The treatment of cancer folk remedies: methods if that helps


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Traditional medicine originates from the experience of the people of the Ancient world. Not knowing the mechanisms of development of various pathologies of humanity, however, learned to cope with many diseases with medicinal plants, empirically determining the effectiveness and method of their use. Cancer treatment folk remedies in our time also has its basis tested recipes of ancient healers.

While not denying the positive effects of a variety of herbs, it is worth noting that such treatment may not be independent, but can only Supplement the methods of official medicine having a scientific basis.

In recent decades, traditional medicine is increasingly used as an independent method among patients. This situation is not only with the proliferation of information via the Internet and other very affordable ways, but the growing mistrust of patients to doctors.

It would seem that in the twenty-first century medicine has everything needed in order to diagnose and carry out the correct and effective treatment, however, millions of patients do not rush to the doctor. In part, this is due to the myths that surround such an insidious disease as cancer.

It is widely believed that cancer is an incurable disease, the sentence (which is false), so even if you suspect such a diagnosis, many patients are thrown literally to the winds. Fear of doctors, radiation and chemotherapy, which poor health and hair fall out, someone starts to drink gallons of herbal infusions, someone does the unthinkable the content of compresses and lotions, someone is starving and drinking his own urine.

Despite the fact that scientists have known the essence of a malignant tumor, there are always new theories about this phenomenon. Expressed the view that cancer is a fungus or chlamydia, settled miraculously in the particular body. Often these diagnoses, patients put themselves, thereby eliminating the need for a visit to the oncologist.

Important role can play the effect of the opinions of relatives and friends, who probably know the most effective way of dealing with the disease. Known cases when patients secretly took traditional remedies in parallel with the treatment prescribed by your doctor without consulting and without the last fame.

Today, the essence of cancer is solved. This unique pathological process characterized by unrestrained and uncontrolled growth of cells that can damage tissue and spread throughout the body. Advances in modern medicine allow on the basis of experience and knowledge to improve methods of treatment, so we can safely say that cancer is not a death sentence. Unfortunately, to convince a significant portion of patients is difficult, therefore cases of late diagnosis and neglected through no fault of the experts of the tumors are quite common.

Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет ли

the essence of the cancer process

Many believe that traditional methods of cancer treatment is cheaper, and the plant material healthy and organic. But do not forget that finding eco-friendly grass is not as easy as any medicine man or healer during this treatment you will get a decent amount of money. In addition, widespread use of toxic plants and fungi which can not only harm your health and not to cure cancer but to cause death by themselves.

Of course, to completely reject the therapeutic effect of folk remedies, as many herbs do the healing, their effects and recipes tested for centuries, and they are part of modern drugs, but traditional medicine should be approached reasonably and intelligently. Try to understand what can be treated, and what to avoid, what are the possible adverse effects and how to make traditional medicine benefit, not harm.

A few examples…

Cases of tragic outcomes in the treatment of cancer folk remedies mass, however, not a single healer have not sounded, because, as they say, patients after treatment to them will not be returned. The idea that the disease goes into running shape, and patients simply don’t survive, they don’t even come to mind.

Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет ли

The patients wanting to overcome the disease without the help of doctors!

  • So, described a case of poisoning by belladonna patients that passed all stages of cancer treatment and actually recovered, relatives which has insisted on such a Supplement to formal therapy. The result – the cancer is cured, but the toxicity of poisonous plant led to liver failure and death of a young girl.
  • Another example: an elderly man with a basal cell carcinoma, deciding that he simply inflammatory process (because of cancer from dying!), for a long time on its own initiative, rubbed into the skin to clean the plumbing. Needless to say that the result has been a hospitalization for complications of such treatment and death from bleeding, while basal cell carcinoma is, in principle, has not metastasized and after removal you can forget about it forever.
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Women with breast cancer are ready to put cabbage leaves, believing that the tumor is not that other, as the inflammatory process, and these impacts will be effective. Meanwhile, treatment of this cancer in early stages gives good results for many years and even decades of life.

Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет ли

The craze for soda also bearing fruit. Regardless of the location of malignant tumor patients and their «healers» find a way to impact on her soda. Specific examples of the successful treatment methods to find is unlikely, but the deaths not only of the tumor, and the treatment is well described and known to those not close to such a true eye, and we should not blindly the promises of charlatans.

A special category of patients are patients, aggressive-minded against doctors and denying even the probability of the effectiveness of treatment by a specialist. Needless to say, the credibility of health workers is heading down sharply, while the confidence of the healers and healers of all kinds reaches its maximum.

