Nutrition in cancer (diet), foods against cancer

We all know the importance of the nature of food for human life. Healthy it helps to maintain proper metabolism and to prevent the emergence of many diseases, and the patient – to fight with disorders and their complications. In this regard, the role of nutrition in cancer cannot be overemphasized, because these patients need large amounts of vitamin, minerals, fiber, protein.

A healthy person does not always think about the fact that he’s eating, indulging yourself in sweets, smoked products, sausages, fatty and fried foods. Shops offer a wide selection of products with preservatives, dyes, stabilizers, flavor enhancers and other harmful components. Meanwhile, such food not only improves health, but also contributes to many diseases, including cancer. If the prevention of malignant tumors with diet many people think are ineffective and useless, the diet for cancer often is crucial in the treatment of diseases, contributing to deterioration or stabilize the patient’s condition. To some it may seem strange, but the food processed by the body to simpler components from which then the construction of new cells.

Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологии

The correct diet helps maintain normal metabolism, prevents the formation of free radicals that have a damaging effect on the tissue, saturates the body with vitamins, minerals, fiber, needed for digestive system. No wonder one of the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle is recognized and healthy diet, which improves the anticancer properties of the immune system leads to increased physical activity, weight loss and normalizes a hormonal background.

In General, the diet against cancer should include plenty of vegetables and fruits, cereals, legumes, fiber. With an emphasis on botanicals, do not forget about the meat, preferring the lean – beef, Turkey, rabbit. Fish, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, seafood containing sufficient iodine is also needed by the body. The first step to such a diet should be to avoid products known to contain carcinogens or those being: fast food, sausages, smoked meats and fish, chips, sodas, different foods, confectionery, etc.

In patients with malignant tumors significantly the metabolism, the tumor consumes large amounts of glucose, vitamins, protein, releasing into the bloodstream of toxic products of metabolism and zakislate the surrounding space. All this is accompanied by intoxication, weight loss, severe weakness. If the disease occurs with bleeding, show signs of anemia and oxygen starvation of the tissues, which further exacerbates the patient’s condition. To make up for the missing calories, kilograms of weight and is vital for metabolism of the substance and designed a special diet for patients oncological profile.

Feature power a cancer patient is that, if necessary, a waiver of many products, it is necessary, however, to ensure patient a sufficient amount of calories and nutrients that for some tumors (stomach, intestine, larynx, oral cavity) quite difficult to do. In such cases, in addition to a balanced diet, resort to intravenous or tube by introducing additional mixtures and substances.

If the condition of the digestive system of a cancer patient allows, the ration should be readily available carbohydrates in the form of honey, sweet creams, nuts, dried fruit, biscuits or chocolate. The importance and appeal of the food, because in the background of tumor of intoxication or in the treatment process, many patients complain about the decline or even lack of appetite. In such cases, have the various seasonings, herbs, sauces. Clove, mint, cinnamon, pepper, parsley, dill, cumin, ginger, turmeric and many other tasty and useful natural supplements can significantly «transform» the taste of the most normal and nothing appealing dishes. In addition, the spices not only enhance taste but also stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, improving, thus, the digestion of food.

Products with anticancer properties

Long-term observations, including the experience of nutritionists, oncologists and patients themselves say that there are foods that prevent the development and progression of tumors. Based on these data, scientists studied the chemical composition of some of them and found that, indeed, they contain substances with pronounced anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and even immune-boosting properties. Proper diet not only can serve as a cancer prevention, but also to give cancer patients an extra chance for a cure.

In the group of products that prevent malignant tumors, include:

  • Garlic and onions;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables;
  • Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологииGreen and, to a lesser extent, black tea;
  • Berries, fruits, grapes;
  • Soybeans, legumes and cereals;
  • Some varieties of fish.

Garlic has long been known for its beneficial properties to combat various diseases. He has a pronounced antimicrobial action and is able to enhance the activity of lymphocytes and macrophages because it contained volatile. Research scientists from different countries allowed us to highlight a matter (diallyl sulfide) that helps in the fight against malignant neoplasms, particularly prostate cancer, stomach, intestine, skin. In studies on mice it was observed that garlic is more effective for bladder cancer than BCG therapy.

