Cancer treatment with baking soda according to the Simoncini: opinion of the doctor

The increased incidence of malignant tumors takes rampant. Every year in the world registered millions of new cases and the mortality rate is still high. Scientists are constantly struggling to develop effective ways of dealing with the disease, however, despite the undoubted successes, patients continue to die. In such circumstances, cancer patients are willing to grasp at any straw, but sometimes such experiments are fraught with loss of time and progression of the tumor, and the proposed methods often «smack» outright quackery, as, for example, cancer treatment soda.

Trying to find at least some methods of dealing with the disease, in addition to the proposed official medicine, patients turn to traditional healers, herbalists and relevant literature. The Internet is full of information about open new miraculous means, which, however, the scientific world does not recognize. For credibility, the data on the income of the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture anticancer drugs, which supposedly is quite disadvantageous to the emergence of a new accessible and affordable anti-cancer drugs.

Periodically appears information about the opening of another method of treatment proposed, usually by people without medical education and knowledge in the field of Oncology, however convincing their pseudoscientific arguments to make the masses believe in the validity of new theories.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

As arguments in favor of the need of transition to unconventional methods of treatment provides information from the category of «conspiracy theory» according to which scientists and doctors from different countries, and those in power do everything possible to prevent research in this area, having some material interest.

Individual «theorists» have gone so far as to say that the difficulty with the promotion of ideas such as soda treatment, are connected with the necessity of natural selection due to the overpopulation of the Earth. Of course, the number of those who can get sick and die, will comprise the bulk of ordinary people. However, this assumption does not explain why still die of cancer very wealthy people with access to different kinds of innovations in the field of medicine, presidents, eminent scientists. The paradox, however.

The craze for soda takes rampant. With its help, ready to lose weight, get rid of foot fungus, cure heartburn and many other illnesses. Drink soda for cancer I agree if not millions, then thousands of patients, many of them have advanced cases in which official medicine can be powerless. A truly versatile tool, and in addition, also cheap and available to everyone. For this medicine does not need to go to the pharmacy, it does not require a prescription and consultation of a specialist. However, you should still figure out if effective and safe ingestion of sodium bicarbonate.

In order to understand a myth or reality is a cancer treatment baking soda, you need to analyze both points of view from positions of modern representations about the nature of tumor growth.

Modern ideas about cancer

From the point of view of medical science, the tumor is a continuously growing Autonomous pathological process, cells which are able to proliferate indefinitely. Using available research methods examined not only the microscopic structure of many tumors and described their cellular composition, but also the characteristic genetic mutation. You can definitely argue that the essence of cancer is almost solved, but geneticists, biologists, doctors willingly confirm. The ability for unlimited growth and the metastasis often makes the tumor difficult to cure, and the altered properties of cancer cells themselves contribute to the loss of sensitivity to various impacts.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

Given that the tumor occurs on the background of impaired immunity, often its growth is accompanied by the addition of a secondary inflammation and infection by microorganisms. Often in the focus of neoplasia can be detected all the known fungi of the genus Candida (Candida). It is believed that their appearance is of secondary character and is connected with the formation of immune deficiency, worsening in the presence of a tumoral intoxication and metabolic disorders. However, not all tumors are accompanied by the presence of these fungi. It should be noted that Candida can be detected in the intestine of healthy people, where they peacefully coexist with the natural microflora and are not a sign of pathology.

It is known that the presence of malignant tumors is accompanied by various metabolic disorders in growth of the tumor (including the notorious accession Candida), and the whole body. Thus, tumor cells are able to secrete a variety of biologically active substances, hormones, enzymes, and lactic acid, which quickly leads to acidification of the tissues, causing them damage, pain, and also partly contributing to the detachment and dissemination of tumor cells from forming metastases.

Metastases from the point of view of evidence-based medicine is not that other, as a result of contact with tumor cells through blood or lymph to other organs and tissues, where it is their further propagation with the formation of the tumor. Cellular composition of metastases, as a rule, similar to that of the primary tumor node.

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If detected early, the cancer in many cases curable, but it requires the involvement of experts and the entire Arsenal of currently available methods – surgery, chemotherapy, radiation.

This is the view of official medicine, backed by numerous proven scientific facts and the results of effective treatment of many malignant tumors.

