Hemlock in the treatment of cancer: application, opinion of the doctor

Sick man, tired of fighting with the deadly disease and firmly rejecting recommendations of official medicine, directs the remaining power in search of folk remedies, which, according to the «experts» were able to help when a malignant tumor has spread through the body and almost «ate» it. It is not surprising that Hemlock in cancer, many patients begin to take, when faith in recovery almost left, but there’s still some hope to extend their lives. In this state, people often go to everything and, sometimes, reach substances that inside and make scared.

Hemlock is known since ancient times as a medicine and as a poison, capable of killing a man. Not doubting its medicinal properties, still need to figure out whether he is able to replace anticancer drugs and whether to completely reject the recommendation of the oncologists.

A bit of history

Болиголов в лечении рака: применение, отзыв врача

With Hemlock or golovolomok, omega, poisonous parasol, degtyarka and a lot of it is called a biennial umbrella plant that causes severe headache and dizziness by eating fruits in small quantities, or death in severe poisoning. Even Hippocrates was aware of the unique properties of Hemlock, however, the ancient Greeks used it not only as a medicine. Is said of the great Hemlock killed Socrates deliberately poisoned by this plant.

A poisonous substances of plant origin in the Middle ages, the Renaissance and New time and continued to be used as medicines, and as a murder weapon. Such were the times… But gradually, many countries began to abandon the use of Hemlock because of its toxicity. For example, in the United States of America p were appointed as the main analgesic medication in the early 19th century, and in Russia he was excluded from the official Pharmacopoeia only on the eve of the 20th century. Meanwhile, in the present, the traditional medicine of some countries still recognize the «umbrella», which is on a par with other medicinal raw materials. But as they say, is new – is well forgotten old, so the properties of this plant have not been forgotten and remembered again in connection with the development of homeopathy and the growth of the cancer.

Болиголов в лечении рака: применение, отзыв врача

Russian scientists in search of effective cancer drugs is constantly continue to explore new antitumor drugs, where the Hemlock is also not left without attention. Many sources refer to the development of Professor Arkhangelsk medical Academy Aleut Nikolai Nikolaevich, who, in fact, dealt with this plant, studied its properties and effect on cancerous body. However, it should be noted that the Professor and his other associates (candidate of medical Sciences S. V. Korepanov, working in the Altai, pharmacist L. N. Woman from Saint Petersburg), based their conclusions on scientific research, that is, the study of the effect of plant alkaloids on cancer cells was done by professionals, not Amateurs. Aleutian N. N. and the sponsors have patented methods of treating cancer Hemlock (drugs from plants for the treatment of sarcoma and other tumors). Perhaps in the near future the accumulated materials on the Hemlock will form the basis of new anticancer drugs to be released from the pharmaceutical industry, to be designated in the specially selected doses, given other circumstances.

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Now many sources claim that Hemlock helps in all cases with advanced forms metastases when conventional medicine «the patient refused». However, some distributors are ready drops still warn that Hemlock doesn’t work for all people equally, explaining that individual immunity. Perhaps the reader has guessed that it is in those forms of cancer which are not subject to the treatment (in such cases, the Hemlock can be used for pain relief). But interestingly enough, these same distributors are recommended to drink Hemlock to prevent the development of a malignant tumor. That is, it is a healthy person starts cancer prevention with Hemlock and takes it all the time? In any case, the author met with similar advice.

Hemlock, its properties and preparation

Conium maculatum is one of the species of the wild Umbelliferae biennial plant, which is considered in folk medicine, the primary means of dealing with malignant tumors due to its toxic alkaloids:

  • Coniine (most important);
  • Methylconiine;
  • Conhydrine;
  • Pseudoconhydrine;
  • Coniceine.

In addition to these components, the chemical composition of Hemlock include the fat (glycerides) essential oils, some organic acids and flavonoids (quercetin, kaempferol).

Болиголов в лечении рака: применение, отзыв врача

It grows in all parts of the world. In Russia covers the whole of the European territory, applies to Western Siberia and Caucasus. Meanwhile, the best raw materials to prepare the tincture of Hemlock against cancer is considered as the plant, collected in Ukraine, however, Hemlock grown, for example, in the Krasnodar region, will not yield their medicinal properties to the Ukrainian counterpart. By the way, noted that the plants of southern latitudes in its virulence is greatly superior to their Northern cousins, and the greatest danger comes from Hemlock before flowering. Subsequently, the poison is mostly concentrated in fruits and seeds, while other parts become less poisonous. A large number of dangerous alkaloids is lost in drying, and after cooking, say, omega becomes absolutely harmless. Of course, all these details are taken into account in the harvesting of plants for the treatment of cancer with Hemlock, however, the loss of some part of toxicity does not mean that it is possible to perceive it as ordinary grass.

  • Hemlock can’t taste it, it is «no», though poisonous. A hallmark of omega – the mouse smell, which appears when crushed parts of the plant in his hand.
  • Not to raise raw children, and, besides this and explain why he needs to be away and how to distinguish the poisonous from omega leaves of common parsley, is widely used in food.
  • Harvested parts of the plant do not place or store near other medicinal flora.
  • Blooms p is closer to a «top of summer» (June-July), so at this time, the herbalists are usually prepared for harvesting. With the purpose of Hemlock in cancer in the course are the different parts of herbs (flowers, leaves, stalks). In the flowering period, harvest the leaves and immature seeds (together with umbrella).