To achieve a positive effect, it is recommended to eat daily large clove of garlic, but be careful: it is possible to enhance the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, the appearance of abdominal pain and even vomiting. Due to some anticoagulant properties should not be carried away by garlic, and in patients with impaired blood clotting while taking blood thinners before surgery.

Onion has similar properties in relation to tumors, but a little less pronounced, it is also useful as an additive to various dishes.

Relatively recently been discovered anticancer properties of tomatoes. It was found that they contained lycopene has a powerful antioxidant effect. Moreover, once in the body it is not converted into vitamin a, unlike the beta-carotenes present in large amounts in carrots and other «red» fruits and vegetables.

Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологии

Lycopene not only stimulates the antioxidant properties of the body, but also prevents the decrease in the growth of existing tumours. Studies have shown that consuming tomatoes in raw form and in the form of juice or paste, to reduce the size of certain types of neoplasias such as prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer. Men who took part in the researches of the American scientists, it was discovered a significant decrease in the concentration of prostate specific antigen, which is the activity marker of prostate tumors. Prophylactically effective tomatoes at high risk of cervical cancer, pancreas, intestines.

Eating tomatoes is not accompanied by any side reactions under the condition of good quality used vegetable (absence of nitrates and other pesticides), and to achieve a preventive effect nutritionists recommend drinking at least once a week a glass of tomato juice.

Broccoli contains in its composition several substances that have antitumor effect is sulforaphane, lutein, indole-3-carbinol. Studies of anticancer properties of this plant were carried out on laboratory animals, and were examined in patients with cancer who consumed it regularly. As a result, scientists have established the effectiveness of broccoli in cancer of the lung, bladder, prostate and breast cancer. Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологииJoint observation of researchers from America and China showed that the risk of lung cancer with regular use of broccoli over a 10-year period decreased almost by one third, and in men who ate at least 300 grams of broccoli per week, the probability of a tumor of the bladder is reduced by almost half.

It is important that especially good results can be obtained when used in food young heads of cabbage of the cabbage, but cook should be a couple or boil a short period of time. Many nutritionists suggest at the same time to use broccoli and tomatoes, reinforcing, thus, the beneficial properties of these vegetables. Note, however, that a large amount of fiber promotes flatulence and even diarrhea, so people who have bowel problems, it is better not to get involved an excessive amount of broccoli.

Other plants of the cabbage family (cabbage and cauliflower, watercress) also possess similar properties, have good taste and harmless even if consumed frequently in large quantities. So, cabbage is able to normalize the levels of estrogen, thus preventing the occurrence of breast cancer and prostate cancer. In the presence of precancerous processes in the cervix (dysplasia) contained in cabbage ingredients that stimulate regression of dangerous changes of the epithelium. In addition to the beneficial qualities, cabbage is available all year round, so use it constantly and as long as the body takes.

Green tea is very useful for the prevention and fight against cancer because it contained polyphenols that have a pronounced antioxidant effect. A similar effect, but somewhat weaker, you can get by drinking black tea. Blocking the damaging effects of free radicals, tea enhances the antitumor activity of the organism, prevents the progression of existing tumors by reducing the intensity of the growth of blood vessels in them. Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологииThe tradition of drinking tea was prevalent in China, Japan and many countries in Asia, so the locals are statistically less likely to get cancer of the pancreas, breast, prostate and esophagus.

To achieve a positive effect it is necessary to drink at least three cups of green tea a day, but those who have heart problems (arrhythmia) or the digestive system, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not be over-fond of tea.

Berries, fruits, grapes contain large amount of vitamin C, but other very useful components. Use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, citrus, peaches will benefit, not only to prevent cancer, but also patients with malignant tumors.

In grapes (especially the skins and seeds) was found the compound resveratrol, anti-cancer activity which are studied by scientists from different countries. In experiments on rats it was established that resveratrol has an antioxidant effect and prevents the appearance of genetic mutations in cells. Participating in biochemical processes, this substance blocks the development of inflammatory processes, which are often both a cause and a consequence of tumors at the same time.

It is possible to meet recommendations, according to which small doses of dry red wine prevents cancer, but do not forget that the overindulgence in alcoholic beverages leads to the probability of tumors of different localizations. Of course, 50 g of wine won’t harm you, but all should comply with the measure.

