Olive oil in the baby’s nose from the dryness of the mucosa: is it possible to drip

How drip nose olive oil?

Prolonged rhinitis first disrupts the function of the nasal mucosa. The cavity is covered with crusts, ulcers and other growths, which cause thinning of the mucosa and irritation. In chronic rhinitis the patient is atrophy of the nasal cavity or formed the risk of hypertrophy. To get rid of these signs is not easy, it is necessary to obtain long-term and complex medical treatment.

To return the function of the respiratory organ and to restore the mucosa, the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, eye drops, hydration and other medications. Along with standard treatment for the patient it is useful to use olive oil for the nasal mucosa from drying out. The correct application of recipes will help to quickly get rid of rhinitis, as well as bring back the natural moisture of the mucosa.

Can the olive oil to drip into the nose

The composition of olive oil includes many vitamins and useful minerals that improve the condition of the patient. Natural product helps to get rid of dryness, restore the important functions of the mucosa, to improve the operation of the entire cavity of the organ of respiration.

Apply olive oil without prescription. However, among the main means contraindications is infant age.

Important! This product cannot be used in the treatment of children up to six months. Since six months old, the olive oil in the baby’s nose is buried in extremely small quantities.

Oil olives can be used in colds and infectious inflammation of the mucous membrane. It not only instilled into the nose, but also to include in the diet. Salads tucking the product, you increase the body’s immune system. In addition, the oil can be applied before eating one tablespoon.

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If you use the product for medicinal purposes, you should consult with your doctor. In the product contains vitamins and unsaturated fats that can harm the health of the patient. However, with the introduction of nose drops it is important to know one rule: choose only the product of the first pressing. Otherwise the tool can cause a number of side reactions:

  • itching;
  • burning;
  • the formation of abundant secretions;
  • pain in the nose and throat.

If at the time of application of the oil in the cavity of the nose there are cracks or ulcers, the tool can cause the development of inflammation and cause the spread of infectious agents.

When you can use

Olive oil can be used in case of diseases of the respiratory system or of the paranasal sinuses in the following cases:

  • allergic rhinitis;
  • infectious coryza;
  • inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.

When using oil, extracted by cold pressing, the patient can cure mild infectious rhinitis in the first stage of inflammation. In addition, the tool relieves the pain, dryness and itching. Olive oil can be used for anti-inflammatory action and also to quickly eliminate the itching and tickling in the nose and throat.

However, to cure viral or infectious rhinitis acute or chronic stage in this way is impossible. In this period of inflammation of olive oil will only reduce the severity of symptoms and normalizes the mucous membrane of the nose.

Rules for the use of oil

Before using the product, it is important to know exactly how to drip a nose olive oil. In any case do not heat the medium or do not enter turundy soaked in the medium, for the whole day.

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Remember! Apply olive oil as an ingredient for inhalation is strictly forbidden! In this case, there is a risk of lipoid pneumonia. List of essential oils that can reduce the symptoms of rhinitis specify here.

Before applying oil, make sure there are no allergic reactions. Do not use the tool if the patient has hypersensitivity to any component of the tool.


Burying his nose in the olive oil helps with many viral and infectious diseases. Drip oil into the nose three times a day. In one application, enter no more than three drops in each nostril. If you are using a larger amount, the oil can flow into lower Airways, causing worsening of the disease.

To provide therapeutic effects last taking drops should be in the evening when preparing for sleep. Hydration of mucous help you fall asleep faster.


To soften crusts and improve the nasal mucosa, the doctors are advised to use turundy. To do this, prepare the flagellum gauze and soak it in a small amount of money. Enter a tampon in the nose for fifteen minutes.

Use turundy every day up to five times. More frequent use is not recommended.


To improve nasal breathing and restore functions of the nasal mucosa can lubricate the nasal cavity from the inside. This method is effective in catarrhal nature of the disease or to maintain health during the season intensify respiratory ailments.

In addition, this method is prevention, if you often are in a dry room or in a room where a constantly running air conditioner.

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Olive oil is a natural product that boosts the immune system and improves the patency of the nasal passages. Using the tool, you can avoid colds and to relieve inflammation. In addition, the tool reduces the swelling of the mucosa and restores the affected tissue.

Observing comprehensive treatment and rules of application tools, you will be able to get rid of a cold for a few days.