Ointment in the nose sinusitis: in pharmacy, ointment Simanovsky and Fleming

What are the ointment sinusitis?

Many people, identifying the first symptoms of rhinitis, such as malaise and lack of efficiency, not pay attention to them. Patients mistakenly believe that it’s slight signs of colds and they will be on their own. But often such insignificant manifestations is hiding a serious illness. It is not the treatment leads to the development of unwanted adverse reactions and complications.

Over time, a common cold can turn into otitis media, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. These conditions are much worse amenable to therapy, and they may periodically disturb the person throughout life. Therefore it is necessary to understand what is sinusitis and what medications used for its treatment.

What you need to know about the disease?

Sinusitis occurs when the inflamed maxillary sinus. This occurs, if it disrupts the free flow of mucus from the sinuses. Such conditions become favourable environment for the occurrence of pathogenic processes, and a weakened immune system allows the organism to fight infectious agents.

Often disease occurs when hit in the respiratory tract viruses and bacteria.

Attention! Sometimes, sinusitis is preceded by allergic reactions.

The disease has characteristic symptoms:


  • pain in the sinuses;
  • the secretion produced from nose with yellow or green color and a thick consistency;
  • headache or a toothache;
  • cough and discomfort in throat.

The risk of sinusitis is that if it is not a treatment, it becomes chronic and complicated by the emergence of other diseases. To prevent disease progression and complications, when it is the first sign you should use special preparations, e.g., pharmaceutical ointment sinusitis.

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But not all means are equally effective and safe, so first it should be acquainted with their types and characteristics.

A list of popular ointments from sinusitis

Today the choice of drugs to eliminate inflammation in the maxillary sinuses is large enough. But often use the following ointment:

  • Fleming;
  • Simanovsky;
  • Vishnevsky;
  • Levomikol;
  • Oxolinic;
  • Ichthyol.

Let’s consider each in more detail.

Ointment Fleming

The ointment Fleming – menthol, calendula, digitalis, Hamamelis, zinc oxide, esculus, vaseline, allapinin, carotenoids, cineole, anethole.

The tool has a drying, analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

The drug improves microcirculation in the tissues, activates the immune system and promotes rapid regeneration.

Attention: ointment Fleming is available in a plastic vial at 25 and 15 mg.

The drug can be used in two ways.

  1. The first is to impregnate cream cotton swabs and lay in each nostril for 15 minutes.
  2. The second method is to apply the medication on a cotton swab, which subsequently carried out on the mucous of the nose.

In the treatment process, it is important to exercise caution, as the ointment Fleming in the sinus may cause an allergic reaction.

Ointment Simanovsky

Also when inflammation of maxillary sinuses apply ointment Simanovsky, having this composition:

  • zinc oxide;
  • lanolin;
  • cocaine hydrochloride;
  • vaseline;
  • menthol;
  • gidrotartrat of adrenaline;
  • the novocaine.

Ointment Simanovsky in the sinus has analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is noteworthy that this tool is made in pharmacies to order. The instruction is not included.

The dosage, duration of use and method of application shall appoint ENT.

But most doctors recommend to apply the cream as follows: first the patient must wash the nose, using a decoction of calendula, a saline solution or Furatsilina.

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Then breathing on buried vasoconstrictor drops, which improves absorption of medicinal components of the ointment. Next, make turundy, process cream Simanovsky and inserted into each nostril for 3-5 minutes.

Important! Frequent use of vasoconstrictor drops is addictive.

Vishnevsky Ointment

In the complex treatment of sinusitis is assigned Vishnevsky ointment. The preparation contains castor oil, xeroform and birch tar. The tool reduces inflammation and promotes rapid regeneration.

Often when sinus cream in equal quantity mixed with other components (Kalanchoe, aloe, honey, cyclamen). A mixture turundy soaked cotton and put them for 30 minutes in the nasal passages.

Levomekol and Oxolinic ointment

When inflammation of the maxillary sinuses use nasal spray. This combined tool on the basis of methyluracil, the immune system is activated, and chloramphenicol (antibiotic).

Also, the cream removes inflammation, promotes excretion of pus and eliminates puffiness.

Treatment of sinusitis will Levomekol:

  1. Of wool form the flagella.
  2. Turundy impregnated with ointment and insert into both nostrils for 30 minutes.
  3. For the procedure, you should lie down, tilting the head back.
  4. Therapeutic measures are carried out up to 4 times a day for weeks.

Also when inflammation of the sinuses use Oxolinic ointment that has a neutral odor and light yellow color. The tool has a strong antiviral effect. It is prescribed to prevent complications of sinusitis.

After application of the active ingredients of the drug is absorbed quickly, eliminating the inflammatory process. The medication is applied as follows: up to three times a day cream lubricate the nasal cavity for several days.

Ichthyol ointment

Even when sinusitis may be administered Ichthyol ointment. It is an antimicrobial agent that has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

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But you should know that the tool has a warming effect in acute course of the disease to take prohibited. Before use of cotton tampons do, which is applied ointment, and then insert them into the nostrils for 5 to 15 minutes.


As you can see, you put the ointment in the nose with a sinus infection correctly and regularly, you can quickly eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and withdraw from the respiratory tract purulent secret. Also many modern medicines have a regenerating and immunostimulating effect.

Due to this, on the third day of treatment the unpleasant symptoms disappear after a few days the disease is completely recedes.