Ointment Levomekol in the ears — how to apply for the child’s ear

How to use ointment nasal spray?

For anybody not a secret what kind of pain can cause various diseases of the ear, and if we talk about otitis media, in addition to this he is also very dangerous in terms of possible complications. Therefore it is not necessary to joke and show a dismissive attitude to such things, hoping that will cure itself. Will not work and will only continue to grow!

For this reason, you should visit a doctor if you experience even minor symptoms of the disease. Specialist for treatment may prescribe ointment Levomekol in the ear, which has long established itself as an effective drug. Next, let’s talk about this medication and how to use it.

Nasal spray — drug

Levomekol – ointment, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also promotes restoration of damaged tissue.

This cream is a combined medicine, which can replace multiple drugs.

In its composition it contains the following components:

  • chloramphenicol is an antibiotic that is prescribed with caution during pregnancy, lactation, but its use externally in the form of ointment is completely safe. It is this component of the ointment provides strong anti-microbial effects;
  • methyluracil – component that is responsible for regenerative function of the tissues, contributing to the acceleration of metabolic processes in tissue and wound healing. He also has a definite effect on the body, which generates a specific substance interferon, providing resistance to germs and various viruses;
  • ethylene glycol is a support component that has an absorbent effect. This substance allows the ointment to provide effective treatment, even if there is purulent discharge.
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If you take the overall effect of the drug, its components work efficiently in tandem than separately.

The effect of the drug is to suppress the propagation of various pathogenic microorganisms and, therefore, new bacteria can not appear, and the old die.

The ointment is effective against these types of microorganisms:

  1. The pneumococcus.
  2. Strep.
  3. Staphylococcus aureus.
  4. Escherichia coli.

In addition, can also have an adverse impact on certain groups of viruses as well as microorganisms that are resistant to penicillin series.

Resistance to cure from microbes is developing quite slowly, so the Throat to the ear in a variety of inflammation can be used for quite a long time.

Help. Drug Treatment is widely used in medicine for quite a while. And all because the tool is quite safe as as contraindications allocated only hypersensitivity to.

Side effects can manifest as allergies, but such cases are rare.

The treatment is the correct application for children

Children’s age is the fundamental factor that completely eliminates the self.

The first thing you should do parents of a sick kid is to show him the person who on the basis of the inspection will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

To apply the nasal spray can be in any childhood, as it is absolutely safe.

Also its application, if necessary, is allowed even for newborn babies.

Help. The drug has no age restrictions applications, as used for the local treatment, not absorbed in the systemic blood flow with small lesions and no systemic effects.

In various ear diseases of the Throat pain in the ear of the child should be put in this way:

  • of sterile gauze turundas to do;
  • well to impregnate her.
  • to put in the affected ear and leave in time to 14 hours.
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Such a course of therapy should be done before 11 days but can be longer. Duration of use will depend on the stage of severity of inflammation developed.

For treatment of external otitis of eczema in children ointment Levomekol in the ear can be applied also with the help of sterile cotton swabs, carefully applying it on the affected area.

For each application you must use a new cotton swab. As in the previous case of application, the amount of drug and duration of treatment can be determined only by the doctor based the stage of development of the lesion.

Important! Treatment of ear diseases cannot be limited to applying the same tools I do. Treatment of the disease in any case must be complex.

The use of different drugs, even those that seem extremely safe for self-medication is a way not only to advance the treatment of the disease, but also to the running stage and all sorts of complications.

Different drugs work on a certain kind of bacteria, so only a specialist will be able to choose a drug that will be effective in each case.