Alternative theories and views on cancer treatment

Unfortunately, the level of confidence to physicians by many patients in the post-Soviet space countries is appallingly low. This is partly due to low accessibility of quality medical care and partly from lack of training and awareness treatment of diseases. All this creates conditions for patients of other, alternative, ways of dealing with the disease. The main paradox lies in the fact that many patients have more faith and blindly follow the advice of persons not having a clue about medicine, but is able beautifully and convincingly tell about the miraculous results of healing with the help of their methods.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

On a variety of sites quite a lot of information for any taste, for any disease with a wholly positive effect. Emphasizing the economic interest of pharmaceutical companies in marketing medicines and also using the gullibility and desperation of many patients, these «healers» do not forget to offer literature and even «drugs» from cancer for quite moderate in comparison with the traditional treatment cost. Unfortunately, enticed by such promises and stories that can help someone that is unconventional treatment of a positive effect, expect it’s not worth it.

Cancer treatment with baking soda is becoming very popular, and patients are ready to drink it solution be administered in the form of enemas, to make lotions and compresses, etc. Such enthusiasm soda the world owes Tullio Simoncini, the Italian doctor, who expressed his theory as to the origin of cancer and its treatment.

According to the views of Tullio Simoncini, cancer is not that other, as the focus of Candida infection, in response to which the organism builds a barrier in the form of excessive multiplication of cells of the tumor. From his standpoint, a fungal infection is not a consequence of immune system disorders and presence of tumors, and their root cause.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

fungus of Candida known as the causative agent of thrush

Simoncini on his website suggests that when troubles Candida spread throughout the body, forming the primary tumor and metastases, which must consist of the colonies of yeast-like fungi. The reason for this spread of the fungus the doctor considers the inadequacy of the protection against cancer by the immune system.

Following this logic, each tumor and each metastasis should carry the fungus and recurrent vaginal candidiasis (thrush) is pretty common in women of all ages – not that other, as a tumor growth.

Based on such reasoning, Simoncini began to actively use soda for introduction into the tumor with an endoscope, and also as enema and oral.

It should be noted that no research evidence of effectiveness and safety of such treatment by Simoncini is not given, but available data are rather controversial.

A few words about the author of the alternative theory…

Tullio Simoncini – the Italian doctor, who, however, denied a license for medical activities. Promoting their views and applying your cancer treatment, opposed themselves to the whole scientific world. People are quite fascinated by, tend to aferizm, loving luxury and evade taxes from your very impressive income.

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In spite of all prohibitions, Simoncini continues, the case involving the treatment of a significant number of patients, and actively consults with cancer patients on the Internet and even in a telephone conversation, offering a variety of recipes use baking soda.

Accurate data on treated patients no, but absolutely it is known about the deaths of such therapy. So, one patient died from perforation of the intestine as a result of introduction of soda solution, and the doctor was convicted and imprisoned. Another young girl, judging by the blog posts, refusing professional help and trusting Simoncini, died of cancer of the uterus, and the doctor assured her success in therapy and healing. Surely this list could go on and cite many examples of the deplorable treatment this way.

The effectiveness of the soda Italian explains its ability to oxalacetate environment and fungi of the genus Candida are known to lose ability to reproduction and growth. If we assume that cancer is a candidiasis, such a method should be effective. Besides, we all know that vaginal candidiasis in the home, many women are still treated with a solution of soda. This leads to the disappearance of clinical symptoms of thrush, but the infection can go into a chronic relapsing form as completely get rid of the fungus is possible only when you receive protivodiabeticheskih drugs.

Simoncini offers to drink soda from cancer of the stomach and esophagus. We all know that the stomach hydrochloric acid formed and, therefore, the introduction of soda will be its neutralization with the release of carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction will lead to the expansion of the stomach and an even greater increase in its secretory function, resulting in ulcers. For this reason, it is not recommended to treat heartburn using baking soda.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

In Russia also there are scientists who claim that rational treatment with soda is, in particular, Professor Neumyvakin I. P., which believes that the use of sodium bicarbonate justified in disorders of acid-base balance. This view is supported by knowledge in medicine and quite rational, but in no way resonates with the findings of Simoncini desperate.

