Cancer symptoms, first signs, symptoms

There is a category of people who are constantly looking for the symptoms of cancer, even in the absence of any reason for this: nutrition – correct, lifestyle, healthy, bad habits are eliminated. Such people regularly pass all kinds of examinations, tests, listen to the slightest signals from the body. Of course, the dark thoughts they are poisoning the lives of himself and friends doctors, but it really can recognize signs of illness early in its development.

Another category of nothing hurts, do not, a chest or gynecologist tested because the job demanded. This confidence often prevents a person to think about their health, to pay attention to some unusual symptoms and faster to follow the doctor.

However, as we know, cancer doesn’t choose the profession, status, age, just the probability to be ill at risk is much higher that is trying to bring modern medicine designed to fight diseases that are poorly treatable, but in advanced stages not amenable at all.

Error of the immune system is «evil» result

Propaganda, guide to a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately, is not always effective. Drinking, Smoking – is harmful, nervous, too, and eat carcinogens – especially because any adverse factors are able to trigger the development of cancer, which is known to arise from the same normal cells, reborn and transformed for whatever reason into cancer. Spontaneous mutations occur in the human body constantly, but not all of them end up with cancer, so it is impossible to feel when, what day, hour or minute appeared «angry» cage and why the immune system does not «know».

Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления

In a healthy organism, the immune system will quickly find the evil and destroy it, but in the case of reducing the last, the defenses are lost and the immune system becomes unable to recognize and eliminate «foreign», thus allowing him to multiply. So begins the growth of cancerous tumors.

Cancer cells are characterized by rapid and aggressive reproduction, but they have different abilities. How fast the process goes depends on the type of tumor and its location. Thus, the initial symptoms and signs of cancer is determined by many parameters:

  • The degree of malignancy of neoplasia;
  • Localization process;
  • The size of the tumor and the involvement of «neighbors» (nearby organs);
  • Stage of disease (usually stage 1 cancer is almost asymptomatic, whereas stage 4 is very hard, painful, and fatal).

The first signs of cancer is virtually indistinguishable from symptoms of other diseases, including benign, so feeling headache or weakness, it is unlikely that people will run to the doctor for diagnosis. Meanwhile, there are some signals that claim the disadvantage that for certain tumors, might be considered as the primary symptoms of cancer.

Cancer is hiding under different «masks»

Most malignant tumors in the first stage did not occur, so it goes unnoticed, the man continues to consider himself healthy, lives, works and plans for the future. Meanwhile, common symptoms of cancer, if they pay attention, slowly start to appear:

  • Headache, dizziness, causeless and inexplicable, really, at first they are unstable, so the patient does not gives them a special value.
  • Occasional increase in body temperature, which is antipyretic and folk remedies and causes a person to calm down in relation to serious pathology.
  • Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявленияMalaise, weakness, reduced work capacity, apathy, or irritability – all these symptoms may be the first manifestation of cancer, and may be the result of other pathological processes, but benign and very treatable.
  • Weight loss without dieting and bases, just lost 5 pounds in a month. This is a very significant sign, but, unfortunately, also not for all tumors. Fast weight loss characteristic of early stages of tumors of the stomach, pancreas, lungs, while, like another localization process (e.g., mammary gland) rapid weight loss does not.
  • Change the color of the skin (darkening or redness of the skin, jaundice), itching, excessive hair growth (tumors);
  • Swollen lymph nodes on the affected side (also not always);
  • Changes in laboratory parameters:
    • anemia, because the tumor consumes a lot of nutrients, taking them from the other cells, or if it breaks up and gives bleeding;
    • increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate at a normal level of white blood cells;
    • the increase in the concentration of tumor markers, if in any way they were appointed or human blood were subjected to screening studies for other reasons (group risk, examination or just care businesses about their employees).
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  • Pain. In most cases, painful sensations appear closer to 4 stages of malignant process, but such organs as the stomach, the testicles, the bones can still alert a little earlier so they can be attributed to the primary symptoms of cancer of these localizations.
  • Thus, it is clear that the common symptoms of cancer in most cases are signs of a General illness of the body and is common to many pathological conditions, therefore, self-diagnosis, which many patients love so much, probably, it is useful to acquaint them with the specific manifestations of the most common cancers.

    Open confrontation

    The «feeling» victory over the body, cancer begins to show itself, and then manifest specific symptoms and signs that allow the patient to suspect a malignant process. For each tumor localization of primary signals is different, so will briefly try to describe some of them.

    Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления


    Symptoms and signs of lung cancer are hidden, as they say oncologists, many «masks»:

    • The initial period (biological) is characterized by the absence of manifestations that does not identify the disease at this stage;
    • Preclinical period asymptomatic, however, at this stage there is a very important indicator, which refers to early signs of lung cancer – the tumor can be detected by radiographic methods;
    • The period of clinical manifestations already has distinctive features that indicate a cancer.

    Unfortunately, lung cancer clinical picture is already far advanced process, which makes treatment difficult. Meanwhile, to know the symptoms it is necessary at least in order not to ignore the annual chest x-rays, which should be held by every citizen.

    Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления

    Signs of cancer can be:

  • Frequent viral respiratory infections, repeated episodes of influenza infection recurring bronchitis and pneumonia, intermittent fever, weakness and malaise;
  • Cough may be absent or appear rarely in the beginning of the disease, becomes hoarse with the development process;
  • Hemoptysis is a very serious symptom, in most cases, the appearance of the veins of blood in the sputum indicates advanced form of cancer;
  • Shortness of breath with increasing discomfort, tachycardia and pain in the chest often mimics angina, although it corresponds to the 4 stages of tumor development;
  • The difficulty of the act of swallowing and passage of food masses through the esophagus disguised as a cancer of the esophagus.
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    Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления

    Cancer of the uterus (body, cervix), some tumors of the ovaries and other female reproductive organs often give early signs:

    • Discharge (mucous, purulent, sometimes bloody), often increasing after physical exertion, defecation, sexual intercourse, which irritate and cause itching;
    • Menstrual disorders, heavy periods, spotting in mid-cycle (lean or heavy, constant or periodic). Bleeding in menopause is a warning sign;
    • Pain, aggravated by urinating (the tumor «roots» into the bladder). Soreness belongs to the late manifestations of the cancer process.

    Breast cancer

    Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления

    Signs of breast cancer too, unfortunately, attest to the advanced stage of the disease:

  • Dense painless education – an accidental find when other symptoms are absent;
  • Discharge from the nipple;
  • Retraction of the nipple;
  • Change the color of the skin and the appearance of «lemon peel»;
  • Discomfort in the armpits;
  • Swollen lymph nodes on the affected side.
  • The digestive tract

    The localization of the cancer process in the gastrointestinal tract early signs can be considered:

    • Digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, discomfort, diarrhea and constipation).
    • Weight loss (cancer of the stomach and pancreas), but for the initial period of bowel cancers, this symptom is not specific (patients beginning to gain weight, and lose it starting in an advanced stage);
    • Difficulty swallowing (esophageal cancer, pharynx);
    • The appearance of blood in the stool, which becomes «the color of coffee grounds» (the decay of the tumor).

    Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления

    The symptoms and signs of malignancy at other sites described in the materials devoted to individual organs, we have given only the most common forms.

    However, talking about clinical manifestations of this serious pathology, we cannot neglect the health of young patients, so we believe it is useful to highlight the symptoms of cancer in children — the phenomenon, though rare, but not excluded from problems of Oncology.

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    The main objective of children’s Oncology – keeps baby protected from cancer

    Cancer and child – concepts incompatible. It seems that cancer may affect a man had lived and seen, but small children must be protected by nature. Unfortunately, it is not. Dumb question in the eyes of the parents «what and why this happened to my baby?» remains unanswered. There are, however, of the opinion that the risk of occurrence of tumours associated with failure of a gene that is programmed before birth. In most cases, the question of the origin of cancer in children remains open.

    Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления

    In young growing organism, the tumor is developing rapidly, so notice it in the initial stages is a very important task, because only early diagnosis can give hope for recovery. Generally, when we talk about pediatric Oncology, most often do not mean cancer itself as such, as epithelial tumors for childhood is not very typical. Children often develop tumours of other tissues:

  • Bone, muscle, and connective (which is true blood and lymph) – sarcomas, lymphomas, and leukemias, which men call the blood cancer, which, in principle, wrong, but understandable;
  • Nervous, neuroblastoma, glioma and others (with a tumor, localized in the brain, that’s the same as with a neoplasia of hematopoietic tissue — it is popularly called brain cancer).
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    You can forgive people for non-medical profession is renaming, classification is a matter for professionals, and short word «cancer» immediately explains everything.

    Tumors of the Central nervous system symptoms and signs, which are also suitable for various pathological conditions:

    • Headaches, especially in the morning, with vomiting (who in such forms see cancer?);
    • The decrease in visual acuity (the child became ill see, but many parents attributedСимптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления this to the negative impact of the monitor, because children now linger long at the computer);
    • Apathy, indifference to the games, behavior change;
    • Gait disturbance;
    • The increase in volume of the head (perhaps the only symptom in young children who are not yet able to properly Express their complaints).

    Symptoms of cancer in children due to tumors at other sites, too, can recall any disease:

  • Weakness, fatigue, malaise, headaches;
  • Pallor, anemia;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Loss of appetite and weight;
  • Pains in the bones, muscles and joints;
  • The increase in body temperature;
  • «Growing» abdomen due to enlarged spleen and liver;
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • Of course, not all symptoms and signs appear at the same time, it depends on the type of malignancy, its stage and location. We can agree that the presence of such manifestations does not explicitly state the development of the malignant process (and think about the bad you do not want), so often toddlers trying to treat the primary care pediatrician, a gastroenterologist, a rheumatologist, suspecting SARS, poisoning, rheumatism and many more.

    Precancerous conditions

    Many have heard about such diseases, which are called precancerous, that is, the malignant process yet, but many of the signs already indicate the possibility of its development. In this regard, there are optional background and precancerous changes. Most often such transitions from benign processes to malignant observed in relation to cancers of the breast, cervix, mucous membranes and skin.

    Симптомы рака, первые признаки, проявления

    Morphologically, this process can be represented thus: tissue cells in some vulnerable spot begin to actively proliferate, which leads to the abnormal growth of tissue. Formed in the center of the cell to change and lose their functional ability, which is clearly seen on microscopic examination (atypia). Dysplasia, which is often diagnosed in the cervix, is a typical example of a precancerous condition and is at risk for cancer of the cervix.

    Of a threatening or obligate neoplasia (pre-cancer) say in the case of diseases, which if untreated, one way or another, but transformirovalsya cancer, although it is not known when it can happen in a month or in a few years. Patients who do not want to be treated, need to understand that the precancer can be considered the initial stage of the cancer process, therefore, non-invasive tumor (in situ) needs to be radically eliminated. This gives hope for a full recovery.

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