Ointment Triderm in ear: how to use for otitis media and fungus

How to use the ointment for the ears Triderm?

Every year a growing number of dermatological diseases, is due to the environment, malnutrition and stressful situations. In the fight against diseases of the epidermis, as well as for otitis media of the ears, widely applied ointment Triderm.

The use of anti-inflammatory anti-fungal drugs gives a positive result in the fight against pathogenic microflora. The drug is a potent tool and is used only in acute inflammatory processes.

About the drug

At the moment the tool is Triderm available in two variations — ointment and cream. Both forms are in Taree for 15 and 30 grams. Remedy Triderm is a combined drug, including antibiotics, hormonal and anti-fungal element. The basis of both forms include the same active compound, such as Gentamicin, Clotrimazole, Betamethasone dipropionate.

It Betametason dipropionate acts as a synthetic hormone good to eliminate itching, inflammation, allergies. Therefore, those who do not consume drugs containing hormones, with this tool need to be very careful.

Also betamethasone at long effects on the body, as with any hormone, is addictive and leads to oral dermatitis, cure is very difficult. Therefore it is not necessary in its sole discretion as the prevention to use the cream Triderm. Treatment with medication should come under the supervision of a doctor, exactly according to instructions.

Clotrimazole fights fungus, its formula disrupts the ergosterol, who plays the main element of the spores. In addition, there is a splitting of nucleic acids, and it reduces the synthesis of oxidative enzymes, resulting in an increase in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. A high level of concentration contributes to the necrosis of cellular organelles.

Gentamicin is an antibiotic also. He copes with many gram-negative and for gram-positive pathogens. Passing through their membrane, it connects with the ribosome, inhibiting the synthesis of bacteria protein.

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Both forms of manufactured drugs are a common basis, the difference is only in additional components. So, the ointment contains active compound in addition to the vaseline and liquid paraffin.

But the cream yet, except for those substances added alcohols (cetostearyl, propylene glycol, benzyl), a dihydrate of sodium dihydrophosphate, sodium hydroxide, macrogol and fosforno acid.

Tool actively uses:

  1. Cutaneous candidiasis.
  2. Athlete’s foot.
  3. Allergic dermatitis.
  4. Herpes.
  5. Eczema.

Despite the broad range of specialized medicines, some actively use Triderm as an ointment for the ears, although the instructions, among the listed range of indications otitis media is missing. Of course, abuse the ointment is not necessary, to use a valid, if there is nothing, but the opportunity to get into the pharmacy is no.

Features of treatment

According to the instructions, apply the mixture on affected area, slightly affecting healthy skin. The ointment is used twice a day, applied layer should be thin. Then on the affected area, apply a bandage. The course of treatment no more than one month.

To achieve a positive effect you need to carry out therapy on a regular basis. Upon completion of the course, if she did not improve, the tool being suspended and appeal to the doctor to adjust the treatment. Sometimes therapy can extend, it all depends on tolerability of the patient, the disease type, stage, localization, and the affected area of the epithelium.

Ointment Triderm can cause the space around the eyes, avoid contact with eyes and open wounds.

To use a cream to children under two years of age. And children 2 years ointment is prescribed with great caution. The risk of abnormalities from the drug high, so it is prescribed in the treatment is very rare. To such situations did not happen, learn how to avoid the development of otitis media in a child here.

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Ointment and Triderm cream when pregnancy is allowed to use when there is a great need. Not worth the extra time to pose a risk to the fetus. If the activation of the drug is inevitable, it is a valid long handle small volumes of the skin.

The oversaturation of the body with a sedative might not only result in oral dermatitis, can cause suppression of the functionality of the adrenal glands. Occur renal failure, but only when using a long cure.

Ointment Triderm for inflammation of the ear

Wide popularity in the treatment of ear ointment was due to the fact that it is a corticosteroid hormone that is eliminating inflammation. It is the presence of the antifungal component helps to combat inflammation of the outer ear.

In principle, the tool has a similar composition with eardrops Sofradeks, their prescribed for treatment of ear infections. Difference Triderm in the content of the antifungal substances, so this medication you take to remove the fungus of the organ of hearing.

Apply Triderm for otitis media better, usually in combination with other therapies. Cream make in the ear with turundy two times per day for five days. And here you can read do I have to drink antibiotics for otitis media.

Triderm ointment as fungus in the ears

Fungus in the ears or Atomikos infectious disease pathogens that are pathogenic yeast-like molds are microscopic fungi of the genus Aspergillus, Penicillium, Candida, Hormodenrum and genus Mucor.

It develops due to the decrease in protective forces of an organism, caused by a previous illness, antibiotics, injury to the ear. Appear fungus, maybe because of lack of hygiene or the presence of moisture in the ear, common to the Plava. How to recognize fungus can be found here.

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Obligatory condition of treatment of otomycosis advocates the abolition of antibacterial drugs. The first phase of treatment is cleaning of the external ear. The procedure is performed before going to sleep. Should lie on the side and squeeze the cotton wool into the ear with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Then the ear is smeared with ointment Triderm or lay with her turundas gauze for 15 minutes. Morning again enter Triderm in his ear, but without washing with peroxide. So, the ear is smeared over two days, morning and evening.


So, the duration of the course of treatment with this medication is determined individually by the attending physician. If you are prescribed a treatment with this drug, the purchase need to check the expiration date which is 3 years.

The drug is sold without prescription. On the spot to inspect the packaging for integrity. Take care of the storage of ointment. Violation of storage conditions leading to loss of medicinal properties of the tool.