Ointment Rosenfeld instructions for use in the nose for kids and composition

How to make the ointment «Rosenfeld»?

Sudden heat changes, the shortage of solar heat negatively affect the immune system, causing outbreaks of infectious diseases, especially when it comes to unformed child’s body.

For the relief of the unpleasant symptoms of the common cold, there is a huge list of medicines. In the absence of therapeutic results, the pediatrician prescribed ointment «Rosenfeld». Take a closer look at the pharmacological effect of the drug, and usage for children.

The composition of the ointment «Rosenfeld»

The problem of nasal congestion often decide with the help of ready nasal products in the form of drops or spray. Less popular ointment, however, they are characterized by a more pronounced drug effect.

In pediatric practice, with the defeat of the upper respiratory tract infectious agents (bacterial sinusitis, sinusitis) prescribe the ointment «Rosenfeld». Freely available drugs do not exist. Your prescription on the basis of a written request the doctor produces the drug for two days.

The composition of the pharmaceutical product unites a wide variety of medicinal components that provide a therapeutic effect:

  • menthol – has a mild local anesthetic and antiseptic effect, eliminates unpleasant itching and burning sensation in sinuses;
  • chloramphenicol is a bacteriostatic activity at the local level against wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative strains;
  • ephedrine – through the stimulation of alpha-adrenergic receptors provokes narrowing of the blood vessels, reduces their permeability, thereby neutralizes swelling;
  • novocaine – innervates the painful area;
  • petrolatum and mineral oil soften and moisturize the inner lining of the nose, preventing drying and breakage.

For reference! When severe swelling in part on the recommendations of doctors include diphenhydramine. He profilaktirujut or reducing spasms in smooth muscle caused by histamine, increases capillary permeability, eliminates itching and hyperemia.

The concentration of active substances is determined by the audiologist, taking into account the peculiarities of the pathology and physiology of the patient. To prevent serious complications, forbidden adult dosage of the active ingredients to be used for the treatment of children.

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How to use

The decision on the appointment of the drug takes only medical officer on the basis of differential diagnosis. The drug contains a potent substance — chloramphenicol, which is an improper concentration increases the risk of developing severe side effects.

Instructions for use of the ointment «Rosenfeld» the nose offers two ways of handling the mucosa. Widespread in practice, the method of setting turundae:

  1. Sterile gauze or cotton balls placed in a container with medication.
  2. Soaked turundy introduced into each hole, leaving for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Repeat the procedure systematically every 4 hours, but not more than 3 times a day.

To improve therapeutic outcome pre-clean the nasal passages from foreign agents and residues of mucus. For this purpose use a decoction of chamomile, manganese or furatsilinovoy solution.

Important! In violation of natural nasal breathing for 10-15 minutes before treatments buried vasoconstrictor drops: «Nazol Bebi,» «Nazol kids», «Agrinol».

The second option — the treatment of the mucosa of the ear sticks soaked in a drug solution. In this case the patient may cause discomfort to a copious formation of mucus.

Shelf life ointment — 10 days if stored in a dry place, protected from sunlight and heat.

The full list of vasoconstrictor drops can be found here.


Ointment «Rosenfeld» is prescribed in the absence of positive dynamics in the treatment of sinusitis pharmaceutical drugs. Use of funds requires strict adherence to dosage and duration of therapy, which determines the ENT doctor for each clinical case individually.