Cancer prevention, Oncology: what effective means

Prevention of cancer and other diseases medicine has always attached special importance, because, as you know, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Behind the apparent simplicity of the proposed measures hides a real opportunity to prevent disease is a long-term perspective on the fight against the disease, the treatment of which still remains difficult and sometimes impossible task.

We live in an age of urbanization, development of industry and technology, but together with the step of science and technology forward, humanity is met and experienced the whole range of its adverse effects. Carcinogens we breathe, eat, our homes are full of chemical compounds that are bad for the body. And very often people making a contribution to the deterioration of his health, being fond of Smoking, alcohol, harmful foods. If you admit causing deliberate harm to almost everyone, to abandon their habits and lifestyle changes can not all.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

The scientists found that the risk of cancer by 30-35% associated with meals, even as many adds Smoking, various infectious diseases predetermine approximately 17% of the tumors, alcohol – 4% and only 2% are in the contaminated external environment and heredity.

When the question arises, why there is a tumor, many are inclined to «sin» for genetic anomalies and environmental conditions, oblivious to the fact, what to eat and how much time to devote to physical activity, sleep and preventive medical visits. Meanwhile, it is easy to calculate that more than 80% of tumors are associated with lifestyle and environmental factors.

Anyway, prevention is not only a very effective way to prevent cancer, but also the cheapest, do not require significant material costs. The apparent simplicity of preventive measures can create a false impression of their futility, but it is not so. Of course, to fully guarantee that the tumor will never occur, no one can, but still people leading a healthy lifestyle, significantly reduce the likelihood of an insidious disease. Medicine offers General activities that are applicable in all countries and in all conditions, which make up the concept of a healthy lifestyle.

The main stages of prevention

For more effective medical care and prevention of the diseases identified three main stages of preventive measures:

  • Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средстваPrimary prevention includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and elimination of bad habits.
  • Secondary prevention – involves surveillance of persons at-risk for the development of a particular tumor, as well as treatment and early diagnosis of precancerous lesions and early cancers.
  • Tertiary prevention – for patients undergoing treatment of malignant tumors, it consists in the prevention of recurrence and metastasis of tumors, as well as the probability of occurrence of other types of tumors in treated patients.

These steps allow not only to identify predisposing precancerous and background processes, but also to realize dynamic observation of patients of all risk groups.

Primary prevention: simple daily rules

In developed countries, where the population feels a personal responsibility for their health, at least for economic reasons, because high-quality treatment expensive and is not available to everyone, very well developed and widely used methods of primary prevention. There is almost impossible to see smokers on public transport or in city parks, but people of all ages, making Jogging or Cycling, pretty much. Can not but rejoice that such Hobbies become popular with us.

Health, in turn, offers various screening programs, conducts active educational activity aimed at raising awareness and knowledge of the population in the area of prevention.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

According to experts, approximately one third of cases of malignant tumors associated with our daily habits and way of life that we can change and control:

Smoking is not fashionable!

Smoking is one of the most significant and aggressive carcinogenic factors, and it’s not the nicotine, as many believe. It is known that inhalation of products of combustion of tobacco and paper, the body fall dozens of different hazardous substances, including radioactive. The role of Smoking as a cause of lung cancer is questionable except in very persistent optimists. Yes, indeed, there are cases of cancer of the respiratory system in healthy people, never in my life not vucurevich no cigarettes, but that’s not a reason to deny the fact that the majority of patients – heavy smokers in the past, and some of them are not able to give up addiction even when the diagnosis of the tumor. We should not delude ourselves and those who simply spends time in the company of smokers or «spoiled» chewing mixtures. As is known, passive Smoking also kills, and tobacco blend very quickly can cause mouth cancer.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

Smoking can cause not only illnesses of the respiratory system, but also a number of malignant tumors of different localizations, so doctors recommend to start the prevention of cancer of the lungs and other organs with the refusal of this habit.

Today, the promotion of a life without tobacco, not only with doctors but also the active participation of the media, publications, and educational institutions. Those who never smoked, it is strongly recommended not to try, and those who each day begins with a cigarette, you should think about your health and wellbeing.

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Movement – life!

We all know how important adequate physical activity. The nature of employment, especially urban dwellers, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged exposure in front of a monitor does not improve well-being. Meanwhile, scientists have proved that the risk of colon cancer or breast older women increase by one third in the conditions of hypodynamy.

Adult only about half an hour of physical exercise daily to maintain good health and proper operation of organs and systems. Children and adolescents need to move, so taking care of physical activity of the younger generation should take on the parents. Following the principles of a healthy lifestyle, it is not necessary to visit gyms or fitness clubs. If you have no time or opportunity – walk in the fresh air walk, take a jog, swim in the pool, do daily exercises at home.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

In many countries at the state level, adopted a program of financing the construction of sports facilities, arrangement of the running tracks and parks in the city array, so that everyone had the opportunity to maintain your health at minimal material cost.

