One sexual lip bigger than the other: what to do?

Sometimes women are too dramatic to perceive any flaws in their appearance. Even those body parts that are usually hidden from the eyes of outsiders, are the cause complexes. It happens that she experiences a painful tightness due to the fact that she had one sexual lip larger than the other.

Asymmetry in such a delicate place – not uncommon. With such a feature many women face. But all perceive this shortcoming in different ways. Some girls don’t focus on the fact that your intimate areas look imperfect, for other any trip to the pool or to the sauna seems to be a challenge – after all, they horribly don’t want to open the linen looked «something extra».

Don’t get upset!

In rare cases the inner labia at the girl of steel from the first years of life. Much more often ladies notice such «oddities» in an intimate place, reaching the age of eleven or thirteen. If teenage girls sex one lip smaller than the other, this fact can greatly to upset her. It is important to note that inexperienced schoolgirl any feature of your body is able to perceive as a manifestation of the disease. And with family to discuss such things can only be the most daring. Therefore, the best option is to go to the gynecologist. If the labia have teenage girls don’t look alike, it is possible that in a few years these differences will be eliminated. Because hormonal changes in a young body continues.

However, nothing terrible will happen if the girl will remain different length labia. The main thing – that the woman did not feel severe physical discomfort. You need to understand that there are no standards in this matter. Sometimes we painted the situation in the black tones of his excessive suspiciousness.

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In order to not «cheat» themselves due to the uneven size of the labia, you should understand that it was the cause of the situation.

We know that inner labia are two folds of skin, reminiscent in appearance of petals. Doctors say that 30% of women the inner labia bigger than outer. And this is normal. There is nothing critical in the situation when one lip is better than the other in size and looks more longer than her «neighbor».

The little ones of preschool and younger school age the inner labia — tiny. But the girl grows, her appearance hidden places begins to change. Years from ten to thirteen to a young person increases inner labia. The hormone estrogen prepares the intimate area girls to «adult» problems – sex relations and potential motherhood. In adolescence, the girl notices that her intimate areas are more expressive. Often the size of one labia is significantly greater than the second dimensions.

Young ladies who find that their labia are not the same, may panic, believing that the culprit is a disease. And in fact this asymmetry is a normal variant. On the quality of sex life and the possibility of conception and birth of a baby this feature is not affected in any way.

Known cases where one sexual lip in the adult female became longer after an injury or significant hormonal «jumps» in the body. But experienced women perceive such changes, usually without emotional anguish. Encourage adult lady to contact the surgeon might rather be feeling physical discomfort than complexes.

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There is justified fear of intimacy?

Usually the girl notices that inner labia she has a different length, being a virgin. Because Teens are very hard on yourself and most of all fear of becoming a target for ridicule, a slight asymmetry of the genital organs in girls can be the cause of her persistent fear of sexual contact.

Some girls dream of «correct» intimate area surgically and postpone the beginning of sexual life before this transformation. Others are simply ashamed of their features, so avoid intimate relationships with guys. But love can overcome even long-complexes. Sometimes insecure girl enough to meet a kind and considerate man, to trust him, all her fears vanished like mist.

In fact, most men perceive the imperfections of their chosen very democratic. Love the guy might not give importance to the fact that the labia have girls of different sizes. A restraint and coldness of passions may alert the man to make him doubt her sincere sympathy.

If you fear a negative response of your partner after he will see the asymmetry in your secret place, it makes sense to talk about it with your loved ones. The probability that for a guy your intimate feature is not the problem.

Do I need to think about labioplasty?

Whatever the opinion of her husband or boyfriend, some women have firmly decided to achieve a harmonious appearance of their labia, even if I have to go under the surgeon’s knife. Now it is possible to resort to surgery called «labiaplasty». In this procedure, the surgeon removes the «surplus», and the labia of the patient become the same.

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Such interference is dangerous to a woman’s life. But before you go to the clinic, you should assess how much inconvenience that causes you a different length of the labia. If you are concerned that you can’t wear tight underwear (too much it rubs), often suffer from inflammation of the mucous membrane in intimate places – most likely surgical intervention will be justified. If you kompleksuete because of the fact that your «centre of femininity» does not fit in some standard, the best solution may be the correction of self-assessment.