components that can in a short time will relieve the patient from rhinitis.

To cure allergic, atrophic rhinitis or infectious it is important at the first sign, since a cold has a number of serious complications. For pregnant women rhinitis dangerous inflammation of otitis media, sinusitis, or Eustachian tube. In this case, doctors can prescribe the drug «Mamina». But is it possible during pregnancy to apply the «Mamina», we learn in this material.

What «Mamina», its contraindications and the action

Ointment for the nose «Mamina» is a drug made from natural substances eucalyptus oil and levomenthol. The combination of these components allows you to use the remedy for various inflammations in the region of the sinuses.

To obtain a homogeneous mass, some manufacturers add petroleum jelly.

Pharmacological effect ointments aimed at providing antimicrobial action.

Additional properties of the medication to include a vasoconstrictor and local anesthetic effect.

This result is achieved due to the characteristic properties of the drug. It is known that eucalyptus oil is actively stimulates the receptors of the mucous membrane of the nasal passage and has a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.

Eucalyptus is one of the most popular drugs that belongs to the Myrtle family. Eucalyptus essential oil is used in traditional medicine for several decades. As much he is known in methods of treatment alternative medicine.

Highlighting the known therapeutic effects of eucalyptus oil from all its medicinal properties is anti-viral and bactericidal properties. Therefore, this ingredient is very popular in the treatment of catarrhal inflammations.

In addition, the substance cleanses the mucous membrane of the nasal hike and normalises the secretion of secretion. Almost immediately after applying the ointment, the patient experiences a relieved breath.

Eucalyptus oil improves the immune system, acts as a powerful analgesic during traumatization of the nasal passages or paranasal sinuses, and significantly reduces pain in the head, reduces swelling and normalizes the General condition of the patient.

Levomenthol has a local effect on the irritated receptors, calming and cooling them. Thus, recovering the work of the mucous membrane of the sinuses and occurs locally anesthetic action.

The main effect of menthol is a reflex reaction of the affected nerve endings. When applying menthol damaged and irritated mucous membranes of the sinuses begin to actively encourage the release of endogenous substances. In this way, the recovery of vessels and decrease of painful sensations in the nasal cavity.

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Local action levomenthol accompanied by a cold sensation in the place of its application. After this, the patient feels a tingling and burning sensation. In this moment there is a nutrition of damaged tissues and restoration of function of the nasal cavity.

Consider that inappropriate dosing ointment «Mamina» may increase blood pressure, as it is the most common side effect of levomenthol.

«Mamina» is often used in ENT practice, as the medication almost has no side effects and contraindications. In addition, the ointment «Mamina» can be used during the development of the fetus inside the womb of the expectant mother, as well as during breast feeding the baby.

When to use «Mamina»

The ointment is applied in case of inflammation of the nasal mucosa, as well as in the formation of acute rhinitis.

The tool also copes with chronic rhinitis and allergic rhinitis.

Not always the drug eliminates the source of inflammation. In acute period of inflammation, which is accompanied by a strong increase of temperature and other cold symptoms, «Mamina» can only reduce the symptoms of rhinitis.

Often this drug is administered in combination with other drugs from acute rhinitis. In this case, the body is actively fighting with all the symptoms of the disease and restores the function of the upper respiratory tract in less than a week.

To other inflammations, when you can apply the ointment include:

  1. Inflammation of the trachea.
  2. Angina.
  3. Disease of the pharynx.
  4. Laryngitis.

If you compare «Mamina» with other vasoconstrictor drugs, has been less pronounced effect. But in the case of pregnancy, hypertension or inflammation of glaucoma, this medication is safest. It is therefore recommended to apply the ointment in cases of acute rhinitis, when there is chronic inflammation.

Do not use after the expiration date. Store the drug should at temperature not above twenty-two degrees.


Use the product only after consulting with your doctor. The patient may not be aware of significant side effects and trigger an allergic manifestation.

In addition, it is necessary to study contraindications. The main prohibitions include:

  • allergic reaction to active components of the drug;
  • hypersensitivity to menthol;
  • the rejection of eucalyptus oil.

Ointment «Mamina» it is forbidden to be used in the treatment of children under two years of age.

Side effects

Despite the simplicity of the active components of the drug, ointments have side effect.

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In the case of hypersensitivity, the patient can speak to a variety of allergic reactions in form of itching, flaking, irritation of the mucous membrane, catarrh, cough.

In rare cases, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

When you see these signs you must discontinue use of the ointment and to wash the nasal passages with warm water.

Treatment during pregnancy

To date, data on the possibility of using this drug during pregnancy is not. So don’t risk your health and discuss the possibility of applying ointment with your doctor. Often in the absence of allergic reactions to the oil or menthol, the experts do not prohibit the use of the drug.

So at the first sign of ill health and respiratory disorders due to the copious mucous secretion use «Mamina».

It is a short term treatment to restore breathing, reduce congestion and restore function of the upper respiratory tract.

It is important to know that the components of the drug does not penetrate into the blood. This reflects the lack of risk of damaging the placenta.

If during the treatment you notice the itch or burning, and various skin rashes need to stop using the ointment and seek the advice of a physician.

In the process of therapy need to follow a few precautions. The basic rules include the following:

  1. Avoid contact ointments in the eye.
  2. In case of careless use and contact with the surface of the eye, flush the affected area with plenty of water.

Before applying you need to make sure that no allergic reactions to the drug components.

How to apply ointment during pregnancy

Instructions for use of the ointment «Mamina» during pregnancy warns that to use the tool recommended for nasal congestion.

Apply the ointment on the mucous membranes of the nasal passage with a finger or cotton swab.

You must clear the nose of mucous secretion. To do this, use the solution Dioksidina or other types of pain.

When applying ointment be careful not to block the function of ciliated epithelium. For this purpose, the tool must be applied to the edge of the nasal passage. Fifteen minutes later the nasal passages is recommended to cover with a napkin.

Repeat this procedure not less than five times per day for five days. If you have not noticed the result after the second application of the ointment should be to replace the drug counterparts.

The course of treatment should not exceed ten days. Probably the inflammation is more serious than you thought. In this case, the necessary examination and consultation of an experienced physician.


Before using ointment for the common cold «Mamina» read the reviews.

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Maxim Emelin: «When the wife on the third month of pregnancy have a cold, the advice of a physician-pharmacist acquired «Mamina». Apply it strictly according to instructions: a cotton swab was missed nasal passages, and after ten minutes wipe the ointment with a cotton pad. Noticed results after the second application. My wife began to breathe easier, and the cold became as if less. Four days later, everything went.»

Anastasia Alekseeva: «When I was pregnant, runny nose was quite common in the first trimester. The doctor explained that a weak immune system and the climate you live in Siberia. The therapist was advised to buy «Mamina» and use it not only for colds, but also for prevention. The result was noticeable on the second day, and all the rhinitis has passed five days later. Now smear his nose in poor health and symptoms of the common cold».


During pregnancy should pay attention to any signs of illness. This way you can treat inflammation in the initial stage without harm to the baby and the health of expectant mothers in General.

Don’t forget about the importance of birth control experienced doctor, and about taking vitamins, supplements and the need of fresh air. So you will be able to harden the body, and viral or infectious inflammation will pass you.