Excess weight can truly be considered a scourge of modern society on a par with cardiovascular disease, but not everyone knows that obesity contributes to cancer of the pancreas, uterus, kidneys and other organs. No health without normal weight, so those who decided to improve their condition and prevention of various diseases and tumors, you should get rid of hated excess weight. Can help a simple recipe: eat less and move more.

We are what we eat…

The ancient Greeks by observations made a simple conclusion: human health is directly linked to the products that he uses. One of the steps to reduce the risk of cancer, is considered compliance with the principles of proper nutrition. It is not necessary to deprive themselves completely deprived of pleasure from eating your favorite dishes or sweets, but still must adhere to certain rules.

In order to reduce the risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer, it is necessary to limit the use of the so-called red meat, and canned meat products. In the human diet, leading a healthy lifestyle, no semi-finished products, products of fast preparation, smoked and fried foods that contain significant amounts of carcinogens (benzpyrene, in particular).

Alcohol consumed in excessive quantities leads not only to liver cancer as the final stage after alcoholic cirrhosis, but tumors of the esophagus, stomach, oral cavity. Doctors and scientists do not call to abandon alcoholic beverages altogether, and the inhabitants of the countries affected by the age-old tradition of beer brewing or winemaking, it is almost impossible to do. Preventive medicine in the position of limiting the use of alcohol, especially women and young people. Most dangerous is the combination of alcohol with Smoking, significantly increases the possibility of cancer of the mouth, throat, gastrointestinal tract, therefore, from such «explosive mixture» should be abandoned.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

What products should I use to prevent tumors? Those who do not want to get cancer, I prefer vegetables and fruits, greens, salads dressed with vegetable oil instead of mayonnaise, legumes and whole grains. Without giving up meat, you should prefer low-fat varieties, poultry and fish. When choosing dairy products, it is best to pay attention to low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, kefir or yogurt.

Beneficial use of onions and garlic contain volatile and natural antioxidants. Anticancer properties of garlic were trying to prove through scientific research, including on animals. The results showed that people who regularly consume garlic in the food, do less likely to get cancer, but conclusions to do still early. The fascination with garlic most often associated with vegetable diet or a large share of vegetable components in the diet, therefore, to say that garlic protects from cancer, it would be unfair. With the undoubted benefits of garlic for health in General, you should limit its use to individuals with gastric ulcer, gall-stone disease with a tendency to bleeding.

It is proved that a diet consisting mainly of plant components, can prevent not only diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also the development of malignant tumors, so vegetarians get sick less often. Fruits and vegetables containing vitamins C, E, b etc. have anti-tumor properties due to high antioxidant activity, preventing spontaneous genetic mutations or damage to genes. Do not, however, exclude meat from the diet, because it contains essential amino acids, iron and other important components, and any one-sided diet improves overall health.

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Healthy sleep and calm nerves

For cancer prevention are very important enough and proper night sleep. Some biochemical processes, the formation of separate hormones occur during the night and early morning hours, so it is important to reach a state of deep and restful sleep at night and at dawn. This is especially important right for women who have the synthesis of the hormone prolactin occurs about 4 o’clock in the morning. Even keeping in good physical regime and diet, it is impossible to talk about healthy lifestyles and reducing cancer risk without good sleep and rest.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

The role of stress in increasing the probability of cancer is debatable and not conclusively proven, but all the same people, often experiencing emotional tension, are more prone to different diseases, and therefore their nerves better to try to protect. Try to relieve stress with a glass of wine, beer or something stronger, a cigarette or both, and the other is not only pointless, but is fraught with malignant tumors, so it is much better to choose a gym, water treatments or walking.

Secondary prevention

Secondary prevention includes early detection of precancerous lesions and monitoring of the risk groups in relation to the development of a particular tumor. If unlucky enough to fall into these categories of patients need special care to monitor their health and do not be lazy to visit a doctor, because the lump can appear anywhere on the existing for her soil.

Identification of risk groups is based on mass health examinations and preventive examinations.

It is especially important to monitor workers in hazardous industries, women of reproductive age, individuals with adverse family history, when close relatives had cancer.

A major role in the secondary prevention of play screening tests, allowing to reach the maximum number of people. Thus, each year all persons under 18 years of age, must undergo a chest x-ray to exclude pulmonary pathology. Needless to say, not everyone is even conscious citizen against their will is this study. This is often done internally in connection with the need to visit a specialist, hospitalization, or medical examination.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

For the prevention of breast cancer to women over 40 years are recommended to undergo mammography, and younger patients mammalogy with existing benign tumors, mastopathy can make ultrasonic research of mammary glands.

