On what day of cycle do ovarian laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a popular form of modern surgery. The advantage of the procedure is that the doctor without incisions can consider all the internal organs of the abdominal cavity from the inside. Many women ask the question: «what day of cycle do ovarian laparoscopy?». We will try to answer this question.

What is this procedure and when carried out?

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of pathologies of organs of small pelvis and abdominal cavity. It is divided into surgical and diagnostic. In practice, doctors often proceed to surgical treatment after passing diagnostics to fix pathological processes. Also, the physician may cancel a surgical intervention, if you understand that the case started and will have to make a large incision in the abdomen.

The ovary is the organ, which quite often requires laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment. Surgical intervention is performed when bleeding or if there is a strong menstruation blood loss. Bleeding can happen in the middle of the cycle, during ovulation, while there is acute pain. Also the procedure is performed, if the diagnosis is all — natural ovarian cyst, with a risk of degeneration and rupture of the cyst. During manipulations, the specialist tries to keep the tissues of the ovary.

Is laparoscopic surgery also when polycystic, which leads to infertility. After a few months of pregnancy, ovulation occurs during this period additionally you need to go to therapy for infertility. It is recommended to do IVF. Often there is torsion, which creates an obstacle to the normal blood flow and causes acute pain. In such situations, the patient urgently (urgently) hospitalityat and carry out surgery.

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When performing a laparoscopic procedure?

Many women want to know: «what day of cycle do ovarian laparoscopy?». Surgical intervention is not performed during the month and 1-3 days before the expected bleeding. It is not recommended to manipulation if the patient has acute respiratory infections, herpes and other diseases.

The most suitable time for survey in connection with infertility is the time after the phase of ovulation (in case if the menstrual cycle is 28 days, then the deadline falls on a 15-25 day). In some other cases, the intervention can get on the 1st phase (immediately after menstruation).

On what day of cycle do laparoscopy?

What day the doctor will prescribe surgery depends on the type of operation. For some reason, many believe that the menstrual cycle and endoscopic examination absolutely nothing in common, but this is misleading. The fact is that many of the procedures gynecological type with the use of laparoscopy are directly connected over monthly. Procedure menstruation is problematic because it can provoke bleeding, but also increases the risk of infection in those places of the endometrium, which are rejected in this period. Damaged the inner layer of the uterus. Also the bleeding will disturb the optical field and to continue the procedure will fail.

Laparoscopy ovarian performed after ovulation at mid-cycle. This is due to the fact that if there are issues the release of a Mature egg from the ovary, this method it is possible to look and determine the cause of preventing ovulation. Ovulatory funds can provide the necessary effect, but in this case the woman, in addition to ovarian cysts, there is still the obstruction of the fallopian tubes. In such a situation, the diagnostic method goes to the operation to remove adhesions in the fallopian tubes.

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Also, the reason where not held manipulation, or are exclusively in emergencies, may be the likelihood of complications during manipulation, rupture of blood vessels, which can lead to bleeding. If necessary, the operation can last laparotomies in a way that will provoke additional blood loss. Violation of menstruation after the surgery may not indicate that the operation itself was done on the wrong day of the menstrual cycle. Most likely the problems are completely different. You need to visit a primary care physician who is appointed to the woman the procedure, pass the necessary tests, find out the real cause and eliminate it with the help of a specialist.

Popular questions that arise from women on this topic

Consider other issues of interest to girls about laparoscopy ovarian and menstrual cycle.

  • «What day do operative laparoscopy?». The surgery can be done any day of cycle, but not during the menstruation. In cases of bleeding woman hospitalitynet, and surgery is performed urgently (urgently).
  • «Is it possible to do a laparoscopy during menstrual cycle?». What is menstrual cycle? This is the period from the first day of this menstrual period until the first day of the upcoming month. But during the monthly elective surgery do not want, of course, if there is no solid medical evidence.
  • «Can you do a laparoscopic surgery before menstruation?». Yes, before the beginning of menstruation to carry out surgery.

Actually, all these answers every woman can find on the doctor who scheduled the procedure and is based on the medical evidence.

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Don’t forget to listen to your body and promptly visit a doctor who will diagnose you and tell you what to do.