Thanks contained in the grapes are estrogen-like substances that may increase the growth of breast tumors. This fact must be taken into account, women with precancerous processes and malignant neoplasms of the breast.

Soy beans, legumes, and grains rich in trace elements, vitamins and fibers, which are very important for correct digestive system. In addition, they saturate the body with the necessary amount of calories and do not cause obesity, which is one of the risk factors of malignant tumors. Soy products not only have anticancer properties, but also reduce the severity of side effects during radiation or chemotherapy.

Fish is considered an essential component of any healthy diet. Thanks to the contained omega-3 fatty acids, it normalizes fat metabolism, prevents the appearance of free radicals and peroxidation in cells. People who prefer fish, fatty meat, and suffer less from obesity and diabetes, and the risk of recurrence of the tumor at the use of fish is much lower.

In addition to describes the beneficial effect and other products. So, honey may be helpful for bowel cancer and breast cancer due to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. Kelp, shiitake mushrooms, nuts, olive oil when used in reasonable quantities have some antitumor effect.

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Eating habits in some types of cancer and treatment

Patients some forms of cancer need a special diet. This is especially true of patients with pathology of the digestive system, patients after surgical interventions, in the appointment of chemotherapy.

Stomach cancer

Food for stomach cancer is placed in table No. 1 (gastric), eliminating spicy, fried, fatty food, lots of spices. Preference should be given to soups, cereals, praterdome meat, mashed potatoes, fruit. Should be removed from the diet foods that increase the secretion of gastric juice (pickled sour vegetables, alcohol, carbonated beverages). The patients of this form of cancer can suffer severe nausea, vomiting, aversion to food, especially meat, so it’s best to offer them the products and safe and the patient himself agrees is.

Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологии

In cases of surgical treatment, diet for stomach cancer involves a complete refusal to accept through a mouth of food and water for a period of 2 to 6 days of the postoperative period depending on the type of operation, and all the necessary nutrients, water, proteins, vitamins, insulin is administered intravenously with a dropper.

Eating habits after gastric prescribed by your doctor, but most patients after a few days already allowed to take liquid foods, soups, porridges, dairy products. About a week after surgery, patients are transferred to table # 1.

Bowel cancer

Diet for bowel cancer needs to be well balanced for the major nutrients and calorie content, but at the same time, all of its components must be easily digestible amazed by the intestines. Because patients in this group at high risk of changes in motility with constipation or diarrhea, malabsorption, then you should follow some rules:

  • Smaller meals – food should be taken 5-6 times a day in small portions.
  • Preferable vegetable products, vegetables, fruits, fish, and vegetable oil. Avoid components that help you poop (grapes, cabbage, pastries).
  • It is necessary to exclude alcohol, sodas, plenty of spices, whole and fresh milk.
  • Dishes best steamed or boiled, take food slowly, chewing well.
  • The same principles should be followed for patients with liver cancer, refusing coffee, alcohol, strong broths, fried and fatty, smoked meats in favor of vegetables and lean meats and fish. As sweet it is permissible to use marshmallows, candy, a very useful med.

    Breast cancer

    Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологии

    Women with breast cancer proposed specific recommendations, including some groups of products that can help to fight breast cancer. In addition to the main full diets, nutrition in breast cancer involves the use of:

  • Soy, but you need to be wary of genetically modified soy products, carcinogenic effects are not fully proven, but not refuted by the convincing facts.
  • Vegetables that contain carotenoids are pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, etc.
  • Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids – salmon, cod, haddock, halibut, hake.
  • Legumes, bran, grains.
  • Diet in the postoperative period

    Of particular importance is the nutrition of patients after surgery for malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. So, we recommend limiting fats and available carbohydrates, salt, but high in protein mainly of plant origin. Useful for cereals, bran, normalizing peristalsis and preventing constipation, and rice and pasta have to give.

    Patients in the postoperative period can you eat dairy products, lean fish, eggs, tea and jelly. Over time, this list can be extended, but alcohol, fried and smoked dishes, condiments, cake and cake place in it will never be.

    Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологии

    If you have a colostomy to divert the stool patients should follow a good drinking regime, to avoid an excess in the diet cabbage, beans, egg, seasonings, Apple and grape juices, nuts, which can cause excessive gas and bad smell.

