Onion in the ear — the treatment of colds and rhinitis, recipes homemade drops

How to treat a cold and runny nose onion juice?

Most interesting diseases of the ear, nose and throat are successfully treated at home using a comprehensive approach: it is often non-prescription medicines in pharmacies in combination with drugs of traditional medicine give a positive result after a few days of therapy. Although official medicine does not cease to argue with the effectiveness of some popular recipes, «grandma’s methods» do occasionally show unexpectedly positive result.

One of the most popular ways of treatment of rhinitis and cold are homemade drops and compresses archery: many people know that in the onion contains volatile able to fight off colds during local application. In particular, buried the bow in the ear, it is used for the manufacture of packs and even aromatherapy.

Use onions for colds

A method in which is buried the bow in ears from a cold or runny nose, originated from our ancestors for a reason: even the ancient doctors in their medical work called components contained in Luka, effective fighters against viruses and infections.

Indeed, this was common sense:

  • by using tools based on onions treated corns;
  • struggled with the cough;
  • used for disinfection of air;
  • treated a cold.

Contained in onions phytoncids are biologically active substances. Due to these properties, the plant receives protection from the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria.

It is believed that when taken into the onions, the plant shares these properties with the human: they help to enhance human immunity, which is so important in the fight against respiratory diseases, cold and ear infections.

Onion juice in the ear should be buried properly and carefully — with due care, this folk remedy causes chemical burns of the mucosa of the patient’s ear or allergies.

Ear treatment onion

When searching for a suitable popular recipe for colds and runny noses, many have a question: why during the cold onion dropped into the ears, not the nose?

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The fact is that diseases of the ear, nose and throat are closely linked: and in the cold, and directly ear diseases such drops demonstrate the effectiveness, and the active substances are distributed in the nasopharynx.

There are plenty of recipes for the treatment of the nose and ears using a bow.

  1. Most popular — onion drop: a small amount of onion to RUB on a small grater or grind in a blender and the resulting slurry — flow through cheesecloth for squeezing. 4-5 drops of fresh juice mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil: these drops can be instilled into the ears and nose when colds and flu 1 drop;
  2. Onion in the ear from a cold can be instilled and pure. To do this, as described above (grinding and squeeze through cheesecloth) you need to get onion juice, and then drip it on 1 drop in each ear warmed to room temperature;
  3. Mix 6-7 tablespoons of sunflower oil, diced onion, insist the resulting composition is not less than 10 hours. Except onions (optional) is also added chopped garlic. After 10 hours the oil is filtered through cheesecloth, and the resulting oil droplets on the basis of the bow can dig and nose, and ears not more than 7 days;
  4. 1 medium onion finely chopped, put them in a dry pan and fry until the moment when Luke begins to stand out juice. Then the onion laid out on a plate, pour 5 tablespoons of olive oil and mixed. After the bow will stand in the oil to cool, the composition is filtered through cheesecloth ready drip drops in the nose and ear.

Important! Pure to drops onion juice in the ears in any case can not children and people susceptible to allergic reactions.

For the treatment of children suitable only drops that contain razbivochnoy components. However, before applying drops to both children and adults need to test: apply small drops on the wings of the nose or the skin behind the ear, and an hour to ensure that the composition did not cause redness or burns — otherwise to be treated in such recipes not.

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The position of the official medicine

Doctors-ENT specialists treat all kinds of homemade recipes onion drops skeptical. The fact that the onion plant is not medicinal, as contained in its juice, volatile are intended to protect from harmful bacteria directly to the plant.

In addition, various medical tests show: for its healing characteristics of the onion is inferior to even the simplest pharmaceuticals. In respect of the bow and its effectiveness in treating colds until today has not been a single study that could confirm the assumptions in the folk medicine of the mind.

From the point of view of medicine there is no exact evidence that someone drops of onion juice in the ear or nose helped to overcome the disease. The fact that a cold and the flu — the disease is transient, so it might be argued that to overcome them it onion volatile, impossible.

In addition, doctors believe the questionable effectiveness of onion drops on the background of the volume of the nasopharynx and inner ear. For example, when washing the nose ENT uses sometimes up to 1 liter antiseptic solution: 1-3 drops even concentrated onion juice is not able to disinfect the mucous covering of the ENT organs.

On the contrary, the use of onions for the treatment of SARS, even from the point of view of medicine is considered dangerous:

  • when ineffective treatment common cold can go into sinusitis, which often have to treat invasive (operative) methods;
  • cold because of the inefficiency of traditional medicine can «haunt» complications of otitis media and other diseases that appear as complications of colds;
  • onion juice in high concentrations are able to leave behind burns ears and nose.
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Thus, the self-treatment of folk remedies is justified not in all cases. Before applying onion drops still important to consult an otolaryngologist who will evaluate all aspects of the disease: in some diseases (e.g., otitis media ear after perforation) onion juice in the ears contraindicated, since it can leave burns in the inner ear, are fraught with aggravation or the transition of the disease into a chronic form.