    Harvesting herbs is a science. To prepare the tincture of Hemlock, the most popular method is the collection of plants immediately in the prepared jar, which filled a bottle of vodka. Torn leaves and umbrellas of the Bank is filled by a third, while periodically vzbaltyvayut to parts of the plants are well wetted. If harvest only umbrellas, the Bank and the top can be filled, but their surfaces must. The future of medicine on arrival home should be placed in the refrigerator and leave it for 2 – 2.5 weeks for the infusion.

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    The infusion of unripe seeds and leaves of the root zone can be prepared in the pure alcohol (medicinal of course). For this part of the plant pour alcohol in a ratio of 1:2 (seeds leaves : alcohol) and insist in the refrigerator for 2.5 weeks (18 days).

    Folk medicine, homeopathy, official pharmacology

    As medicine homemade Hemlock at all times used are different, different from each other, States:

    Болиголов в лечении рака: применение, отзыв врача

    factory tincture of Hemlock

    • Fear, anxiety, insomnia (as a sedative).
    • Pain of any localization and origin (cancer, too).
    • Spasms and convulsions (epilepsy, chorea, whooping cough, migraine).
    • Indigestion (heartburn, constipation, colic);
    • Violation of urination.
    • Diseases of female reproductive organs (menstrual disorders, uterine fibroids, endometriosis).
    • Rheumatism, gout (local use).
    • Anemia.
    • Exudative diathesis.
    • Inflammation of the lymph nodes.

    Usually in such cases applies a 10% tincture of Hemlock (a half-liter of vodka, plus 50 grams of dried and powdered herbs), which is allowed to stand for 3 weeks in a dark place. Used, like other folk remedies: dropped in a tablespoon of water (10 drops) and drink before meals 2 times a day. In severe pain the dose can be increased to 20 drops.

    During the period of temporary forgetfulness by the people of Hemlock, it continued to use homeopathy that medicine prepared from specially selected low doses of vegetable alkaloids. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular pathology on the basis of this plant and now continue to be popular among patients, rejecting «all synthetics». Supporters of herbal medicine did not ignore the use of Hemlock in cancer of any localization, however, given the growth of cancer pathology, special attention was directed to the treatment with Hemlock lung cancer, stomach cancer, tumors of the breast.

    Hemlock against cancer: treatment regimens

    Treatment with Hemlock lung cancer does not differ from that in gastric cancer or other tumors.

    Болиголов в лечении рака: применение, отзыв врача

    There are several schemes of treatment of cancer tincture of this plant:

    • At the most gentle method No. 1 (the method Tishchenko V. V. or «Royal») to drink Hemlock 1 times a day before meals (at the same time!), spreading the tincture in half a glass of water. The dose is increased daily by 1 drop and corresponds to the day of admission: 1 day – 1 drop 2nd day – 2 drops… 40 day – 40 drops and the countdown. Make the Hemlock should be 2-3 courses in a row (finished and immediately started following), but break to a week are still valid, if the patient is tired or other circumstances prevented to proceed immediately to the new rate. Treatment regimen (1-40-1) recommended to renew 2 times a year or 3 times in 2 years until full recovery (so, at least, say, traditional healers).
    • Make the Hemlock according to the method No. 2 is somewhat more complicated, as the dose increases more sharply: the treatment starts with one drop, but three times a day. The dose is increased daily by 1 drop, that is, the first day the patient drink 3 drops (1×3), the second – 6 drawer (2×3), the third – 9 drops (3×3) and so on, increasing the dose to 40 drops. Then the dosage is reduced in the opposite direction: 40×3. 39х3, 38х3… to Calculate the treatment need on 2-3 courses in a row, which should resume 3-4 times in 2 years.
    • Even more stringent procedure No. 3 is also recommended for cancer of all sites, which would increase dose a day: in the morning the first day – 1 drop, day – 2 drops, dinner – 3 drops. The second day, begin with four drops and continue increasing the dose to 40 drops, then the dosage is reduced by now familiar scheme. It should be borne in mind that at some stage the patient may feel the influence of Hemlock (nausea, dizziness, headache), in such a case, receiving infusion should be discontinued until the disappearance of unwanted effects, and then to resume it again.
    • In severe forms of cancer make the Hemlock is recommended according to method No. 4, which provides for an increase in dose for one of these schemes and bringing it before the onset of symptoms of poisoning, it should be continue to drink Hemlock, reducing the dose for a few drops. It should be noted that the author does not share this approach to the treatment of malignant processes. No oncologist to engage in such Amateur can be quite dangerous.
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    Hemlock diluted in water, and its quantity increases in proportion to increasing dose (10 drops to 50 ml, therefore, 40 drops is about cups).

    About the main

    Болиголов в лечении рака: применение, отзыв врача

    The main can be considered that the Hemlock is very poisonous and, if decided patient try a folk remedy, then it should be done only after consulting with the oncologist. Some drink Hemlock after surgery to prevent relapse that may make some sense, but the prevention of cancer with Hemlock in healthy people impossible: long-term use of alkaloids of this plant will lead to chronic intoxication, which is known to be fraught with other troubles.

    Do not particularly rely on Hemlock for cancer of all stages and locations. Replacing traditional cancer treatment folk remedy, you can simply miss out on precious time that no Hemlock not turn back. The reader may wonder if the omega is so omnipotent, why every year oncological diseases continue to claim thousands of lives? Maybe the dead people just had individual immunity to medications home-produced or all-cancer dispersing throughout the body, was stronger?

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