SDA 2 in Oncology, cancer treatment: the use of dangerous!

In patients with a variety of diseases in the fight for your health! All kinds of herbs, soda, biologically active additives used in the pathology of internal organs, skin, and tumors. Select tools – antiseptic-stimulator Dorogova, popularly known simply ASD.

ASD among the questionable funds from the cancer occupies a special place, because this composition is given miraculous and healing properties, helping to heal a number of tumors, even malignant. The patient, who is diagnosed with cancer, wants to use all possible means in the fight against disease, often neglected by traditional medicine and giving preference to the «secret» to the medications of traditional healers and traditional healers.

АСД 2 при онкологии, лечении рака: применение опасно!

A. V. Dorogov

The main argument of those who propose, among other «drugs» of ASD is that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry unprofitable to appoint an effective, but cheap tools, and the Internet dazzles with messages in the spirit of «the Doctors hiding it from us!» Of course, one may say that the expensive treatment of chemotherapy brings considerable profit, but take a look at the problem from a different, more logical, side.

ASD is very common in Russia and some CIS countries, while in Europe and the United States about it not even heard. Meanwhile, the death rate from cancer is significantly lower in developed countries, where doctors about ASD have not heard, and patients trust the official medicine.

The post-Soviet space has kept the model health organization, when the purchase of many drugs, including expensive are financed from the state budget. In this regard, the state, on the contrary, it would be advantageous to buy or produce cheap products based on ASD instead of spending billions of rubles to chemotherapy.

The Oncology service provides assistance free of charge to most patients, many really expensive medicines prescribed at public expense, and operations are done on quotas. In this case, does it make sense for the doctor to hide something?

In addition to distrust doctors, and other Hobbies non-traditional and often dangerous methods of treatment: the ignorance of the population about a number of diseases, the results of traditional treatment and prognosis with the right approach. Most tumors to date curable, but if the patient comes at an advanced stage, oncologists forced to abandon effective interventions due to the severity of the condition. In this situation, and the patient himself, his relatives they go in search of a tool that can recover health, and the Internet and popular publications immediately it is offered – ASD, for example.

АСД 2 при онкологии, лечении рака: применение опасно!

Preparation ASD is cheap, it can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy and how much to take. Cheapness is not a consequence of the survey composition, clinical trials, lack of experience of applying for a person. Many wonder: why don’t studies of the action of ASD in Oncology? Probably because scientists don’t see the feasibility of significant cost in the unlikely event of success.

ASD is known to more than half a century, it is unlikely during this time would not find enthusiasts among scientists, who would check whether this drug works wonders. Maybe a positive result would be a revolution in modern medicine, and finally there would be available to all the remedy for cancer. It is possible that the researchers would have received the Nobel prize, however, nothing happens. The scientific world ignores ASD as a remedy for cancer, in reputable medical journals it was not mentioned ever, and practitioners in the best case do not prohibit its use, leaving full responsibility for the patient.

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Choosing as a therapeutic agent of ASD, a person must be aware of the risk, as a result of the admission of such tools is always unpredictable, and in the event of adverse effects to look for the guilty need to be not among doctors. Try to understand where it came from ASD and whether it can make the person in principle.

How and why were ASD

Preparation ASD and is now used for the treatment of diseases, but only in veterinary medicine. It was created in the middle of the last century, scientists A.V. Drogowym to fight infections and skin diseases in cattle, strengthening animal health and increasing milk yield.

АСД 2 при онкологии, лечении рака: применение опасно!

To obtain the SDA Dorogov used frogs, by sublimation of tissue which was obtained a substrate possessing a strong antiseptic and stimulating properties. Later frog as a raw material was replaced by bone meal and waste meat processing industries.

The resulting tool is well established in veterinary medicine, it really helped to treat skin lesions in cows, improved the health of cattle, stimulated the immune system. The objective of the laboratory Dorogova was achieved, and the drug appeared in veterinary pharmacies and are sold there today.

In the manufacture of antiseptic-stimulant get several factions: ASD-1, which is not used at all, the SDA-2 and SDA-3. The last two fractions are used (in animals) only externally (ASD-3) or externally and internally (ASD-2).

In the composition of the ASD – aromatic amines, amides, hydrocarbons, carboxylic acids, phenols and other products of thermal processing of raw materials obtained by growing cattle. To obtain ASD use the waste or cloth long lived animals. In the course are the bones, bone meal, meat. The resulting substrate has a yellow-brown color and a very unpleasant, pungent odor, which causes many a gag reflex, which drink it is extremely difficult.

The effects of ASD are reduced in animals for faster healing of wounds and skin lesions, the drug increases the appetite and the motility of the intestine of cattle, contributes to weight gain, increase lactation, stimulates the nervous system.

Human beings are strange, risky and often illogical. Deciding that what’s good for the cow to help him, he started to use ASD and even recommend to friends. With the rooting media and the most powerful of them – the Internet, information on the use of ASD began to spread rapidly.

Preparation ASD is approved for use only in veterinary medicine, it is not registered as a drug for humans and in the foreseeable future has such promise, but the availability and low cost of «drugs» do their job. Buying in veterinary pharmacies of ASD, the people actively treats almost all existing disease.

The use of ASD people

Preparation ASD does not prescribe a doctor, not because he is not registered, and because the tool has not passed clinical trials and was not tested as a medicine even in laboratory animals. Hence, the application of ASD can be dangerous.