The Internet gives many ways to make soda. Specify the amount, frequency of use, and even presents the scheme of treatment. Soda prompted to enter in the tumour, to drink with hot water or milk to make an enema out of her solution, however, about the safety of this treatment, the need to consider the condition of the patients and the presence of comorbidity silent.

The authorship of the most common prescription use of baking soda is attributed to Professor Neumyvakina, which recommends to take it every day, starting with a quarter teaspoon with hot milk or water on an empty stomach, before meals or two hours after a meal. Gradually, the Professor recommends to increase the amount of soda.

Fly in the ointment…

We all were taught in school chemistry, and play the simplest chemical reaction in the memory will not be easy. Sodium bicarbonate, getting into the stomach reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce the salt sodium chloride, water and carbon dioxide. How this changes the acid-base state of other organs and tissues is unknown, however such a process in the stomach is fraught with adverse consequences.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

Alkalinisation of the environment of the stomach leads to impaired digestion and lowers a protective barrier against various microorganisms. It is known that intestinal infections are more likely to suffer the inhabitants of hot countries, whose acidity decreases due to natural reasons, and with the help of baking soda for this condition can be achieved artificially. In addition, dramatically increases the likelihood of developing ulcers, since in response to carbon dioxide secretory activity of the stomach increases in order to compensate for the resulting changes.


Considering the above mentioned facts, inadvertently doubt creeps in, can you really cure cancer with baking soda? Based on the logic that people, even far from medicine, can ask simple questions:

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Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

  • If cancer is a fungus of the genus Candida, why not just recurrence of the candidiasis, whether it be thrush or lesions of the oral mucosa when antibiotic therapy is actually malignant?
  • If Candida mutates and adapts to fungicidal means (according to supporters of the theory Simoncini), then why not occurs its resistance to baking soda?
  • If the tumor is Candida, then why not all tumors or their metastases histological examination revealed at least some member of the family of Fungi?

In addition, following the theory Simoncini, it is absolutely unclear what is the basis of classification of tumors of the principles according to which their kinds are allocated and what is actually see in the microscope pathomorphology, because we know exactly what to distinguish with the help of modern instruments and methods yeast and other fungi from the tumor, representing a cell conglomerate, is quite simple.

Is there any merit in the use of soda for cancer?

Set a goal, we tried to prove the possibility of using sodium bicarbonate in malignant tumors. Because when tumors occur metabolic disorders, electrolytes and minerals, and quite likely shift the acid-alkaline balance. In such a situation, infusion therapy, consisting in the introduction of various solutions, including those containing soda, it is justified and shown.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

infusion therapy (IV) with soda contained substances can be applied in cancer, but strictly for medical reasons

This component of treatment is part of a comprehensive cancer therapy in addition to surgical intervention, purpose of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is not in line with the views of official medicine. The dosage of the injected solutions is strictly considering the indicators of acid-base balance in the study of blood of the patient, since even minor changes in case of inadequate use of soda intravenously fraught with various complications.

Neither of which receive soda orally or insert it into the gut of the question in this case because, as mentioned above, this can lead to other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Simple insights

To summarize, we make some simple conclusions that will to some extent be subjective, since they reflect the ideas of the modern traditional medicine based on research and insights of specialists in different fields of science.

Лечение рака содой по Симончини: отзыв врача

Baking soda is not a panacea, and in Oncology miracles do not happen, so the cancer cure is possible only with the help of experts, involving all available methods. Soda will not cure cancer!

A passion for traditional methods and scientific data about the effectiveness of soda and other such miracle products leads to loss of precious time and progression of disease, and the patient comes to the doctor already at an advanced stage where to make almost anything.

Do not forget that the majority of tumors available for diagnosis in the early stages. You need to be sensitive to your body and if you have symptoms of any disease immediately go to the doctor.

Before you trust educated doctors or specialists without a medical education, should carefully weigh the «pros» and «cons», because the lost health and even life, then will not return, and to find the perpetrators will be difficult.

Everyone is responsible for their health and decides to trust the official medicine and doctors, or follow unproven theories and experience the unknown methods of treatment, becoming the likeness of a Guinea pig. I want to believe that common sense will win, and scientists will be able to find the cure for cancer.