Onions during pregnancy: can onion juice from a cold

Can bow during pregnancy?

As you know, the onion is considered a remedy for 100 diseases. This vegetable must be present in the diet of any person.

Nasal congestion obstructs normal breathing. A pregnant woman has to breathe through the mouth, which can lead to oxygen starvation of the fetus and is dangerous. Quickly deal with colds will help the bow.


Chives are rich in vitamins and useful microelements. Folic acid which it contains, a must for women in the state. Thanks to her baby properly grows and develops. With a lack you may experience various abnormalities in fetal development. She also actively influence the synthesis of DNA. Because of this, the bow during early pregnancy must be present on the table every day.

Chlorophyll, which is, in part, participates in the formation of blood.

Green onions used for preparation of various dishes, as well as for their design.

In the course of investigations, it was proved that the green part of the onion is more useful than head.

It can be used to enrich the body with essential vitamins don’t resort to expensive systems.

100 grams of green onions contains a daily dose of vitamin C, and they also include vitamins A and B. the Shoots should not be stored for a long time, as they quickly lose their moisture, and with it the necessary minerals for the body. Perfect use immediately after cutting.

Part of the magnesium will help to eliminate constipation, which often occurs during pregnancy. He participates in over 200 reactions at the cellular level.

Sulfur helps excrete harmful substances. The vegetable reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, prevents the development of anemia, atherosclerosis, and so on.

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Excessive consumption of it in food and on an empty stomach can negatively affect the mucosa and lead to the development of gastritis and other gastric diseases. Perfect reception during the meal.

Doctors do not recommend taking a vegetable from the second trimester, because it can cause diathesis in the baby in the future

With caution to take a bow for those people who suffer from gastritis, increased gastric acidity.


Consider the most common disease for which effective influence the useful properties of onions.

  1. Acute respiratory disease: chop the onion to a mushy state and pour hot milk. The tool must to infuse for 20 minutes. To drink a glass of funds in the morning and evening.
  2. Shortness of breath during pregnancy: bake it in the oven the onion, add the butter and a little honey, stir, and eat a teaspoon three times a day.
  3. Ear noise: dipped in onion juice turundas and insert in ear.
  4. Hemorrhoids: take in the morning, afternoon and evening one spoon of onion juice.
  5. The increase in the level of glucose in the blood to eat every day for one baked the bulb in order to stabilize the glucose level.

Bow is successfully used in cosmetics: it is used for skin care, nails, and hair. The juice is used to reduce the pigmentation on the face. Onion has an antimicrobial effect. It will quickly cope with diarrhea, enterocolitis.

Good to know. In order to get rid of the bad breath after eating onions, it is recommended after a meal to chew nuts, nut septum, cloves.

How to apply onion juice

Rhinitis during pregnancy is common.

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Onion stands first on the list of effective folk remedies, as it contains a large number of phytoncids, which kill bacteria and microorganisms. It has antiviral, antifungal, tonic effect on the body.

Onion juice from a cold during pregnancy is very common. For effective therapy it is necessary to apply at the initial stage of the disease. Take raw, by inhalation, as well as using the drops.


For conducting inhalation will need one chopped onion and boiling water. Mix and inhale the vapors to cool water. After three procedures, the expectant mother will feel relieved.

Well as for the prevention and treatment of influenza should chop the onion and inhale the smell. During this procedure, the onions should be stir.


Very effective for the treatment of rhinitis onion drops. For preparation you will need the onion juice.

Half the onion grind rubbed on a grater, or using a blender. Squeeze the juice, to which add the vegetable oil.

Instilled into each nostril a few drops before bedtime. This procedure facilitates nasal breathing and is fighting with the swelling of the mucous membrane.

There is another recipe for effective drops. Onion mince, add water and honey. The tool must be infused within two hours. Then strain through cheesecloth, folded several times. Drip two drops in each nostril, three times a day. Here you can read how to cure common cold honey and onions.


To treat runny nose can using turundy soaked in onion juice. Before first use, the bow should be diluted by half with water. Don’t know how to do turundy — read here!

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Onion fresh

Need for several minutes to chew a piece of onion. Thus the nasal passages will be filled with sweet smells and breath to recover. Bow you do not need to swallow it just spit it out, rinsing the mouth after that. The procedure is repeated several times.


Onion is widely used for the treatment of acute respiratory diseases as well as prevention. In moderate quantities it is necessary to use women in early pregnancy. Because it strengthens the immune system and has beneficial effects on the body.

Before taking any traditional medicines you should consult with your doctor and not to self-medicate. After all, harm can result both yourself and future baby. Be healthy!