One nostril does not breathe, but no snot: always stuffy nostril

Why lays one nostril?

The nose is the organ of respiration, with the twin objectives of protection and sense of smell. After a breath, the air is in the nasal cavity, where it becomes humid, warm and clean from dust and bacteria. When there is a failure in this process, sometimes stuffy nose with one hand. It brings to person a lot of inconvenience, because it loses the sense of smell, and cannot breathe fully, especially at night.

To obtain the necessary volume of air the person is breathing by mouth. All this adversely affects the entire body. The mucosa of the nose dries up and it occurs the inflammatory processes that contribute to the development of ENT diseases. To resolve discomfort, it is necessary to choose the right and competent treatment, but in the beginning you should find out why lays one nostril with a cold.

Congestion in only one nostril: causes

Factors contributing to the emergence of such condition. The main reasons include:

  • vasomotor rhinitis;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • the presence of tumors in the nose, a deviated septum body injury.
  • diseases in which proliferating blood vessels;
  • sinusitis.

Nasal one-half of a nose typical of vasomotor rhinitis. The laying of one or the other of the nostrils depends on the change of position of a body lying in a horizontal position. The most common symptom of the disease bothers people at night. At deficiency of air into the lungs is not receiving the necessary amount of oxygen and hypoxia.

The factors causing vasomotor rhinitis, not lime. It is believed that the appearance of disease can lead:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • hypothermia;
  • irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs of various chemical substances;
  • inhalation of polluted or dry air.

Attention! There is a view of neurogenic vasomotor rhinitis, occurs when endocrine disorders, injury membranes of the nose and abuse vasoconstrictor drops.

Even the stuffy one nostril occurs with allergic rhinitis developing after each contact with the allergen. Appears most often allergic to pollen, chemicals, animal dander, cockroaches and mites.

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If one nostril does not breathe, but no snot, that most often contribute to pathology of the nasal septum. Other causes of unpleasant symptoms may include formation of polyps in the nasal passages. The disturbed breathing moderately or completely absent. People with such problems complain of dryness and snoring at night, and their nose shape can change.

The presence of polyps, many patients often begin to use a means of narrowing the vessels. So the body gets used to the drops, and the result is one nostril will always be laid.

In the sinus can become inflamed only one maxillary sinus, which is accompanied by severe pain in the area of the cheeks, eyes, forehead, with discharge of purulent character and temperature. On the affected side of the face may become swollen cheeks, lower eyelid, and sometimes the patient even has a toothache. A similar condition develops when the upper respiratory tract get the bacteria or viruses, and timely treatment of diseases caused by them, is not carried out.

Other causes of nasal congestion one nostril is:

  • cystic fibrosis (hereditary disease in which violated respiratory function);
  • congenital abnormalities of the nose (choanal atresia, enlarged turbinate);
  • bacterial and viral rhinitis;
  • adenoiditis (inflammation of the adenoids);
  • a hereditary systemic disease (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, dyskinesia ciliary).

How to get rid of congestion?

To spread out the nose, you should first conduct a thorough diagnosis. When the cause is determined – chosen method of treatment.

So, if the patient was diagnosed with vasomotor rhinitis, then first eliminate the factors contributing to the development of the disease (treatment of nasal inflammation and reflux-gastritis, the adjustment of the intake of drugs, normalization of work of the national Assembly).

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When vasomotor rhinitis appointed antihistamines, are sometimes used intranasal corticosteroids.

Often used physiotherapy (electrophoresis, inhalation using a nebulizer). Another patient is prescribed endonasally blockade with Procaine, a local cauterization of nasal mucosa chemicals, the use of drugs.

Attention! If conservative medicine with vasomotor rhinitis was not effective, is surgical treatment.

At a congestion one nostril caused by allergies, you should eliminate the allergen causing the disease. Regarding medications, patients can be prescribed an antihistamine and hormonal drugs, leukotriene antagonists, chelators and vasoconstrictor sprays.

But what if you constantly laid one nostril, but no snot? If the reasons lie in the presence of pathologies of the nose (adenoids, polyps, deviated septum), then surgery, including cryotherapy. When sinusitis the patient prescribed antibiotics (macrolides, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones).

Also, when one lays the maxillary sinus, the doctor prescribes the following medications:

  • immunomodulators – Izofra, Sinuforte, Polideksa;
  • vasoconstrictor and antihistamines – I suffered;
  • medication that activates blood circulation, relieves swelling, promotes the removal of pus – Rinofluimucil.

Important! When the advanced form of sinusitis is to puncture the inflamed sinuses.

Alternative therapies

If the cause of nasal congestion one nostril is not yet discovered, and in the case where the patient is unable to use medications, it is possible to apply other methods. For example, the following:

  1. The first option is washing, which can be used saline, herbal teas (chamomile is very effective) or medicine.
  2. To eliminate congestion will help massage the nose. With this objective in light circular movements we need to grind the wings of the nose and nose until the appearance of a pleasant feeling of warmth in those areas.
  3. A third method that allows quick release of nasal breathing – the use of funds, narrowing the vessels. But these sprays and drops can be used not for too long because they are addictive.
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As you can see, the causes of nasal congestion on the left or right side of the set. And to resume breathing, it is first necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis. But it is possible to prevent occurrence of an unpleasant symptom, if it fails to treat all diseases of the respiratory organs, to refuse addictions, to humidify the air, do breathing exercises and often ventilate the area.