At various forums discusses the «murderers in white coats», which, if you want to live, to not seem worth it, much better to visit a herbalist or witch doctor. Here are some links, addresses, literature and recipes for treatment.

Among the most popular folk remedies for cancer can be called propolis, Hemlock, fly agaric, mushroom Veselka, decoctions and infusions of which they drink, apply, added to compresses, etc., with the medical purpose use sunflower oil, vodka with him and even kerosene. A fast, drinking only juices, thereby depriving themselves of necessary during the disease nutrition. Urinotherapy not lost its popularity and it is hardly possible to convince the adherent of such a method is useful in liquid, from which the body tries to get rid of, no.

The situation is reminiscent of the middle ages, when people were willing to «susceptivity» and «start talking» different diseases simply from lack of knowledge about their nature. Meanwhile, modern cancer care is available to virtually everyone, and most of the detected tumors successfully cured.

Is there any feasibility of applying non-traditional methods?

Despite the fact that treatment of folk remedies from cancer is not recognized by scientists and physicians of different specialties as an independent method, try to figure out what approaches of traditional medicine may be used as a Supplement to medical care in consultation with your doctor.

Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет ли

Some types of medicinal herbs permitted for use, can be purchased at the pharmacy. This is the most secure method of application of herbal supplements to the basic treatment. Because traditional medicines can have an adverse effect on the background of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, their use must inform the doctor to avoid possible adverse reactions.

  • Gastric cancer is possible to use tea from chamomile, aloe Vera, fennel, broth of celandine herbs. It should be noted, however, that the use of the latter can be dangerous, because the celandine is a poisonous plant.
  • The treatment of breast cancer is only possible with modern methods with proven efficacy, however, uncontrollably if you still want to experience the traditional medicine, it is better to prefer safe recipes. The use of various tonic and sedative teas containing Valerian, motherwort, lemon balm, calendula, Althea, is quite acceptable. No lotion, compresses (especially warming to increase blood flow), rubbing the apply is not recommended.
  • In lung cancer, in addition to tonic herbs, maybe careful application of celandine, Hemlock and Aconite. The latter can recommend an experienced homeopath, who will pick up the correct dosage and regimen.
  • In the case of cancer of the rectum allowed the use of an infusion of St. John’s wort, chamomile, fennel. Do not forget about diet and the positive effect of prunes that can be consumed in juice or light tea, obtained by brewing the berries.
  • As a complement to the treatment of uterine cancer you can apply a decoction of burdock, celandine, wormwood, but you need to remember about the possible toxicity of these medicinal herbs.
  • Commitment to traditional medicine is not alien to the representatives of a strong half of mankind which for prostate cancer can eat grass Ivan-tea, licorice root or tincture of hop cones.
  • Liver cancer is so insidious that leaves no doubt in need of treatment a specialists-oncologists, but if you still want to add grass, we can restrict green tea or birch SAP.
  • In pancreatic cancer it is better not to experiment with folk remedies, because the tumor often is characterized by rapid growth, early metastasis and poor prognosis. Acceptable collection of the herb sage, St. John’s wort, chamomile, Valerian, which is able to render sedative, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.
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    Available recipes

    Here are some examples of how to use a particular medicinal plant.


    Calendula has powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and antispasmodic effect. Make into a tincture 10-15 drops, pre-diluted with water, before meals, 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment of one month of continuous reception. Calendula may cause allergic reactions, heartburn, so you need to keep in mind such side effects.


    Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет лиThe herb sage has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action, normalizes motility of the intestines and prevents flatulence, therefore, can be applied in inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract that accompany cancer of the lung, larynx, and also at infringement of function of the gastrointestinal tract, including as a result of cancer. The pharmacy can buy tablet medication for pain, and at home to prepare infusion for ingestion. For infusions take one table spoon of chopped herbs and pour 250 ml of boiling water, insist half an hour and drink a quarter Cup before meals 3-4 times a day (bloating, cramps).

    Licorice root

    Licorice root has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the secretion of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, so it is usually used in pulmonary disease, ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

    To take an infusion of 10-15 g of the herb and pour 200 ml of boiling water. It is recommended to take a tablespoon 3-5 times a day.

    Be careful! The use of licorice root has a number of contraindications and may cause side effects while taking certain medications (diuretics, cardiac glycosides). Be sure to inform the attending physician of the intention of the use of such tools.

    Herb yarrow

    Infusions of yarrow herb can be used in dyspepsia, uterine bleeding. To prepare a teaspoon of dry herb pour a glass of boiled water and take one-third or half Cup 2-3 times a day. It is worth remembering that the consumption of yarrow is not able to eliminate the cause of the symptoms of bleeding (uterine fibroids, hemorrhoids, or even a malignant tumor), so the first thing you need to visit a doctor and be sure to consult with him about the possibility of using such herbal remedies.

