Ointment in nose antiviral flu and colds: how to use

Than to smear the nose from viruses?

In autumn and winter, people develop a viral infection and there is a need in protecting the body against viral infections. How to protect yourself and what to put on nose from viruses?

Antiviral ointment

In the pharmacy network there are a large number of drugs, which is fighting viral infections. Is often used Oxolinic ointment. Due to the safety of this drug it can be used for prevention of viral diseases in infants and pregnant women. The use of drugs should be carried out before going out into crowded places.

Effective antiviral ointment for nose – Doctor.

The basis of preparation are herbal ingredients, which ensures ease of use. Medicine developed on the basis of:

  • natural menthol;
  • eucalyptus oil;
  • the warming camphor;
  • the auxiliary components.

Due to the universal composition of the drug provides the greatest high antiviral efficiency. When applied, observed the destruction of harmful microorganisms. The ointment can be applied not only for prevention but also for treatment of various respiratory diseases including infants, whose age is more than three months.

If the patient has hypersensitivity to components of drug, its use is strongly prohibited.

For the prevention of colds and viral diseases it is recommended to use medications that have a warming effect.

They are developed based on natural ingredients, which ensures ease of use. To combat the common cold it is recommended to use the balm Asterisk.

Due to the large number of medications that possess anti-cough effect, have the opportunity to effectively protect the body against seasonal diseases.

The effective prophylactic drugs

Ointment for the prevention of colds in the nose eliminates the possibility of human infection by airborne droplets. The application of medicines should be carried out on the mucous membrane of the nose and under it. If the surface fall germs, the drug is their inhibition and the possibility of their reproduction.

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In order to limit the penetration of the virus into the body recommended ointment Antivirals. The medication should be applied twice a day to lubricate nasal mucosa.

Ointment is widely used for the prevention of influenza, due to the presence of antiviral and immunomodulating properties. In order to increase therapeutic effect it is recommended that people apply the ointment on the mucous membrane before each leaving the house in the winter.

Due to mucosal-based medications it is a long period located on the nasal mucosa, thus avoiding the possibility of the development of fungi and bacteria. For the production of medication using natural environmentally friendly raw materials, allowing it to be used for the prevention of diseases of various patients. The ointment is characterized by pronounced anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect.

To fight viruses quite often is the use of Pinosol. This medicine has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. The drug was developed on the basis of natural oils of pine, eucalyptus, thymol.

To enhance immunity and eliminate the possibility of development of viruses we recommend the use of homeopathic ointment Fleming. This drug has a pronounced antibacterial effect.

Also, it is characterized by antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of medications to children under two years is strictly prohibited. If the patient has hypersensitivity to the medicament, its use is not recommended.

Attention! When sinusitis or sinusitis it is recommended to use Thuja ointment.

In order to eliminate the possibility of the development of various respiratory illnesses can use of Tetracycline ointment, which is classified as diversified antibiotics. During pregnancy women the use of drugs is strictly prohibited. Also it is not allowed in childhood.

During the application of Tetracycline ointment destroyed the bacterial cells that leads to their death. Medication is quite often used for prevention of various infectious diseases.

With it is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The use of the ointment should be conducted in accordance with the instructions. Otherwise, you may experience side effects such as photosensitivity, itching, burning, redness.

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There are a large number of ointments for prevention of viral diseases. When you select a tool, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of a person, as well as contraindications.

Features of use

To eliminate the possibility of the emergence of viral diseases is necessary to use ointments that enhance the protective functions of the organism. To ensure the highest possible effect of medication, you need to hold taking them.

If a person’s nose have a purulent mass or slime, to use preventive medications only after nasal lavage. For this purpose Saline or solutions that are developed on the basis of sea salt.

In order to eliminate the possibility of irritation of the skin when a cold is recommended to apply the ointment under the nose.

If the patient is diagnosed with bacterial rhinitis, it is strictly forbidden to use simultaneously with ointments med.

Ointment in the nose for colds for children should be used only after the consultation with the doctor.

Before applying a particular medication is required to test for an allergic reaction. To this end, the elbow bending to apply a small amount of drugs. After hours on the skin and left no rash or redness, then you can use the drug.

During pregnancy the use of a large number of drugs is strictly prohibited. This is why women need to be as careful in the choice of medication. Women are recommended the use of ointments based on interferon – Infiel, Viferon. If there are bacterial infections that are bacterial in nature, then you need to use Miramistina.

Important! To prevent diseases it is necessary not only to use ointment, but also to adhere to certain rules.

In the cold season you need to try to avoid places that are characterized by the accumulation of large amounts of dust. It is also recommended to carry a handkerchief previously wetted in oil of plants such as fir, lavender, wormwood. The handkerchief must be periodically applied to the nose. Thanks to the universal substances of these oils is the removal of microbes from the nasal cavity.

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For the destruction of the viral particles you can use cloves, calamus, lemon, orange. These products must be kept in the oral cavity at the exit of the places where a large number of people. During the stay public transport is not recommended to touch the face with hands.

After coming home you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It is also necessary to conduct rinsing of the oral cavity means on the basis of plants such as calendula or propolis. In the autumn-winter period it is necessary to limit contact with sick people. In the evening it is recommended to eat garlic or onions to strengthen immune system.


Ointment for cold prevention are characterized by high impact. Patients need to regularly take medicines in the season, limiting the possibility of disease.

In order to avoid side effects, before using drugs it is necessary to determine the presence of contraindications.