If you desire to take ASD is still not disappeared, we will present some diseases for which the «experts» — medical profile it is recommended.

It is believed that ASD helps in bronchial asthma, gynecological diseases, skin lesions, impotence, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, alopecia, renal pathology and gastrointestinal tract tumors. This list could go on and on to include almost all diseases from the International classification.

Cancer treatment ASD fraction 2 – «invention», which belongs, probably, to Russians, because they make up the bulk of the receiving this drug from tumors. Rumor has it that a treatment is effective, especially when combined with traditional therapy. However, the question remains: helping ASD or treatment of cancer, appointed by the oncologist?

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АСД 2 при онкологии, лечении рака: применение опасно!

The application in Oncology of ASD fraction 2 includes a reception means inside, according to the scheme, with the increase amount of the used drug. Due to a pronounced odor, followers of treatment of ASD are advised to drink a solution of juice, put it in capsules from other drugs, to close the nasal passages to simply not smell. However, these measures do not always save from the gag reflex, and pursuing people who decided on this treatment.

For tumors located in internal organs, ASD 2 is recommended to drink, at an outside tumors – compress. The proposed scheme of treatment – sparing and «shock», are selected based on the tumor stage, age and condition of the patient.

Gentle treatment is the drug for three weeks then a week break. Initial dose of 3 drops, every day it increases by two drops, from the sixth day after making 13 drops, 7 day – a break. After a break of one day growing scheme is repeated, and so for another three weeks.

A second course after a break of one week the same, but start with 5 drops, adding every day for two (5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 drops on the sixth day). In this number are treated for another three weeks, then a break.

«Shock» the scheme needs to take preparation courses in high doses. Every day the patient uses the remedy at 8am, 12, 16, and 8 o’clock in the evening 5 drops. All treatments include 10 courses of treatment of ASD. The first course is five days in five drops at a specified time of day. The second course was already 10 drops and so on increasing by adding 5 drops on each course, reaching to the tenth to 50 drops 4 times a day for five days.

The latter course lasts up to full recovery. «Shock» the scheme is recommended for advanced cases of cancer, so I hope that ill until the last year at least you will live.

ASD is used as in benign and malignant tumors. In lung cancer, stomach, breast and other organs patients taking it one of the above schemes, in benign tumors suggest sparing technique. Many relatives and friends of cancer patients «infected» with the idea of the treatment of ASD 2 and start to drink it to prevent, also on the sparing scheme.

Volunteers host independently of ASD, it is recommended in the treatment of drinking up to three liters of fluid, as there is a perception about the ability of the funds to thicken the blood. Suggest to drink with ASD acidic juices, cranberry juice or normal water. No special diet when taking ASD is not required.

The «reviews» of people who decided to take ASD 2 fraction are numerous. Many have noted improvement of health, strength and energy and even the disappearance of tumors. In fairness, we note that the ASD activates the nervous system, like stimulant drugs, therefore, the effect of his admission may resemble that of amphetamine or other drugs. However, ASD is not addictive, that among the advantages noted by proponents of its use.

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АСД 2 при онкологии, лечении рака: применение опасно!In addition to positive reviews, there are others. So, in patients with pathology of the liver (hepatitis) ASD causes an increase in liver enzymes in the blood, which may indicate the toxicity of the drug. Many quickens the pulse and increases blood pressure, which is not surprising considering the stimulating effect of ASD 2.

On the effectiveness of cancer therapy information, and the conclusions can only be made faceless, and most likely the majority of «fake» reviews online.

If the patient is treated by an oncologist and simultaneously adopts ASD, it is likely that helps still an official medicine.

To drink or not to drink?

The decision to use ASD 2 or entrust your health to professionals takes every patient himself, and therefore the responsibility lies on him, because the adverse effects likely.

АСД 2 при онкологии, лечении рака: применение опасно!

Among the advantages of means it is possible to note its availability, many veterinary pharmacies it is available for sale. An important factor is price – the drug is cheap, and even the full course of the recommended schemes «pull» almost every. A third reason for the prevalence of such treatment can be considered a huge amount of recommendations, advice and promises of cure, which abound in the Internet and popular publications (Question — who are their authors?).

Objectively looking at treatment, there are several facts about ASD, evidence is not in favor of its use by man:

  • ASD is still recommended only in veterinary medicine, do not plan any research and registration of the drug as a medicine for people;
  • Not been studied, neither the exact composition nor the mechanism of action of ASD in the human body, it is not known how its components affect on cancerous tumors;
  • ASD stimulates the nervous system, so it may be dangerous for persons with disorders of the brain, cardiovascular diseases, and mental disorders; possibly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke;
  • Possible serious violations of digestion and reduce gastric acidity.

Despite the wide spread of ASD, no one can accurately specify its composition, so the drug can be considered by means of questionable efficacy and potentially hazardous to health. Before you decide on its reception, it is necessary to consult a doctor and to think carefully whether to risk health for the sake of unproven «medicine», which includes toxic hydrocarbons.

In cancer ASD 2 the more dangerous, as many patients miss time, following the advice of non-medical healers. The drug can cause severe intoxication and cancer progression, and then the medicine will become powerless through no fault of malignancy of the tumor, and thanks to the reckless action of the patient.