    The fruits of fennel

    Fennel has many beneficial effects of essential oils included in its composition. So, it is able to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, has choleretic and diuretic effect. It has long been known that it promotes the excretion of intestinal excess gas, therefore the decoctions of fennel to this day is used in babies with colic.

    Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет ли

    In the pharmacies you can buy packaged drug that you just need to pour boiling water and insist a little.


    Grass celandine is widely distributed as a supplementary treatment of various diseases due to the wide range of pharmacological activity. So, celandine has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antispasmodic, and even a slight analgesic effect. To prepare a teaspoon of herbs pour a glass of boiled water and take one-third or half Cup several times a day.

    It is important to consider that the plant may have dangerous side effects (seizures, vomiting, etc.), so be sure to inform the doctor about its use.

    Conium maculatum

    Hemlock is a very poisonous plant, but its use is quite common. The people of Ancient Greece used it as a poison, and all the famous philosopher Socrates was poisoned with Hemlock grass upon conviction.

    Use Hemlock should be very careful due to the risk of poisoning, but children, pregnant women and nursing mothers, it is contraindicated.

    In the treatment of malignant tumors of the herbalists is recommended to take an alcohol tincture, which take the seeds and leaves of Hemlock (two parts) in the ratio 2:1 and pour four parts of alcohol. After two weeks, the tincture will be ready. Make the resulting tool should be no more than three times a day, two drops per tablespoon of water.

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    Remember that Hemlock is very poisonous!


    Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет ли

    Probably there is no person who at least once in my life used a Daisy. The anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, mild wound healing effect of its application is helpful with colitis, damage of skin, pharyngitis, etc. In the Daisy bathe newborn babies, it is used orally in the form of tea.

    To prepare, pour the tea bags with the herb chamomile boiling water or 4 tablespoons diluted in a glass of water and heated on water bath for about 15-20 minutes. Inside drink half a Cup several times a day, and rinsing.

    Valerian, lemon balm, St. John’s wort

    Decoctions of Valerian, lemon balm and St. John’s wort have a calming effect. To cook them dry grass pour boiling water and infuse for about half an hour, or heated in a water bath and then filtered. Take half a Cup 1-2 times a day.

    Before using a herbal remedies must consult a doctor and adhere strictly to the recommended dosage. Many herbs are poisonous or toxic, can cause the expressed allergic reactions, so use gallons of can lead to intoxication and even death from hepatic or renal failure.

    Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers from such treatment is better to completely give up, since the effects of even the most seemingly harmless herbs may cause irreparable harm to a growing organism. Choosing the means of folk medicine, it is necessary to give preference to pharmaceutical drugs tested and properly cooked.

    The simple truth

    Summing up, I want to remind you:

    • Cancer is not a death sentence!
    • Timely access to a doctor – the key to successful treatment.
    • The use of folk remedies in the main method is not a cure from a malignant tumor.

    As mentioned above, medicine has stepped so far forward that the majority of malignant tumors successfully cured when detected at an early stage of development, so the delay with the visit to the doctor or even to reject the official medicine can be dangerous for health. Modern diagnostic methods, including cytogenetic, allow you to suspect cancer before it starts, when the time for preventive measures and treatment of existing violations is sufficient.

    Лечение рака народными средствами: методы, поможет ли

    To treat cancer is to a specialist oncologist, has all the arsenals of modern and affordable ways. Only a comprehensive and competent approach can lead to a positive result. Do not be afraid of doctors, because even if caught among them on the take or not very educated professionals, mostly doctors are on the side of our health and do everything possible to provide the maximum benefit to their patients. Cancer care in most countries is free, and expensive treatment programs funded by the state.

    You need to remember that to cure cancer folk remedies as the only and independent of the method, it is impossible to say or advise neighbours, relatives and the media. In all cases, the use of such treatment must be consulted with a doctor and choose the optimal set of drugs.

    If you want to use traditional medicine does not leave even after treatment in a cancer hospital, it should by logical reasoning and clarify the opinions of specialists with higher medical education to choose those methods that will, at least, safe and appropriate. The use of soda, kerosene, urine, cleaning agents, magnetic fields and psychic not only will not cure cancer but also worsen the feeling, and in some cases the result may be fatal.

    Be careful, don’t trust the most valuable – their health – charlatans and «pseudolites», but instead consult with a specialist and contact of the pharmacy, then a positive result will surely come, and there will be years and decades of life.