    In each case, advice on diet individual, therefore before the use of certain products it is better to consult with your doctor or dietitian. Patients and their relatives before discharge be given instruction in composition and cooking at home.

    Diet for cancer stage 4 can have features depending on the lesion, but all patients need high-calorie food, because the tumor consumes significant amounts of energy, glucose, vitamins, amino acids. Cancer cachexia, or simply exhaustion, the lot of all patients with advanced forms of cancer. In addition to the excellent food, the sick can be prescribed extra vitamins and minerals in tablets, iron preparations, magnesium, selenium. Don’t be afraid of carbs. Many believe just the tumor consumes a large amount of glucose, it is not necessary to use it at all, but it is necessary to consider the energy consumption of the body of the patient, so to fill his own needs is a priority supply.

    Nutrition during chemotherapy

    Nutrition during chemotherapy is associated with considerable difficulties. For anybody not a secret that chemotherapy drugs are quite toxic and cause a lot of side effects such as nausea, vomiting, sudden loss of appetite, violation of the chair. Encourage the patient to eat Breakfast or dinner in such conditions that a miracle. But eating is still necessary, diet will make it easier to move the treatment, and the observance of certain terms and tricks of cooking can help these patients.

    Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологии

    During chemotherapy and in between the courses, it is recommended to eat foods from four groups:

    • Protein.
    • Milk.
    • Bread and cereals.
    • The vegetables and fruits.

    The patient’s diet should include components from each group. So, protein in the body can do with lean meat, fish, eggs, legumes, soy, and need to use them at least twice a day.

    Dairy products are rather diverse, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, milk, cheese and butter. They need to take at least two times a day.

    Various cereals and bread are very useful and rich In b vitamins as well as easily accessible carbohydrates, so they are distributed on four stages throughout the day.

    Vegetables and fruits are an indispensable component in the diet of cancer patients. Juices, compotes from dried fruits, fresh salads, steamed vegetables, consume up to 5 times a day.

    Питание при раке (диета), продукты против онкологии

    In reducing appetite important table layout, the appearance of dishes, spices. If there are no contraindications on the part of the gastrointestinal tract, may be present in the diet of pickled vegetables, sour juices, sweets. Food should be easily available, it is desirable to take small portions, in the form of heat, but you need to have a light snack such as cookies, crackers, chocolate.

    During chemotherapy it makes sense to increase the amount of fluid intake to two liters a day, but on the condition that kidneys are not affected and well urine. Healthy juices – carrot, Apple, beet, raspberry.

    If the patient complains of nausea and vomiting, you should limit the consumption of milk, too sweet and fatty foods. It is advisable to do breathing exercises, eat small portions and drink food and plenty of water so that the stomach does not overflow unnecessarily. It is necessary to refuse from spices, foods with strong taste and smell, and immediately before administration of chemotherapy and I have to eat.

    Chemotherapy is often accompanied by diarrhea because the delicate mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to such treatment. It is recommended the most sparing diet of pureed low-fat meals, large amounts of fluid. Normalization of stool contribute rice, crackers, jelly, mashed potatoes, bananas. Should be excluded from the diet of milk, baked goods, legumes.

    Despite the usefulness and effectiveness of many products, cancer treatment nutrition in isolation is unacceptable. All of these recommendations pertain to patients who have addressed to the oncologist, had or are preparing for surgery, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Without the help of a specialist no diet can cure from a malignant tumor.

    Arguments are going on about so-called alkalizing foods and their role in cancer treatment. It is known that metabolic processes in the tumor contribute to acidification and its surrounding tissues, and the supporters of diet and alkalization of the body argue that the restoration of acid-base balance eliminate the imbalance reduces the impact of acidic products of metabolism, and enhances tissue oxygenation. Like it or not, scientists have yet to study, and a list of alkaline foods include greens, vegetables, fruits, milk drinks, alkaline mineral water. In any case, these components are useful for cancer regardless of whether they change the pH, so the observance of such a diet won’t harm you, provided its usefulness for major nutrients.


    In conclusion, I would like to note that even the seemingly proper and effective diet is not a panacea for malignant tumors, and may benefit only in the treatment with a specialist oncologist, and the observance of all his recommendations, including with respect to the supply. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, move more and get positive emotions, then the threat of the disease will be avoided.

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