Cervical cancer is formidable not only because it is becoming more frequent diagnosis. The disease is often detected in young women, especially if you have a viral infection, hormonal changes neck injuries after childbirth or abortion, etc. For the prevention of malignant tumors of this localization should be at least once a year to visit gynecologist who will perform the inspection and collection of smears for cytological examination.

Women with an increased risk of cervical cancer, as well as young girls before they become sexually active doctors offer specific and prevention – the vaccine against human papillomavirus, which possesses strong oncogenic effect. Controversy about the vaccine, did not cease among inhabitants, often on the Internet you can stumble upon the fierce warnings and beliefs in the supposedly terrible side effects, but the opinion of doctors is clear: a vaccine effective against cancer, and safe.

Prostate cancer is considered the most frequent tumors in men, therefore all men after age 40 need to annually visit a urologist, to undergo a digital examination of the prostate and tested for the prostate specific antigen. Such a study allows to suspect cancer in the earliest stages, when the patient is still possible to cure.

In the presence of high-risk tumors, for which the proven genetic mechanism of cancer (prostate, breast, ovarian), is carried out and cytogenetic analysis. Known cases preventive removal of the breast or ovaries in women who have fulfilled their reproductive function, in order to avoid tumors in the future.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

In many countries where there is a high frequency of certain types of cancer, have effective screening program. So, the people of Japan are recommended to undergo fibrogastroscopy for the timely diagnosis of pathology of the stomach. The procedure is not pleasant, but the Japanese managed to achieve the highest results in the world in the number of detected early cancers of the stomach and the number of favorable outcomes of the disease.

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Aspirin prevents cancer?

Scientists from different countries trying to find drugs for cancer prevention. This trend in medicine is new and anti-cancer properties of the individual drugs in their long-term use only are studied. However, in some clinics of the USA the methods of chemoprophylaxis have been implemented and are yielding positive results.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

Doctors had noticed that people who long time were taking aspirin for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, suffer less from cancer of the stomach and intestines, lungs and breast. Moreover, researchers from the UK set and the mechanism of antitumor action of low-dose aspirin.

Anticancer activity is manifested in the use of aspirin for 5 years or more, and scientists felt that the potential benefit of its use outweighs the risk of dangerous complications (bleeding, including deadly) not less than 2 times. However, I want to warn against self-taking any drugs, even seemingly harmless. Only a doctor can advise reception of any medicines with the medical or preventive purpose.

A few words about folk medicine

We should also mention the folk medicine, methods, and tools trusted by almost more people than doctors. Cancer prevention folk remedies is valid only in cases when we use «drug» is safe for health, and better if it’s just food – cabbage, carrots, beets, same garlic, herbs etc. healthy tea or decoction of the berries of rosehip, raspberry, cranberry juice. Eating vegetables and fruits containing adequate amounts of vitamin C – the best folk remedy for cancer.

Very popular in recent years, the Hemlock, which not only actively recommend to treat all stages of cancer, but also to its prevention. Hemlock – a poisonous plant, so it is better to avoid its use, but if you do decide – inform the doctor. The efficiency of this plant is not been proved either to treat tumors or to prevent them, therefore, should think twice before applying.

Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средства

The craze for soda takes rampant. If the treatment she often comes out of despair, when the patient is in end stage of the disease, prevention ready to completely healthy people. Regular consumption of soda causes a decrease in stomach acidity, and over time may develop mucosal atrophy is the precancerous condition. Whether pursue the prevention of tumors, when there is a chance to buy in this precancerous process? Probably not.

And perhaps the newest in folk medicine – vitamin b 17, which is essentially vitamin and some is not. The substance amygdalin, called vitamin b 17, was isolated from the seeds of bitter almonds, and adherents of nontraditional methods of treatment claim that it has powerful anticancer effect. There is also amygdalin in the seeds of apricots, apples, grapes. As in the case with baking soda, the lack of research and development of pharmaceutical preparations containing amygdalin, is due to «conspiracy theory» pharmaceutical companies «cashing in on cancer patients».

Official medicine does not recognize the amygdalin as an anticancer tools, and warns of his insecurity, and the substance itself is banned in many countries around the world. Are there pits of apricots, apples or grapes – everyone needs to decide myself, but need to know that amygdalin connection is highly toxic, and its excessive consumption can cause serious poisoning.

The last stage of prevention

Tertiary prevention – the lot of patients with a malignant tumor in the past. Its purpose is to prevent possible recurrence of cancer and the appearance of metastases. This is important:

  • Профилактика рака, онкологии: что эффективно, средстваTimely visit an oncologist and undergo the necessary research.
  • Comply with all medical recommendations for maintenance therapy.
  • To lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition and to avoid contact with potential carcinogens.
  • In conclusion, I would like to mention that there isn’t a perfect tool either from cancer or from other diseases, even at observance of recommendations of the experts the probability of the tumor remains. However, a healthy and active lifestyle, proper diet and good humor allow you to minimize risk, being the key to longevity and well-being.

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